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  1. Acnalagon Black

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

    I went to khanacademy.org. they teach JS. I want to learn C#...   Yes, I know they teach JavaScript. I even said so in my post. :) Which programming language you learn is less important than learning to program in general. The ability to break down a problem into programming concepts is a foreign concept to most. Since Khan Academy is such a good site, and the syntax of JavaScript is similar to C#, I still recommend it. - Eck   Ah i see. Well right now I'm actually doing some C++ coding assignments. I'm 1/4 of the way in and it hasn't posed a great challenge so far. 
  2. Acnalagon Black

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

      Hey You Out There? Uh I'm Using The Indie Unity - I Hope It Didn't Go Subscription Or I'm Toast. I'm By No Means The Best Out There - But If You Got The Time We Can Always Talk Code. What Is Your Skill Level? What Would Stump You I Mean? It's A Good Way To See Where You Are At. Me I'm Stumped By Multiplayer Components - Networking And Uploading Games To The Internet.   sorry for my rather late response. Let's pretend I don't know how to use it AT ALL.  Really? I see. I had unreal* for a bit but i had to make a complete program wipe on my computer. Is there any one here that could personally teach me how to use it? The you tube videos are helpful but I'd rather 1 on 1 instruction.
  3. Acnalagon Black

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

    Thank you very much, I'll take a look at it when I'm free.  :D   Isn't unity by subscription now? If it isn't I'd love to learn from you.   Already focusing, and at the end of the semester there's a big project where you gotta submit a program using a hefty portion of everything learned. Kinda wanted to program a game for that.   Bootstrap you say? Hmm, I'm still just learning HTML during my free time and as you can see above I've got many tutorials to get through. Never the less I'll bookmark it and go at it when I can. Thank you all for the advice  :D  ^_^
  4. Acnalagon Black

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

    Well at the moment I'm taking classes for Python and C++, and in the past I've messed around with Unreal game engine. I went online looking for great places to learn to code games from the ground up and was shown here. I've gone to Khan Academy and i see that there's nothing for Python or C++, but I'll try out the languages that they have there anyway. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm learning C++ and Python, and I always wanted to learn. Any one here can show me where I Could start with bonus exercises and stuff so I could start? I'm new here and someone suggested to me start out here for a starting path. Thank you for our time all :D
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