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  1. I need all of this for a game has to be free and windows supported.
  2. Oh so I need to use Gmail?
  3. I get this but I don't know how it works support@gamedev.net
  4. GameMaker specifically tell me all math I need to learn or should I just know about the x and y axis?
  5. I want it attached that is all so I can have an easier time switching to windows.
  6. Ok where can I find a tutorial talking about how the new GameMaker works?Or at the very least tell me how it got attached to GameMaker at 2:07 when ever I try that it maximises the whole window it doesn't attach it to GameMaker.I'll show you how my GameMaker works. Here it is
  7. I'm asking how he connected it to Game Maker.
  8. I am not posting this on the GM forums since you don't get any responses there but how did this guy at 2:06 attach that window to GM? I couldn't find anything.
  9. Taleboy

    Just a question.

    I'm not trolling I was just wondering if Trump is going to port me back due to the fact I heard was racist against blacks or was that fake?Anyways so does that mean if I were to live there legally i'm not going to be deported by Trump well then that's amazing.
  10. Taleboy

    Just a question.

    I'm black and I want to move in America does that mean Donald Trump is going to port me back to where I came from if I live permamently there?
  11. Go to the deep web and come back and tell what's more crazier.
  12. Let's play a game guess why?
  13. Not as creepy as aging up actual children for sexual things now that's creepy and should be illegal TBH I fine with it as long as no actual children are involved because if it was actual children your sexualizing you're most likely a pedophile trying to hide the fact your a pedophile.
  14. I recently heard that it is illegal I didn't find anything but is it illegal anywhere?
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