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  1. Learning C++ by Writing C++

    Due to my experiences over the last four semesters, I think I'm just going to be transferring to another college. That likely won't be until after the next semester though. I don't have the option to take any of my planned courses with anyone else, and I sign up for 12 credits or higher or my Financial Aid will be cut by more than $2000. For instance, we had no chapter quizzes in Computer Architecture this semester despite our professor listing them in the syllabus. we're going to take our final in a few weeks and it will be the first test or quiz we've had in the class. Otherwise he just lectures, or gives fairly random assignments. Once he assumed we (who had no prior ARM programming experience) would be able to write iterative and recursive Fibonacci and Factorial programs in an ARM simulator without a MUL instruction (and many others) in two days. That professor is also my advisor, and he recommended the class to me, and overrode the class requirements despite it requiring content from two other classes I hadn't taken. Many other classes and professors have had similar sorts of problems. I don't like to complain about this sort of thing, but I'm really up against a wall here. I had to withdraw from two of four classes this semester to avoid failing grades, and that costs my folks they shouldn't have to spend. My parents also agree with my idea of transferring. I'm just trying to get a leg up for next semester here, and get ideas for how I can improve.
  2. Learning C++ by Writing C++

    So I have a class next semester where I need to learn C++. I'll be going through the class textbook too of course, but I hate textbooks because I learn much better by programming than taking notes. I understand there's got to be some reading just to understand the syntax, but I have trouble remembering much from a whole chapter before programming. I prefer to work with smaller bits of information and gradually expand. So my question is, how could I learn C++ in smaller bits?
  3. Starting A Game Development Blog

    Thanks for the answer! I've never blogged before and I really have no idea what it's about. At the moment, I don't know what I want beyond just that keeping some-sort of a progress log can help motivate me. I have no concern for additional sales since this is a personal passion-project. I'd like to post it online since the idea that some people might see it, is a motivator for me. Also, I'd like to keep friends and family up-to-date.
  4. Starting A Game Development Blog

    I think different people experience different things. I would like to give it a try at least.
  5. Starting A Game Development Blog

    I'm thinking of starting a blog to encourage myself to keep up work on my game. I figured I'd just write about my experiences making the game. But I've never really done a blog before. Are there any good resources about blogging that specifically target blogging about your progress making a computer game?
  6. Dealing with Multiple Characters with Different Attributes

    Again, Alberth!? Every time I post a question you're there with amazingly well-reasoned and detailed answers. Thank you! I'll take your advice. Only one thing still puzzles me bit. The method I gave as an example is held within the Combat class. Have I misunderstood you?
  7. Dealing with Multiple Characters with Different Attributes

    So basically, you have an array for each character and switch the identifiers of the arrays based on who fills each role? If that's what you're saying I get it. It seems fairly simple, and would work. I'd like to examine other possibilities still. Thank you for the quick, and in-depth response. I'm sorry, but I don't understand Python 2. I'm guessing that's what these examples are since we never seem to end lines in Python 3.6 with semi-colons. I'm not sure how to make these examples work since I don't understand their formatting. I've never seen class-level variables called in that way, with two periods, to reach specific data. Could you please explain it or link to a website/video that can help me understand how to do the same thing in Python 3? It seems like some of your ways might be better than how I've interpreted ApochiPiQ's suggestion.
  8. I'm trying to make a game where the characters are randomly generated and retain individual attributes over time. Right now, I'm working on the combat system. I've made it so the roles of "Attacker" and "Defender" will switch between the player character and the NPC they are fighting. Problem is, I'm unsure of how to organize it in an elegant way. All I can think of is doing a bunch of if & else statements every time I need to check. Could you suggest ways of doing this in an elegant way? If there is anything in my code that could be significantly simplified don't be afraid to point that out either. Here is an example of one of the methods I could use help with. In it, I am taking the int type variable, "overall action score", or OAS, from a tuple, which then helps to determine the force of any attacks that land. On if and else statements, I am checking who is attacking, and calling one of their respective physical attributes. def forceFinder(self): """ Determines force of strike from OAS and alacrity. """ #subtract attacker OAS from defender OAS force = self._oasTuple[0] - self._oasTuple[1] #exponentially adds to force according to alacrity and #margin between attacker, and defender OAS. for i in range(0, force, 10): force *= 1.10 if Combat._attacker == "pc": force += Combat._pcAttr["alacrity"] * 3 else: force += Combat._npcAttr["alacrity"] * 3 return int(force)
  9. RPG - Fast Paced Tactical Gameplay?

    That's hard to say. You could try a system like a cross between the modern Final Fantasy style of limited time to choose your move, and FF tactics. I can't think of any examples except perhaps the combat in some of the older Relic games, and it seems like you don't mean RTS games. Perhaps you could be more specific? Honestly, you've come up with something that's really hard to think of examples for. Maybe Valkyria Chronicles?
  10. Just published my first game. Any advice?

    Congrats on your first published game! If you have a pattern of squares in the background, and made the "food" align in these squares it may look better. Of course, don't clutter the background. As far as crashing into a wall, well, I think that's up to you. You might try reducing the tail, and have the snake move in the opposite direction, or randomly move along the wall up/down or left/right from the point it hits the wall.
  11. WW2 war game idea

    This might be easier to do as a mod than an original game. I doubt many posters here want to get in a chat room with you. Have you made any games before? This seems very complicated for a first project. One bit of advice, don't do 3D your first time. It's harder than you might think. The basic idea seems good. It seems like arming the American riflemen with semi-automatic firearms without giving the Germans an equivalent seems like it could end up unbalancing the game. Of course, without knowing much about how the basic mechanics of the combat works, it's hard to say. You didn't mention tank warfare, so I am confused by the anti-tank troop type. This seems like a typical online shooter. Of course this idea works, but it also doesn't do anything particularly new, or take many risks. Typically people will only post on design threads they consider serious, or at least interesting. First, make us believe this game might actually get made.
  12. Turn-Based, SP, Combat-System Idea

    Hey, thanks for responding. I'll edit my first post later to make it clearer, but the blood system is meant to be a way to keep fights from going on too long than a name-change for an HP-system. Bleeding is a constant drain on your blood-level, since all wounds inflict some bleeding. However, most matches will be decided by who gets the worst disabilities, (I couldn't think of the word "injury" when writing that. Another thing to change.) many will outright kill you.
  13. Turn-Based, SP, Combat-System Idea

    If this isn't considered too soon to bump, I would like to see a few more replies. Especially replies covering what specifically you like or don't like.
  14. Turn-Based, SP, Combat-System Idea

    Thanks MetalTug. I wonder if I did anything wrong. I haven't gotten any responses for five days.
  15. Prior Videogame Experience Research Study

    What does the study mean by "peer group?"