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  1. well I mentioned Nodejs because from what I've read, most of the real-time apps use websocket tools with Nodejs like socketio and and socketcluster.   channels seem relatively new in Django...
  2. Thanks Kylotan, I'll check those two providers.   After reading a bit more, I am actually planning to use Django together with Node.js, where the later just plays a role in socketing the clients to the game server. I'll try to do some socket benchmarks of my own in some VMs but as you both said, basic hosting should be enough, for now.   btw, have you tried Firebase? Would a BaaS fit here? Never tried one or even understand their concept.
  3. yeah I might start with the easiest LAMP approach and change according to the user demand.    I'm sure I could easily make my stuff working inside Docker, but how does that ease the deployment in those providers? Do they scale the container horizontally on their own? Based on which metrics?   Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to investigate and predict the websocket performance without automatic scaling in a single server (LAMP approach) and start from there...read somewhere from some benchmarks that one can easily go to several hundreds concurrent sockets without any bottleneck. That's a good number to start with.
  4. Thanks for the reply frob   I guess you're right. I am just afraid that if I don't leverage from the cloud providers giving you auto scaling, I will eventually create a bottleneck with the same Django backend handling both web browsing and game app client requests.   Do you have a few references for ISPs/cloud providers/MBaaS you would recommend?
  5. Hi all,   I'm building a very simple multiplayer math game (two or more gamers, remotely playing to see who answers simple 2+2=X like equations the fastest).   I am using phonegap for this since I don't really need a graphical environment and I am not much of a Java lover.   I'm also starting to build a Django web platform where the gamers profiles and rankings will be.   Now the question:  - since this is a server-client based game, to optimise costs, should I build the game server side backend together with the Django backend? Or should I have a different backend for the effect?   - I would profit from something like Google App Engine to host all of this, so what do you think would be easier/cheaper to deploy?      Thanks in advance
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