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  1. EscondidoZombieFactory

    Where to start with C#

    Learning C# by Jesse Liberty And Programming C# by Jesse Liberty Those 2 Books Launched My C# Journey And I'm Still Here. Consider A Tutor To Get You Past The Small Bumps. XNA Is Dead I Supported It And I Watched It Die :( One Day They Just Said "HEY NO MORE XNA SUPPORT!!!" When I Was Midway Through My 3rd XNA Project... I'm Using C# In Unity Right Now.
  2. EscondidoZombieFactory

    Mind blow null object

    For The Record - I Have A Reference In My C# Script That Confuses Me Too 1. I'm Using "Object A" Transform To Move "Object B" 2. I Destroy "Object B" That's Referenced In That Class 3. I Then Pass A New Instance INTO THE DESTROYED "Object B" - Now It's "Object C"   ALL I KNOW IS IT WORKS. AND I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT.
  3. EscondidoZombieFactory

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

      Hey You Out There? Uh I'm Using The Indie Unity - I Hope It Didn't Go Subscription Or I'm Toast. I'm By No Means The Best Out There - But If You Got The Time We Can Always Talk Code. What Is Your Skill Level? What Would Stump You I Mean? It's A Good Way To See Where You Are At. Me I'm Stumped By Multiplayer Components - Networking And Uploading Games To The Internet.
  4. EscondidoZombieFactory

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

    Do You Have Unity? I Could Show You My 3D Zombie Code? I'm Using C#. And I'm Willing To Teach If You Listen.
  5. I've Only Been Able To Get Results (1st) With XNA And (2nd) With Unity (2D And 3D) Only Ever Been Indie. C# Born And Raised. Just Go With The Flow, You Should Be Able To Port A Solid Game Concept Across Platforms And Languages. Game Concept First, Technical BS Second. Break-A-Leg.
  6. EscondidoZombieFactory

    Zombiesnzn Game Announcement!

    ZombiesNZN An Indie Zombies Game. Started Development In Mid July. First Build Should Be Released In 3 Weeks Time August 21st. Adding Easter Egg And Hidden Song. First 3D Game. First Game Released Using Unity Engine. 1 Man Development Team. NO HOPE OF COMMERCIAL SUCCESS!!! May Never Get Finished!!!   print("Hello World");   Thanks!!! Break-A-Leg!!! [attachment=32839:sShot.png]
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