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  1. Great game!! (Especially the multiplayer)
  2. Example_user

    Should I use Slick2D or LibGDX for my game?

    It depends on what you want to do. I have experience with libGdx and I assure you that as for 2d, you can do whatever you want. About slick2d, i have no experience with it but... It's only for desktop? Libgdx is crossplatform (ios, android, html, desktop) so maybe it's what you're looking for...
  3. ¡Tutoriales de libGdx en mi web!
  4. You can set a background with a Drawable image create with Texture(LinearFilter) so this way you can reduce the "stretched". Create the size of the texture with the largest size you use in your buttons.
  5. https://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/nightlies/docs/api/com/badlogic/gdx/scenes/scene2d/ui/TextButton.TextButtonStyle.html   TextButtonStyle is what you need. Set the style.up with the drawable you want and that's it all
  6. Example_user

    libGDX viewport mouse problem

    You should update the camera on each render call: camera.update(); Gdx.gl.glClearColor(1, 0, 0, 1); Gdx.gl.glClear(GL20.GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT); batch.setProjectionMatrix(camera.combined); batch.begin(); // draw here batch.end();
  7. Hey! I want to share with you my first game using this awesome framework!! Have been 4 long months with many fights with the code but here it is!! The name is Ylao.   I will answer any questions you have about the development. Of course, any suggestions are welcome always!! Please share and rate my app. Thanks very much!!   Here is the link to playStore: LINK Here is the TRAILER   And some pics:   [attachment=34329:1.png]   [spoiler] [attachment=34337:unnamed.png] [attachment=34330:Converted_file_2a21b593.png] [attachment=34331:Converted_file_232e168d.png] [attachment=34332:Converted_file_3066d263.png] [attachment=34333:Converted_file_bf7c56df.png] [attachment=34334:Converted_file_ca4bb617.png] [attachment=34335:Converted_file_dfbe26e3.png] [attachment=34336:Converted_file_e769cc2b.png]   [/spoiler]
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