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  1. Frogleap

    Continous collision for plane of triangles vs AABB

    bool collide(Body& other, float dt)     {         Vector mtd;         Vector ncoll;         float tcoll;         bool intersecting;         bool colliding;         if(!SAT::TestBoxes(m_box, m_velocity, other.m_box, other.m_velocity, mtd, ncoll, tcoll, colliding, intersecting))             return false;         // collision too far ahead in time. ignore.         if (tcoll > dt)             return false; tcoll > dt, looks just like t to me idk.
  2. Frogleap

    Continous collision for plane of triangles vs AABB

    i am also interested in this topic. but i think SAT should solve this http://www.gamedev.net/topic/536601-general-obb-question/?view=findpost&p=4471803 previously it was mentioned to do tests AABB vs Tri. though didn't test it myself. and this example comes even with velocity support (exactly what you want)   but ofc there may be a better narrow case way to do this. (which would be great to know)
  3. Thank you! it's mostly the same i thought myself. and so the most important/interesting part is to know/use some specific pattern for these tests.
  4. So the point/task is "somehow" to determin where i could move AABB safely (without intersections) and close as possible to given location (point). Usually it will be some point on the surface and most likely where will be space upward (but not always) in real scenario i want to implement teleportation of a unit to a given point. And also one important thing, this movement should be biased toward unit's (AABB) current position ie constrained by distance. All tests are AABB vs AABB   My question is, what efficient approaches exist to solve such kind of a problem? And in general the direction is should looking to.
  5. Frogleap

    Moving Aabb Vs Tri/aabb/sphere Code

    Thank you for the input!
  6. Frogleap

    Moving Aabb Vs Tri/aabb/sphere Code

    would you mind to share any sources? cause it's really not simple to find something on the web. such information is always valuable. and thank you for the papers!
  7. Frogleap

    Moving Aabb Vs Tri/aabb/sphere Code

    TOI is crucial imo, i may have objects moving with very high speed   well in case of AA capsule, 2 sphere and a line segment (deflated cylinder) sweeps are required? I can do spheres but what about line segment sweep? and this kind a become this topic http://www.gamedev.net/topic/288963-swept-capsule-capsule-intersection-3d/   hmmm   so i need swept line segment algorithm against sphere/tri/line segment? sorry for noob questions... and if yes any reference with source?
  8. After some search on the web i didn't really found any satisfying solution. So decided to ask here directly.   The problem - i need a collison shape for a character which can be swept to find the earlierst collision (so the point/delta and the normal) against an AABB (potentialy also moving but this can be reduced to moving vs static afaik by subtracting the velocity, but maybe i am wrong here), Sphere (also moving) and Triangle (always static).   Right now i have everything working with sphere and tris (swept sphere vs sphere and vs tri), but sphere is too limited to represent a character. One way right now is to use a "capsule" compound shape out of several spheres stacked on top of each other... but i think this will have issues when the collision will be in the gap between spheres and i don't really want this (it will be rare but may occur) especially some forced cases where character will stuck in tris between 2 spheres... so i thought maybe to use AABB to represent a character (it would do what i need) but now the more important question, isn't it too complex? and computation heavy? Is maybe a AA cylinder a simpler shape for this? But afaik it isn't. The whole swept shape subject is bit shady (hard to find good material on the web)   So what's the best way to breakdown and solve this task? And ofcourse some code samples are highly appreciated. (not that good with math)
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