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  1. I'm waiting for new songs I want to plunge into this atmosphere again. Do them longer in length. and go to the indie team)
  2. Gameplay environment design

    Всегда нравилась такая стилистика в играх
  3. very atmospheric music is very similar to the dead island.
  4. hello friends) my name is Alexander and I'm a student..I need advice, criticism of my art .. how do I make them better. :lol:
  5. Hello. I was forced to leave the city, but I'm back with new art [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7793] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7792]
  6. my new picture  [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7749]
  7. I learn to draw :rolleyes: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7736] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7734] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7735] What do you think of the pictures ? :blink:  :ph34r:
  8. demakov alexander Gas station NL

    thank you very much ) I'm glad you liked the picture
  9. hello friends) new art [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7681] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7680] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7679] Well I'm sorry this is not my topic( starships and space are not suitable for me :(
  10. Hello friends! today I want to show new art. loading screen [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7675] :cool:  :rolleyes: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7677] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7678] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7676] :D  :lol:
  11. Hey. I would like to try to draw a picture on the subject
  12. Hi Alex, I'm trying to get a project started. Are you interested?   -Ted   tell that project? need details )
  13. What The Heck, Dude? [First gameplay video! Yeah!]

    Hello friend ) is an incredible game ) when it is available ? I want to play it ) :wink:  :D  :lol:  :cool:
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