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  1. I have a class for the NPCs in my game. Each NPC has an athleticism attribute that ranges from zero to one-thousand. I am randomly generating this value. I want 70%-80% people to have a roughly average amount of athleticism, somewhere close to 500. Is there some algorithm I can apply that will skew the randomly determined athleticism score so that it's usually close to 500, but always returns a few scores that are either much lower or a lot higher?
  2. I can make some basic sorts of 2D shapes with Open Simplex or Perlin Noise, but I'm looking for tutorials on how to make various specific 2D things. For example, wood textures, marble textures, etc. I can't seem to find any online tutorials that go beyond very basic concepts. Could you please suggest some tutorials that explain how to do specific things with noise? I am used to coding in Java or Python, but any language is fine.
  3. I am hoping for suggestions regarding software that can be used to visually plan out and design a 2D world map for a game. It would be helpful if it can produce a text file or something that can easily be read by another program.
  4. RidiculousName

    Installing Huge Game Patches on an SSD?

    I own a 2TB HDD, and I've been thinking of buying an SSD. I know that SSDs have relatively low storage capacity, but make up for it by being much faster. So I'd probably want to put games with long load times on the SSD. That said, some patches are huge because they unnecessarily contain a ton of stuff that's already in the game itself. If a patch is too big to be installed on the SSD but the game itself, once patched, wouldn't be, would I still be screwed or could I use my 2TB HDD to hold some of the space temporarily?
  5. RidiculousName

    #include <math.h>

    Unfortunately, it may be difficult for us to help you without more details.
  6. I want to know if I should continue trying to soldier through my calculus class, or if I should look for other options. I am working to get a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I am studying in the USA. However, some years ago I was diagnosed with a math disability. I am currently taking Calculus 1, which I must pass with a C-grade to take Calculus 2. Both of these classes are required, and the Computer Science department doesn't allow students to design their own degrees. I have previously passed my precalculus class with a C. It was probably the most difficult class I've completed so far. I had to prioritize studying it, and my grades in other classes suffered. I admit I don't like Calculus. Math has always been my least-favorite subject, and the one I am forced to spend the most time on. Currently I often work from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and most of this time is spent with Calculus. Even so, most of my work is graded F. Even so, while my precalculus class was four-credits, my calculus 1 class is five-credits, and seems to take more than twice as much time as my precalculus class did. I will also have to take another two-credit calculus 2 class afterwards to complete the math portion of my major. I know my college isn't obliged to waive my calculus class, and I am looking at different options. However, I love programming, and I don't want to transfer to another major. So, I want know what you guys think. I have already transferred colleges twice, so this is my third college. Assuming the dean of Computer Science (who has a PHD in Mathematics) doesn't let me replace my Calculus classes with other coursework, what should I do? I don't mind working outside the game industry, but would I be unemployable without Calculus? How cheap and reputable are degrees from online colleges? Could I ascertain whether they'd waive any otherwise-required calculus course beforehand? What could I do that would improve the chances of the Dean of Computer Science allowing me to switch the courses for other ones?
  7. It sounds like you haven't tried to do very much with either unity or blender yet. In general the best practice is to go through tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere to try and learn the ropes first. I'm not sure how "easy" you want it to be, but unity is a well-respected platform. I don't know much about blender. Game-creation is generally pretty hard.
  8. RidiculousName

    What is Euclidean Space?

    I didn't know that existed. Thanks!
  9. RidiculousName

    What is Euclidean Space?

    Thanks, both of you! I appreciate it.
  10. RidiculousName

    What is Euclidean Space?

    I want to learn about sweep-line algorithms, and the first sentence on Wikipedia says, "In computational geometry, a sweep line algorithm or plane sweep algorithm is an algorithmic paradigm that uses a conceptual sweep line or sweep surface to solve various problems in Euclidean space." I don't really understand the Wikipedia page on Euclidean space. Could someone please explain what Euclidean space is to me in layman's terms?
  11. RidiculousName

    Free Images?

    Apologies for the very late response. I would really appreciate it if you could explain this to me a little more. I'm not sure I fully understand it.
  12. RidiculousName

    What Are These Game Logics Called?

    What you are describing will be greatly helped with knowledge of "Object-Oriented Programming" (OOP). Using this will vastly reduce the complexity of your project and the amount of writing for scenes and dialogue that you will have to do. OOP is a fairly generic term. AFAIK, there is nothing more specific that can be applied here. I suggest studying programming project-organization too. Handling lots of different reactions to different stimuli can be very complex.
  13. RidiculousName

    Programming game using Python

    Python is the first language I learned too. I'm not sure what will run on a Mac. If you know python you could try Godot. Their GDScript language is very similar to Python. Seriously, just put "var" in front of your variables and you're 90% of the way there. I think they also have a plugin that allows scripting in native python, but I'm not sure. PyGame is quite powerful but, in my opinion, you will want a very strong grasp of programming before diving into that. It provides the basic tools, but relies on you to put them together in a way that makes sense. I remember spending hours just trying to figure out how to make a freakin' button. If you're still coding with the IDE that comes with Python, I recommend Pycharm. The community edition is free, and you can upgrade it for free too, if you have a student email.
  14. RidiculousName

    Question on which engine should I use

    Since 2D games are being asked about here, I have to mention Game Maker Studio or Game Maker Studio 2 are also both good options. I would check out Godot first though since it's free, and it seems simpler to use to me. Right now I have to use Godot, because Unity and Game Maker aren't made to run on linux.
  15. RidiculousName

    Why is Eclipse the most popular Java IDE?

    I checked and they do! I just downloaded their "ultimate" edition, Thanks!!!
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