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  1. Specimen

    First game: Anime style story

    Interesting. You enjoy making games more than playing them? Then you need to form a partnership with a designer.     Probably hard-pressed to find someone on a project like this? I'll try I suppose, if nothing turns up just gonna have to pray it comes out decent lol.
  2. Specimen

    Smooth or not to smooth - Anime characters

      I actually forgot about that, cuz I never used it. That could work with the detailing though I'll try it out, thanks.     But paint's been my pal for years :( heh. I tried gimp 2 before but that was.. confusing. This scaling idea sounds nice tho, good thing cuz my method has me re-working bits that look worse smoothed out.     I think GMStudio has this, but I'll have to check. Never worked with aliasing, it's probably 'bout time to start though, thanks for the tuts!   Still not entirely sure which to use though, I've been staring at the pixelated version so long anything else seems weird.. or is the janky version really better?
  3. So this might be something of a pixel-art sin (not that I consider my work art) but since I lack skill to make larger sprites I found a trick of smoothing them down, though I'm not entirely convinced by it yet... I open paint (yup MSpaint) zoom in, PrtScrn and paste. Now I can cut a 'single' pixel in half, in this case dotting off the edges. It seems okay, but also maybe too soft? I sorta feel like the jankness exudes more attention. Also ignore the other ppl, or critique them, both fine by me.
  4. Specimen

    First game: Anime style story

      Yeah, maybe so. Funny thing though I actually don't play much games of late, most my gaming time ends up as pixeling or something, maybe it's why I'm struggling. Gonna have to hit up the steam pages again for some inspiration. I'll move the story and see if I can't be bit more specific, thanks.
  5. Specimen

    First game: Anime style story

      Hey there! I included the story and graphics as to maybe give a better lean on the type of gameplay and mechanics that could be introduced, if that's ok. Was in a rush though and forgot to mention that maybe the game would be better as a segment-to-segment story starting from the beginning, or maybe not and go with my original idea?    But yah, that's pretty much it I have no experience and not sure what I could potentially mold from this to a more 'effective' concept, so any ideas would help me put this in perspective. :)
  6. This is my first 'real' game and I have no idea where I should take it.. All I know for certain is that I'm shaping a story less around originality and more about being structurally sound (much as possible, at least). It deals with two opposing groups, your typical militia activists (good) and private industry squads (bad). The players job is keeping several people hidden and safe while also allowing a certain freedom, simultaneously seeking contact with this under-ground militia force. There's probably a lot of ways to do this, but I'm wondering what makes for the best experience? 
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