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  1. Uploaded another track. This one is not necessarily connected to the game as of now, but has a high chance it will be for a future update.   https://soundcloud.com/chaotrope/water-hollow
  2. I'm a fan of your sewer battle track. I think all the instruments you used were perfect, except that higher synth that comes in periodically. Something more distorted, impure, if you know what I mean, to capture the grossness of the sewer. You also have these almost heavenly strings droning in the background that you could consider changing to something harsher. Instrument choice is something important a lot of composers forget about, in my opinion.
  3. I really like the melody and chord progression. Good instruments used too. I think it would be if you changed the pattern of the harp arpeggios in the background. In my opinion, I think that would make it a bit more interactive to listen to, since the pattern can get repetitive.
  4. I was recommended to make my portfolio into a video with short clips of my songs. I thought this was a really good idea since most people who look at your portfolio won't be wanting to spend a ton of time listening to all of your music, so you want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them. 
  5. chaotrope

    "the Art Of Battle" A New Battle Theme By Me.

    I'd say work on your mixing, the flutes are a bit louder than everything in my opinion.   There are some areas of the song where you have a major V playing and you aren't in harmonic minor, which is probably something that should be fixed, unless you did it on purpose. If you are unsure of what I'm referring to I can specify.   Good stuff though, I like the melodies. It really gives a tense feel.
  6. chaotrope

    Feedback: bgm for classic RPG village setting

    Agree with all the other comments. Tempo is probably too slow, as there is a lot of empty space in the track. Maybe add a background drone or something of the sort if you're not comfortable changing the tempo?    The melodies are very catchy and nice to listen to. You have lots of mixture between major and minor, which is something I love doing.
  7. You can find select uploads from the game on my soundcloud profile at https://soundcloud.com/chaotrope/sets/tuneria-ost   I'm creating the soundtrack for a music-focused RPG that's currently in development, Tuneria, which is in the vein of Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Undertale, and the like. The music has somewhat of a retro feel, with chiptune instruments being used frequently. Follow updates to the game and it's progress at twitter.com/tuneriadevs.   I'm looking for any feedback or recommendations.    
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