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  1. Thank you so much Mr.Syerjchep  ^_^  ^_^ When we do something we will immediately post it here  :lol:
  2. No I won't get your opinion negative, and thanks for your reply  ^_^ , I have made some games before but they have nothing to do with this one :D , More than that an Experienced game developer called Mark have joined our team and he is solving mistakes like that, and that's why I shared my idea anyway  :) (many things have to change) , Now in today's meeting we decided to work with unity so I will try to learn how to use Unity, even it takes more than a year, there is no problem because I will learn many things in this way, Fun to Learn hhhhhh  :D , Thanks again for your reply Mr.Cozzie  ^_^
  3.   -I have an idea about a game that I think that it's different than the others (maybe), and in order to do that, I created this team, but to do not be selfish I will just explain my ideas and I want you  to take what you want and change what you want because the final idea have to be ours not mine  , We will discuss that in today's meeting, in the last meeting I talked with Mr. Mark and I have explained some ideas and because he is very skilled he have elaborated my ideas with solving some things by explaining them in the meeting notes. Game Rules: -In the majority of games the rules are very clear (Fight to win, Do this to go to the next level …) So my idea here is to make a simulation to our real world, and in this explanation you will understand that there is a specific benefit we will give to people (In case you liked my idea), So for example in our life people like the idea of the short period (Work for one month and get 3000$, Finish this task and get this money, …) but successful people are the ones who do know something called risk, I mean they believe in (Work for 2 years to win nothing or win 10 years of work, Do this task you could die doing it but if you finish it you will take 1 000 000$, …) But at the end of their lives, if you ask the first type of people “What you can say about your life ?” the majority of them will answer sadly and explain that they have sold them selves for some millions (Person get 1000$ per month + worked for 50 years = This person life price is 50 000$ => Some peoples earn more than that in a day), So I wanted to make a simulation in the game where the people that they do less they get less and the people who risks their lives and money will get more, So that people will feel this experience in a virtual game before they understand it lately in the real world. Graphic Engine: -Peoples like High Definition pictures and because of that high poly games are so preferred than low poly ones, but some games like Minecraft offer a big open-world so people accepted it with it's low poly object and that explain how valuable having an open world map in the game, So my idea here is not a new one but we have to think about it. For example to create a tree we have to create 5 trees with different poly levels (Low to High) and the tree change the level depending on the distance between the player and the tree, But in a way that the user could never notice any change, If it's near the user it will be high poly if it's far away it will be low poly World Map: -Here I wanted to create an unlimited space that contains a lot of planets and make all the players start playing on a specific planet (like us on earth  ), Another thing here Mr.Marksaid in the last meeting that this will cause a mathematical problem so we will have to make space partitioning (We will talk about that in today's meeting)  Game Actions: -I think that this is the most funniest part, In games like Minecraft a player can bring with him thousands of kilograms of (stones, metal, …)  and this do exist in many games, like to put 10 weapons in just a bag, I wanted to change this in our game, So in order to move some stones from a place to another place you will have to do exactly like our real world like using a vehicle or maybe hiring someone else to do that for you if you can't, Also people in this game born with different abilities for example (Someone born with a big body, Someone born with a lot of money, Someone born with high speed, Someone born flying, hhhhh …… ), and each person have to discover his abilities  , And now we will talk about the most strange thing I think and it's our second brain (Internal brain), In the real world a person learn a specific skill by repeating a specific task over and over again then he will be able to do that task without thinking like (walking, drinking, catching a sword, …..), So the simulation in our game will be like the player have to choose from any place he will catch a sword each time he try to cath one then after catching it more than 50 times (Or less hhh) the virtual internal brain will catch the sword automatically when he just click on it, In this case maybe some gamers will not like the game in the beginning but they will love it when they will have a lot of skills because they will be able to do a lot of things in a short time, things that they could never do in other games because this game's internal Brain is programmed specially for him. Finally: -I know there is a lot of parts in the game with a totally different domains but I don't think that this is a problem because we are going to collect more and more members to our team and more than that we can follow a strategic plan in our team, and that will make us work without stopping and without getting bored, for example Mr.Mark is a very skilled one so he will only work for 7 Hours per week (or less) and other members who don't have the skills that we will use they can learn them in the same time by just spending more time with the skilled ones by asking them for the right resources (there is sub teams to learn into), and that's why we accept anyone wants to join us, because if you are just interested then welcome, anything you need and you don't have you will learn but don't forget that you may teach other members or help them find the right resources. After Finally (Team Management): -We have a meeting each 3 days (Sometimes more or sometimes less) -Our team is constructed from sub teams depending on their knowledge and they have to choose a leader for that sub team -Each sub team will take a responsibility, for example Sub-A (Sub team A) will be responsible for ensuring that all the team members know all the new updates, Sub-B will be responsible to explain all the details to the new members, Sub-C ……. -Each member have to be present in all the meeting whether he did what he told to do or not, Because no one here his obligated to do anything (We are building a game at the end) -?????(Good luck)    Team Notes Link: http://waawia.com/Team/Notes/14 Team Link : http://waawia.com/Team/View/Biggest_open_world_3D_Game   The second Meeting will be in [October 28, 2016 at 11:00 AM NewYork Time] (TODAY)
  4. Ok I will wait for a moderator to move it, And what you said about the few info that I gave is true in my openion :) , But I think if I will collect even 5 peoples that would be great because we can try to make a planning and create a good presentation for our idea and collect more users together , Thank you for your interaction Sir  :)  ^_^
  5. I will be very happy if you tell me what is the right section ^_^  ^_^  , Also because I have no idea about the skills that we have as a team i can't make decisions on my own, Also in the Team Notes (waawia.com/Team/Notes/14) I wrote the date of the first meeting so that all members can ask about anything and change anything they want, I just have an idea and I want to share it with a lot of people to make it better  :lol:  ^_^
  6. I'm really so interested in making a 3D game that have an unlimited map , anyway this will take a long time to be done that's why I want to find anyone who really interested in , even without any skills we will work together by organizing ourselves in different levels and then we will teach ourselves to have new skills , I'm a developer and I have good skills in Team management, So I wish I could be useful, I have posted this invitation in more than one forum so If anyone is interested here please Join us in www.waawia.com/Team/View/Biggest_open_world_3D_Game
  7. I am new to game development. I am interested in developing 2D games for the Android platform. What is the best place to start with (i.e) What are the basics and how to proceed? I already have programming experience in Java but don't have any experience with graphics or animation. I'm so interested to make a game like this one but it's made with HTML so any idea will be a big help and thanks in advance   The Open Source Game : http://www.waawia.com/Topic/View/An-Open-Source-Android-Game-2048-android/45
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