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  1. Hmmm... i recommend Godot to you. -> https://godotengine.org It has its own easy syntax. You can compare it to Python, but much easier. It was a really good and easy start for me and there is a very helpful community.
  2. So, I'm a new Developer

      You just waited one hour for this sentence? Learn to be patient. Especially with yourself. You will need that for your learning progress :)
  3. Wow, that is a huge change. Sadly, i liked the old stuff so far :/ Just my opinion though...
  4. The picture in the middle stands out from the others, because it's just black and white :)
  5. I really like the art itself. The coloring is amazing. Why is the middle one "just" black and white? Is there a specific reason?  Is the middle one handrawn?
  6. Hello everybody,   i am experimenting with a lot of languages lately and asking myself:   "What is the best language to use, when you want to have LUA as the scripting/extension language for game development?"   And are there (good) engines out there, which support those two languages combined. I know there are a few languages using C++ and LUA, like the CryEngine for example.     Is there any other thought on this?    Greetings :)
  7. [Early look] Hellhunter - Supernatural hunting RPG

    I really like the art style. When will this game be playable? Mabe a beta? :)
  8. Towards The Pantheon [2D Rpg]

    Hey, i am sorry about your friend.. I am german and i Can say that Eikenskaden is not a german word. Its either danish, what i think mostly, swedish or a bandname (There is a metall band named Eikenskaden) Just for your interest :)!
  9.     Wow, never heard of that before. Is there any evidence for that? Would like to read it through. But as far as a go to know my colleagues and friends here in germany, it often comes to one or two points: To outsmart someone or to have more money than someone. As someone who created a few niche sites on the internet and who did some research on popular keywords... i have to say i was nearly overhelmed how often "earn more (passive) money" or "become self-employed" is googled here. Germans are kinda focusses on this stuff. See games like monopoly. It's so popular here.
  10.   That is sad in my opinion. I really like simulation games. The gameplay is refreshing in comparison to the "standard" FPS or Moba ones... It feels like every year in germany there are a lot new games developed, like simulations of agriculture, fire stations or even bus driving. Some are really impressive, fun to play and even a lot popular, like "Agriculture Simulator (Landwirtschafts Simulator). I think the most fun simulation i ever played was Theme Hospital on the PS1. Never played somethin like it after that.
  11. Howdy strangers,   i have a few ideas for simulation games, like "Industriegigant" (engl. Industry Giant) or railroad tycoon, where you have to setup contracts, manage your staff, routes, salaries etc..  But i often read that those kinda games are not very popular outside of germany. I am not sure why this "would" be true. Could you tell me if those games are popular in your country, or if you have interest in those kinda games?   Btw: Zoo Tycoon or Roaler Coaster Tycoon are a bit different i think...
  12. Conbini - store sim in sci-fi world

    Sound interesting to me. I like those kinda games, like "Manager Games". Do you have example Screenshots for the UI?
  13. Talent Systems Discussion

      A passive ability "mostly" interacts with other abilities, like:   Ability X makes you jump to a target at maximum range of 10m. Passive Ability Y says: Increases the maximum range of Ability X to 15 m.   A skill system or skill tree is like an in depth modification of your character stats, like: - Increase your HP by 10. - Increase Lifeleech by 10 per Hit. - you deal 5% more damage while dual whielding. There are a lot more examples here.
  14. Talent Systems Discussion

    So.   My opinion is, when there is a talent system involved, it should help the player to make his or her character unique and different from other ones. I liked the old (and mid) talent systems of WoW. A lot of customization to make your "hero" unique, just as you want to.
  15. You should visit some gaming forums and present your game there.    This would be a good start i.m.o.
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