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  1. SAG Game Developer

    What do you listen to while indie devving?

    I love indie folk, which is a pretty nice genre to listen while doing something else. I also like rap but... well, it's maybe not the best to listen while working :P
  2. SAG Game Developer

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

      It looks pretty amazing! They really give that ancient and cold vibes, I like specially the design of the middle one. Are the weapons going to be fractured like that on the game? I like them that way, they give a more mystical tone to the characters; but the animation can become a little tricky.
  3. SAG Game Developer

    Help with creating the UI needed

      Thank you, we will think of the colorblind options as well. I think there are some special colour schemes that might be used rather than adding shapes.   Yes, it does show the same thing in 2 places (HP, MP, and AT), but we wanted it so to be clear for the player (so he can have an overview on the left and the specific numbers on the field). But you might be right we will give it some thought. Yes, those are static and will increase when zoomed in, but we will check it out in the actual alpha, thank you.     Well, first of all - we did reach out to Stoic and they are cool with whatever we're doing. We even got some praise on the art :) We also don't want to try to do things in a suboptimal way just do be different. Square grid, HP and MP bars - these are all pretty standard, they were used in jRPGs since the 1990's, just less so on PC in the latest years. Basically, we do not want to reinvent the bycicle, and if certain things in UI work - we do not want to drop them just to avoid the cimilarity :)     Well, if you have Stoic blessings you should keep your artistic vision on the game just as it is :D. Anyway, it would be pretty useful to do something to differentiate yourself a bit more from The Banner Saga, or marketing may become a little troubling.
  4. SAG Game Developer

    Help with creating the UI needed

    You are absolutely right, this is too much like The Banner Saga. It does not seem like a reference, it just seems that you are trying to create an exact copy so people mistakes it with the original. You should dramatically change your UI (and maybe even the artistic style a bit) or you will be in big trouble with Stoic. Even tho, the game looks pretty solid and it seems like you have a great team behind, so I really want to see what comes from this project!
  5. SAG Game Developer

    The Tryangle - Free hardcore arcade game !

    Thank you for your reply ! Yes, Super Hexagon was my main reference. I'll take note of your points :D
  6. Hello ! I'm a developer in progress and I've published my first game on the Play Store, The Tryangle. I would like to see your opinions about it so I can keep improving. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy it ! The Tryangle: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SAG.TheTryangle&hl=es Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAG_Developer
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