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  1. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

    Have you read those FAQs yet?     I also saw Lesson #3 (Preparing for a degree in game design) and it helped me a lot.
  2. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

      So basically, if I am passionate about it (which I am), then the GD degree.  On the other hand, CS is good for programmers (I figured) and a bunch of assets in the game industry. I also know that programmers get paid more, which is understandable. Programming interests me too but designing seems to be my main focus.    I know payment is a big chunk of what a career leads to, but I also want to do something I will enjoy doing. So CS kind of opens all the doors, whereas a GD degree opens one door which is Game Design?    In other words, study what I want to study because it will lead me to where I belong.
  3. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

    Have you read those FAQs yet?     I read a few of them.  The ones about becoming a Game Designer, Passion vs Feelings and job advice.   Like how someone had a degree in programming but then got changed to game design due to his talent in it.   I know getting a Game Design degree isn't exactly what some employers may/may not look for. But in the FAQ it seems like if designing is what I want to do then getting the degree seems good.   The thing with CS is it can get you jobs outside the game industry right? It leaves more opportunities, really. I want to look more into CS to see if it looks interesting, however I still eventually want a designer position. I think CS is kind of like a "back-up" or something, or is that not the way to think about it?   Because I've seen people who took CS and still got into game design and were more flexible, however the ones into game design all they say is to take CS. It's a little confusing is all. 
  4. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

      So you studied CS and still managed to design a game? As in the degree might not be worth much?   And companies are wanting people with know-how which, as a designer, is hard because fresh out of college you probably don't have a AAA game under your belt. However, you could have side-project games that show off your abilities in designing I would imagine. And most Designers start in QA.   Also are you saying go for something in the lines of programming, sound, graphics, producing, etc. but work your way up from their to game design? Because I'm interested in the entirety of the game development process, however design is just where I want to end up eventually.
  5. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

      You'll probably want to be doing this anyway, regardless of your degree program.         Yeah, this is a theory, and not dissimilar from an attitude I used to have myself, but I don't actually think it's that much of a concern. Sure, some place might bin your resume because you have 'the wrong degree,' but it's also possible they'll bin it because of some other arbitrary reason. Or maybe they wanted a game design degree, but you don't have one. And so on. Catering to a future hypothetical employer's whims is not a good way to spend tends of thousands of dollars and four years of your life.   Similarly...         The only way to get the best option is to evaluate the best option in terms of the next four years of your life: what are you interested in studying, what experiences do you want to have, and what extremely general vague direction do you want to go afterwards (you seem to know this already: game design). Going to college is an expensive and time-consuming decision, so you should make it based on more criteria you control than criteria you don't.   What you don't control is what the industry will be like in four years or ten years or twenty years, or what your own goals and life circumstances will be then. What you can control is what you want to do now, and so long as you restrict that to options that don't immediately close-out being a game designer it's hard to go "wrong" there.   Ultimately getting into the industry will be more about you and the work you've done leading up to that first job application. It's less about where you went to school and what the name on your degree is. You want to have gotten the most out of whatever education you pursue, certainly, but you're more likely to get more out of an education you enjoy than one you don't.   If you like computer science topics, great. Computer science would be a good degree program and all things being equal I would generally recommend that over a "game design" program. But if you don't like it, don't study it and pick the game design degree.     Thanks this helped a bunch. I think I will look for a CS minor or some type of programming minor to add. I will also look more into CS to see if it's a good fit for me.   As of now a Game Design program seems the best for me, despite the opinions out there.
  6. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

    Thanks for your opinion.   I've seen that Computer Science is a good introduction to the entirety of game development due to your flexibility. There were even designers stating themselves that it would be better just to take CS. It's not that CS doesn't interest me I just would like to eventually be in a designing position.  If I did go in CS I would also have to be making side-projects (portfolio has to be strong) whereas in Game Design you are making your portfolio in class.   In general I heard CS is just overall better. It does interest me, it would be just as challenging as whatever I do with my life but I just want the best option.   It is also said that with a Game Design degree you're stuck in game design, as in it's hard to transfer it around, while in CS it is easier.  I'm not sure but these are just what people are saying.
  7. DJ_Bioxic

    My College Dilemma

    Hello and thanks for reading this. This is my first post by the by, so I might sound like a noob (it's because I am).   So I have been passionate about the video game industry since middle school, and I have always made up games and all that but that was because I had a kidish-type mindset. Nowadays I am a senior in a technical high school. My trade is Electronics Technologies. I've been doing scholarships and all that stuff since sophomore year and I have a nice and concise list of colleges I plan on applying to (most with the common application).   At the beginning I thought, since I aspire to be a Game Designer, that I simply take a degree in Game Design. Seems logical, right?   For some time I just accepted this fact until I recently saw that a degree in Computer Science (CS) might be a better alternative, with a minor in some form of Game Development (programming, art, sound or design).   Keep in mind I have been on multiple websites reading about this topic, however I still can't make a reasonable decision. To understand what I am asking, let me first explain what I am aiming for:   I am aiming for a Game Design career. I know these jobs are not "immediate placement" nor are they "the idea-guy". To my knowledge it goes on the lines of mechanics, prototypes, bug-fixing, some creative aspects (like story and characters however this is more of a Lead Designer's job) and of course the GDD (Game Design Document). If I am missing anything, or maybe I seem ignorant in anyway please let me know. -------------------------------   Anyway, so I know the answers on here cannot dictate what I actually do, but can someone please respectfully give me their opinion on whether or not I should aim for a Computer Science degree or a Game Design degree?   Any answers would be very much appreciated.
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