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  1. PawnEater

    Braid for android: Time Turner

    Wow, thanks for a great reply!   I would not care so much about a couple of poor ratings, from what I've read they don't effect your rankings that much. As long as you have a descent rating people will still download it. Time Turner is certainly a bit more polished than mine so maybe I should be happy the numbers for my game still are low, I'm still adding basic stuff (the other day, a friend: "No replay button?" Me: "Uhm.. that's a good idea" :-)). I will do the big "launch" once I stop getting obvious fix suggestions.   But I still have not seen any ads or IAP in Time Turner so I wonder how you plan on making money?
  2. PawnEater

    Braid for android: Time Turner

    Congratulations on your success, 5000+ downloads is quite nice! I still have the game, things got a bit more interesting halfway through the second tier. Meanwhile, I'm struggling to get my first 100 downloads. Can you say which action you took that boosted your downloads? Like post on a specific forum or got written in some blog or something? What was the ignition?
  3. PawnEater

    Legion Wars - Turn-based Strategy Game

    Looks cool, I'm trying it out! Graphics looks top-notch! I'm missing a multiplayer feature with ranked matches and async gameplay. But have not tried the game yet, maybe it's not suited for that.
  4. PawnEater

    Carpet Bombing - Retro Arcade 2D Aircraft Game

    I've made a promo video! Check it out!
  5. This could be a solution, but, for it to work each level should be different enough and bring something new (a different theme, mechanics, etc...). Else why having different levels, if you can see everything the game as to offer in the endless mode of the first level?     In my game I have three level types and five types of enemies (yes not many). I was thinking of introducing one enemy type each level, and cycle the level type (grass, beach, city). Once you hit level 6, you will play with all enemy types and the only thing that is different is that there are more and more enemies each level (making it harder). Of course, it would be better if you could introduce even more level types and enemy types but that takes time to draw and implement. So in that sense, an endless game may require less work to implement.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. So basically some people prefer level-type, others endless types. Kseh, I think you are right about the characters that keep people going. Definiately something to learn from if you are making an endless game.   This got me thinking, why not both? One endless game mode, and one where you clear level by level (and heal between each). In the level selection screen, choose from any level you have cleared (+ 1 new), or choose the endless game mode. Would that work?
  7. By endless gameplay I mean the type of endless runners etc out there, you start from the beginnning, things get harder and harder and you try to survive for as long as you can, and beat your own highscore.   By progress-games I mean the type of "Saga"-games where you clear on level at a time and get 1-3 stars for it, then move on to the next level (with full life).   I've created an endless-type-of-game but I think I miss the progress part of it (called Carpet Bombing, on Android). If you don't make progress there are only so many times you want to try and beat your highscore before you get bored. And it's tedious to always start with the easy part once you have mastered the game. So I was thinking of adding another game mode, "saga"-style. Still, there are plenty of successful endless games out there, for example Crossy Road, that seem to make it work.   Any thoughts?
  8. PawnEater

    Carpet Bombing - Retro Arcade 2D Aircraft Game

    So I got some feedback that my screenshots were not "sales-material" enough. I made some new ones, what do you think? Better? So far just above 50 downloads. Competing with 1.6 million other apps is HARD!         I do think the game has potential since there are other games in the same category with 100000+ downloads, and they are IMO not nearly as fun. Plus - my kids like the game  :wink:   http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StaffanEkvall.CarpetBombing
  9. PawnEater

    Braid for android: Time Turner

    Thanks, that is what I thought too. Been working on some more cool screenshots and a video.   Some feedback about your game. Your video is cool and everything but I would skip the "movie intro", its just too slow. Get to the point. I liked the game play but got a bit bored after the first 10 levels. I did not find the puzzles challenging enough, and I do not want to invest time in something that "may" become more fun. In some other puzzle games, you can jump right into the "hard" section. I like those.
  10. PawnEater

    Braid for android: Time Turner

    Hey,   Cool game. I really liked Braid so that was the selling point for me. Could you include that in the title somehow would improve your sales. Gave you a 5-star review :-)   I think maybe the controls can be improved so that the character automatically moves to your finger position. Now I have to lift and draw a new direction, not that intuitive.   Please have  a look at my indie game: Carpet Bombing. I'm a struggling indie dev myself.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StaffanEkvall.CarpetBombing
  11. So I've made a game. It's called Carpet Bombing and is out for Android now. You fly an aircraft and bomb stuff. Try to dodge bullets and missiles. Plain, simple fun!  :D The game is designed so that a play session should last a few minutes, perfect for a short break.     http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StaffanEkvall.CarpetBombing     I've made it in my spare time (I do have a full time job and a family). I don't expect to make much money from it, I just made it for fun. But it would be great if at least some people liked it so please check it out. It's free.   I've made the game in Unity. It's a mix of 2D and 3D. I started out in pure 3D and did the models in Blender, but since the apperance is a 2D-game I found that the graphics became cleaner and more arcade-like if I used unlit sprites instead.   Grateful for any feedback or review!  :) 
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