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  1. Hello :]   Im glad to announce the kickstarter campaign of my team's game - Cradle of Magic   The base information: - CoM is a MMO game that combines RPG with the resources time management strategy and 1v1 battles against other network players using a magic power from magic cards... Collectible cards! - A MAXIMUM classic fantasy setting - mages, swords & ?reatures. - Easy to start playing, but hard to improve your playing skills! - A Player builds his own village. And other players may steal your resourses. So CoM player must be on guard. - Its our 3rd game. We are experienced, but are trying new ways of crowdfunding. - A comfortable chat (!!) for relax after hard fights.   Your village   Cards   Some art   Hero's page   A battleground   You can help our campaign here:   THX!
  2. AstroGiGi

    Braid for android: Time Turner

    Is that game related to The Braid?
  3. Navyman, but still easy to understand it :) I'll try his method right now!
  4. AstroGiGi

    Windows 7 Pro Or Windows 10 Pro?

    Win 10 looks better than 7, but just looks. Win 10 is a hell kitchen for hamsters.
  5. AstroGiGi

    Name this causal game

  6. AstroGiGi

    Max Stern

    He's looks so scary. Really!!! he's from nightmare
  7. AstroGiGi

    Carpet Bombing - Retro Arcade 2D Aircraft Game

    Worms's style :) I'll try it
  8. AstroGiGi

    A Tactics RPG game

    I saw a black picture :/ (browser - google chrome)
  9. So many weapons. Is your game about killing all in a happy town?
  10. AstroGiGi

    Fantasy Scene

    Spyro! You need to do something with trees coz dragons and trees made in different styles. But dragons is cool so change trees style
  11. AstroGiGi

    Do My Swordsmen Look Like Cyborgs?

    They look like RoboCop :D
  12. AstroGiGi

    Unity 2D Space Game

    Cant try - *Sorry, Google Chrome can't run this app* :/
  13. AstroGiGi

    Making a pokemon game

    What king of game you want to make? More information pls
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