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  1. AngelAyala

    Horror Game Development [UNPAID]

    Hey @Aulipe I sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Hey, your link is dead so I sent you a friend request on discord. I'm a 3D artist by the way and am interested.
  3. AngelAyala

    How to create a Level design portfolio

    Hey Nicolas, That course requires you to build a small game as a work sample. Even a small game can take a while to make so keep that in mind. My girlfriend tried getting in that school for 2 years and it is very hard to get into it even with a good work sample. Have you looked into a plan B or C? As far as a portfolio goes, they most likely won't look at it (my girlfriend was told this from a speaker from there who visited her school). A PDF of your game and talking about the process it took to make it is all that is needed.
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