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  1. Another useful ability: exchange HP and MP. Another chance for a character with low health.
  2. When the reapers come even stones are burning.
  3. Do you want to meet a nasty character? I got some. Count Pelko Soturi. Fat and poisonous snake. Moody and vindictive noble. His favorite pastime are executions and torture. And he has enough power to entertain himself with this as often as possible. If you want to describe it one word, then he's a real monster. Unfortunately, the capacious word 'asshole' is not encouraged in the fantasy setting.
  4. Traveling at night is dangerous even for a big party so it is better to stop overnight. You can sit near the campfire, talk to your companions and get some rest before the new trek. What do you think about fire's animation? Is it good enough to watch forever, as the saying goes?
  5. How to save a valuable character if he's almost dead? Use redirection ability, and every strike from an enemy will lower energy instead of health. Also, your character will get a decent bonus to his attack. What do you say?
  6. We have posted another Developer Diary (#4). It contains the latest updates and insights on the changes in the storyline, fresh game builds (including an Android one), UI and other topics. You can read it at our website and leave your feedback either there or here.
  7. This wily innkeeper looks even more sly after animation magic from Viktor. Unfortunately, all magic was used for the eyes because someone stole Teek's hair. C'est la vie!
  8. Working on card's design and its abilities. Little by little we will show you everything. Those cards on the picture are simple but useful cards of restoring health (red) and energy (orange). It would be nice to hear your thoughts, please share via comments.
  9. A sneak peek to team managment UI window, as it was promised. Hero's stats, abilities, level ups and also a little bio — you can find everything here. What do you say?
  10. I want to share some news about developing the game. Ash of Gods' UI is almost finished, Juia implements the latest fixes, so you can expect screenshots pretty soon. Also there are cards and item icons on the way. Meanwhile, animators experiments with weather effects and particles. Also they animate characters, animals and enviroment. We will share the result as soon as there's something. A lot of time goes to creation of events. Every event should be as non-linear as possible to deliver new experience during your second or even third walkthrough. Also we testing the new build and working on English localization. We hope we can test the game with your help as soon as possible to get useful feedback.
  11. There is a lot of awesome spell and ability effects but I would like to start with this one since I like it a lot. That's healing effect. What do you say?
  12. Putting in the global map to the build, outline the heroes' routes and adding effects. Can't wait to see it in-game and start the journey. What about you?
  13. Dozens of references, hundreds of edits, endless suffering artists and the final version of global map is finally here! I have already shown a couple of WIPs among our Kickstarter updates but now I would like you to admire it in all its beauty: Does it looks worthily among other fantasy worlds?
  14. Trebuchet will make a breach in the city walls with ease. Do you think you would be able to handle this siege?
  15. Drukket. Skillful and loyal warrior, a connoisseur of wine and women, a grandee without an arrogance. Closed and laconic, according to some people he's hiding a big secret. Does he remind you of someone?
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