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  1. Putting in the global map to the build, outline the heroes' routes and adding effects. Can't wait to see it in-game and start the journey. What about you?
  2. Dozens of references, hundreds of edits, endless suffering artists and the final version of global map is finally here! I have already shown a couple of WIPs among our Kickstarter updates but now I would like you to admire it in all its beauty: https://goo.gl/VB1fjj Does it looks worthily among other fantasy worlds?
  3. Trebuchet will make a breach in the city walls with ease. Do you think you would be able to handle this siege?
  4. Drukket. Skillful and loyal warrior, a connoisseur of wine and women, a grandee without an arrogance. Closed and laconic, according to some people he's hiding a big secret. Does he remind you of someone?
  5. Finally we finished Hopper Rouly's art, one of the protagonists of the game. The previous iteration (on the left) lacks shadows, that's why the hero looked implausible. A wandering chronicler, healer and baron without a title is the little that is known about Houper Rowley. The events that he witnesses are recorded in a special book written on some secret language — probably, therefore, some consider him a sorcerer.
  6. Great news! We did it! Ash of Gods is funded on Kickstarter! And there's still 2 days to go! And, of course, our hearty thanks to you, we wouldn't succeed without a support from community. You guys rock! You can read more about it in our latest Kickstarter update.
  7. Great news! We did it! Ash of Gods is funded on Kickstarter! And there's still 2 days to go! And, of course, our hearty thanks to you, we wouldn't succeed without a support from community. You guys rock! You can read more about it in our latest Kickstarter update.
  8. 3 days till the end of campaign. 87% of initial goal. We would like to make a final dash to success and announcing our first stretch goal: $80 000 — 50 additional side-quests.We are also have a special offer for all backers. Every backer with a tier since $35 and above will be mention in the credits of the game. And everyone who backed us at $70 and above can choose between his in-game portrait for side-quest character and strix chest for multiplayer (in-game currency to purchase cards and units).You can read more about in our latest Kickstarter update.
  9. Hey guys! New update about combat system is already live! Learn more about its details and features here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aurumdust/ash-of-gods/posts/1916646 Also we managed to ther more than 80% on KickStarter at the moment. That's pretty exciting, and we hope we still can make it.
  10. In the new Kickstarter update we are talking about non-linearity, travel on global map, difficulties and decisions that a player will have to face, as well as its consequences. Learn about narration in Ash of Gods and how your choices affects the story: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aurumdust/ash-of-gods/posts/1913754
  11. The story of our game is written by a published fantasy author Sergey Malitsky. You could have read his books "Arban Saes" or "Ashes of the Gods". If not, then it's worth reading. Sergey not only creates the plot of the game, but also works with the narrative designer Dmitry writing the script for all of the plot lines, episodes, scenes and dialogues. He also wrote several short stories and stories that tell of the events that do not occur in the game, or describe them from a different perspective. Today in our Kickstarter update we publish the first of such stories, "The Ense", which tells of the invasion to the Terminium by aliens wearing white masks on behalf of one of them.
  12. In this Kickstarter update we touch upon a topic that is very important to us — game's visual style.   On one hand — it is one of the most imporant features of the games, what makes it stand out and what gets its a lot of it praizes. On another hand — it is the part of the game that raizes most of the questions, in particular the similarities between our style and the on of Banner Saga.   In this update you can find out how Ash of Gods' style was created, what were the artists inspired by, what materials they had based they work on.   As always you can read the update on our Kickstarter page.
  13. Another Kickstarter update is avaiable - this time we talk about about one of our most crucial, but difficult, labor-intensive and expensive activities — the creation of combat animation for our characters.   You can read it on our Kickstarter page.
  14. New update, that covers the history of the world of the game Ash of Gods, is already available on Kickstarter. Learn more about the past of the Terminium - events that took place hundreds of years before the events of the game, but determined its nature and structure at the time of your journey. What would you guys like to see in the next one? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aurumdust/ash-of-gods/posts/1898407
  15. Hey, guys! We got some great news! Ash of Gods already managed to collect more than 25% of the goal thanks to you. That's a decent result. As our sincere gratitude we decided to make a special present for you and upgraded $35, $45 and $65 tiers. Everyone who backed us on this level will get additional rewards. We also published a sneak preview of our comics (Kickstarter special item) and new battle track written by our wonderful composer Adam Skorupa. Learn more about it HERE