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  1. Designing the level and adding special effects like explosions. [attachment=33477:Screenshot_2016-09-25-01-45-58.jpg][attachment=33478:Screenshot_2016-09-25-01-46-18.jpg][attachment=33479:Screenshot_2016-09-25-01-46-01.jpg][attachment=33480:Screenshot_2016-09-25-01-45-50.jpg]
  2. ZimrDesigns

    Deep Strike

    Hello mates, I'm making a shooter game on a desert. It has many explosions and sc-fi machinery. It will be funny too. This is my very first game.       Video preview:  
  3. ZimrDesigns

    Space Anomaly

    I updated the level with more details. I did some midnight tinkering
  4. I am developing a game inspired by survival type games like State of Decay but in this one, there are other enemies than zombies. Here you will try to survive an all out war. Here is a preview of my progress so far:
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