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  1. What is Unity actually doing?  Is it simply wrapping a shell around the code, or compiling it into lower level code?   It possible to just make a simple app that is merely a browser, and run the js game code in that?   Part of the reason I ask is that my game code is <32kb and all I need is a menu and a way to connect to a server for PvP. The remainder will be all game trees, so a lot of recursion.   I tried a Unity built Minesweeper clone, which is a similarly simple, grid based puzzle.  It took forever to load.  The project has ~50x more objects than I have functions and is ~10,000x bigger.   Unity seems more like a graphics engine and mine is not a graphics-based game.        
  2. Wow.  I'm glad I found this place!  So much good information!  (Of course, now there a part of me not going "maybe I should nut up and learn Objective C b/c bitwise operations will almost certainly come in handy later".)     @Kylotan re: "Why do you think Unity will do these things for you, and why can't you do them in Javascript?"   Basically because Unity packages and compiles the code, and seems "automate" the process of PvP. (i.e. I'm such a raw beginner,  it could reduce learning time for getting the first iteration out there.)
  3. Thank you Karsten!!!  Nearly everything Unity offers, I don't need. But because it is a game, the pat answer has been "use Unity."  (I ran into a similar problem when I first developed the code. When I'd hit a bump with a simple function, the standard answer was "use a library". It turned out that everything I needed to do could be accomplished in pure JS.    Followup Question: Is using a massive library for a single function also inefficient?  (I suspect it's a different process than what's going in with Unity.)
  4. I have a game we can sit down and play across the table on my tablet. How do I implement networked PvP? More specifically, how do I get the clients and website to communicate, how do I get the clients to interact, and what do you recommend as an online platform and database? [The game is abstract and extremely compact — no graphics, couple bytes per turn. However, I'd like to record games for future use as gamebooks. Maybe 256 bytes per game, which I think gets me ~4 million games per gigabyte. Since the method is non-trivial, I'd ideally want a database that can scale.] Also, please assume I know nothing. I managed to learn enough javascript to code the game on my ipad, which only has wifi, so no plugins or libraries as yet. I do have a mac I can develop on, and Unity has been strongly recommended, but the game code is < 32 KB so I’m wondering if it’s overkill. (Beyond that code it’s mostly going to be AI, since most variation require a trivial amount of code.) My inclination is to create a kernel I can use to express an array of variants, but time is also of the essence, so I can make sacrifices in service of expedience.  The game itself seems to run the same in every HTML5 browser I've tried, although optimized for mobile touch.   Sorry if this question is broad, but I also I need general advice so I can take solid next steps.
  5. Thank so much! Lot of good info here.   The games will be all be 2D for the first few generations, although the method extends quite seamlessly to a 3D model. (As you seem to indicate, a 3D version will be much more challenging to produce, not least from an interface standpoint, so that aspect will be a few years away.)   I'll definitely be implementing a server-based solution, both for matchmaking, player rankings, and recording games for future analysis.  Also, because the games are non-trivial, and can be expressed with many simple variants, I suspect mobile processors may be inadequate for a future "strong" AI.  (Although, based on extensive play-testing, a "weak" AI will certainly be sufficient for starters.  I'll actually more focused on getting humans to play humans to build community, even though the AI component is the most interesting part of the project.)  Ideally, I'll be looking to architect a solution that allows cross-platform play, which I suspect is feasible based on the amount of information transferred.    That said, I definitely want a client that can be played on a tablet with no connectivity, as table-top play is certainly the most fun!  (This will have to including at least a weak AI, but shallow game trees and simple heuristics should suffice in the near term.)   It has been recommended I use Unity, node.js and MySQL. (I'll also look into the RESTful type API in PHP and then SQLite, since I have some familiarity with PHP, but let me know if you have any thoughts on the aforementioned tools.)
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