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  1. Ho ho ho Tis the season of Christmas surprises, and we have a awesome one for you! 🎅 Sponsored by all your favorite Unity Asset Store developers, Nordic Game Jam, Pocket Gamer Connects, and co-hosted by Game Analytics, we (Joris and I – Devdog) are launching the second edition of our yearly Christmas Giveaway Calendar for all Unity game developers! You can already now sign up right here. So what’s this all about? For the past weeks, we’ve been collecting sponsored gifts related to Unity (asset vouchers, product keys, conference tickets etc.), and throughout each day of December leading up to Christmas Day on the 25th, we will be sending out these sponsored gifts as early gamedev Christmas presents via e-mail to hundreds of lucky winners. The total prize pool is at $35,000, with over 1200 presents donated by the awesome sponsors! Merry Christmas from Devdog, Game Analytics, and every single one of the sponsors.
  2. Updated the Sci-Fi UI Asset for @unity3d to work without Inventory Pro https://t.co/2hWHOpYrUM #gamedev #assetstore https://t.co/sBDZrG8CIs
  3. Check out this lovely @BrackeysTweet tutorial https://t.co/YtdavARFtO before trying out our Sci-Fi UI https://t.co/uKChNo2l2f
  4. Scene Cleaner Pro - the 1-click cleanup solution for #Unity3d scene hierarchies is now only $4! #indiedev #gamedev https://t.co/V3FJLCqBfE
  5. Is this how you know you have succeeded on Twitter as an #indiedev and #Unity3d Asset developer these days? #gamedev https://t.co/PwddypCzh2
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