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  1. Khaled125

    How can I protect my work?

    Yes, thats right, thank you for your input Are you saying your questions have been answered sufficiently, and you do not wish any further discussionon your questions?I remember replying to this afew days ago but sorry any way for not As far as I can tell my question has been answered sufficiently and I do not really care where either further discussions on the topic take place unless if it was a new info regarding the topic that could complete the answers or what so ever
  2. Khaled125

    How can I protect my work?

    What else can you do? Write a good agreement when starting the project. If a team member violates theagreement, and even steals your game (doing a better job than you of publishing it and making money)then he did it, but maybe you didn't "watch" him while he was doing it but rather discovered it afterthe fact. YES, it's frustrating if that happens. But you have to act within the law.yes. agreements and stuff first, got ya. Requesting lock? Unless topics aren't ment to
  3. Khaled125

    How can I protect my work?

    Excellent! Thank you so much for your input However I understand these are not likely but if a bad team mate does so and there is no way to stop them, I just watch..? And if I did win the thing they do pay for all the courts expenses as far as I have read, neverless thank you again for your input that was extremly helpful, Ill sure use your advise when making a team, I need to clear a point though as I stated in the first post, I would use a lawyer for sure if ran into any of these issues, these are all purely trivial questions so iam more prepared and know what to do if I ran into any issue and confirming things. Have a nice day now, sir
  4. Khaled125

    2D Game Making Softwares For Beginners?

    If I can just hop in and suggest unity, it seems to also support 2D games really well and also supports alot more platforms. Depending on the one you want though, still unity looks really populer if you are leaning to actually learn the language, but if you just want to make simple drag and drop games which aren't bad but learning gives you nore potential, then gamemaker is for you or gamesalad, choose your pick
  5. Khaled125

    How can I protect my work?

    Bumb, questions still not answered
  6. Khaled125

    How can I protect my work?

    Alright, thanks but two questions to explain things.. How do I 'reclaim' my work? Seeing for example some one just stole it and puplished it or so, what am I supose to do? Sue him in which court? /country? Or go to the place he puplished such things.. Etc.. How can I make such agreement? Now I do fully relize iam suposed to speak with a laywer but untill I actually need one I would rather have some insights to be on the safe side than just going to give my apps to strangers or watch as they rob me ha! Apart from that, thanks for replying
  7. Hello! I was wandering how can I protect my game from someone else using it forvtheir own advantages, examples.. 1- A team member stealing the app and using it for his sole advantage 2- Some one re uploading the game on another store, site, or one of his own And such conditions, I have heared about copyright but iam not a us citezin do I even need that particular copyright or..? By the way, iam sorry if this was in the wrong section Thank you for your replies! :) Yours: Khaled
  8. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

    Excellent! Thank you for the options, I sure have not heard of afew of those, will be sure to check them out!
  9. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

    Yes I was.. VERY well until I just read your reply, all of your replies people just mixed it smoothly now, thanks you Sir! Finally it all makes sence now aha! Thanks for the help, I feel so glad now all the confusion is over I feel my lungs are only allowing air to go out, somehow.. Anyway thank you so much! Close this topic or leave it open, do what ever you want, horray! Confetti everywere! On a more serious note though thanks for clearing things out, all my questions and worries are now solved, thank you, Friends!
  10. Khaled125

    Want to Learn how to Start Coding to make video games

    Well, as far as I know of c++ is too complicated to start with, you are most likely gonna end up in frustration, maybe start with python, its very easy to learn although nothing is really 'easy' you have yo put in alot of work, I recommend udacity acadmy to start learning! For the languages you can start with python or c# as those are very friendly to new devs https://www.udacity.com Have a great day! Yours, Khaled
  11. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

        You can.  Although Apple's environment is built around objective C, people built binding code to let you work in C#. Android's core is Java, yet people have made C# interfaces.  Xamarin is one example of those tools.   And then there are engines that completely abstract all the platform away, such as Unity. You can develop your game for Android or iOS using an engine and never touch anything outside the engine.Ok, outstanding! So since each option has its pros and cons after all, how do you think someone can compare between them if their needs are so general? Trying all the options? Although that is not very effecient or quick. That would perhaps be the pupose of this topic A huge thanks to all of you wanderful people, Iam not sure how far more can this topic go really though, ill try my top best to help anyone else, thanks again
  12. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

       Ultimate perfect for everybody does not exist. (Companies try to make you belief it exists, but it doesn't.) After re-reading extensivly only summing up the two topics, I finally got my head around it! Sure it will be terribly hard to go throw all these IDEs but ill try them over the following months and so, thanks you! If you took a moment to read my previous reply you would know what I was all confused about I hope, so aparantly its still bloody confusing like hell since I still don't know the replies to all the other answers like.. Why not use c# for android or ios if iam an android or ios only programmer? And such questions would be much apriciated! As its hard to know all that information over night, thanks again people for helping me! As for me, this is probably the best answer I can get for now unless someone has something else to add, however if there are any still un answered questions, I sure asked hella' lot of em! Please do answer if you know it or just share your precious experince! Have a fantastic day everyone! Yours: Khaled
  13. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

    Yes, thank you so much both for clearing things up, you people are legands! You cleared up pretty much everything, but perhaps you missunderstood my prespective just slightly. You see, I didn't come here asking what is the best ide or programing language there are (well I technicly did hence the topic) but imagine someone stepping in the programing industry with pecific needs, for my case want to program games for mobiles! But when iam told by many people a tremendous amount of different options, I will just step right back out abd get a Mac job! I see there is no clear answer and all different IDEs and languages say they do everything in the world, perhaps languages are more pecific, IDEs aren't however, they all serve the same purpose for example I obviously won't program for 3D anytime sooner yet for some reason iam going for unity although other engines for 2D maybe better for some sort of reason, which is extremly confusing if they both do the same job with slight to major pros and cons, a new person as maybe my self would get lost through the options since the first post said VB is the best of them all then another says there are many others and VB is growing weak.. Etc, iam not saying your answers are bad, as a matter of fact they perfect in every way! Its just when you ask, ok, that does this and that does the exact same thing with afew exeptions you don't even know what are or perhaps just don't know why would you choose that. In my case, the programing language was the easiest to choose, although with great confusion you great folks helped me out, for my needs, or pretty much any starter one, c# then c++ but when comes to IDE that makes apps or non-apps it rediclous, in my case, I will just take my chances I guess yet I simply wouldn't be that satisfied with where either the one I got is good or not for my purpose. I have tried out a tremondous amount of IDEs like eclipse - VS - Xamrian - Android studio - intelliJ - unity3D and even gamesalad and gamemaker! (Which are both pathatic by the way unfortunly since they are not exacly devolping platforms) yet Iam clueless about which one to choose, if there ars no specific answer, exacly what should I do? As @Alberth said unltimate perfect for everybody doesn't exist which I relize but ultimate perfect for a somebody or a type of,its so general that tons of IDEs out there support it but how exacly can I be more pecific? If they all support games for mobile, then which one? Based on their featured which I hardly know of therefore the question for choosing the programing language is over ages ago but if there was somehow absolutely no answer to which gaming engine or IDE to use then at least are there any way I can be more specific for one to fall into my needs? or better, future needs?
  14. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

        In the long run C++ is a language you will probably be expected to know as a professional game developer, although many of the rising generation are less familiar with it.  You'll need to know a language for systems-level work, and these days C++ is the main language for that.   C++ is not a good choice for a first programming language.  It is has a harsh learning curve, it is easy to do things wrong, and the language assumes the programmer knows exactly what they are doing (which for beginners is usually false).     If you're already familiar with programming and know basically what you are doing it may be time to learn it.     Visual studio is an IDE, or Integrated Development Environment.  That's a text editor, debugger, development tool, and a bunch of other stuff all bundled together.    Xamarin is a set of software libraries that can help you build software on some environments, but it isn't required.      Analogy:   What is the point of all the other car makers, nobody is a match for Ford Motor Company?   There are many programs and libraries and systems because there are many different needs and preferences.     You mentioned C#, and Unity uses that for development.  If you were focused on C++ then Unreal may have been the more natural suggestion. Thanks alot for your reply, much apriciated however if iam to comment.. The first point is top notch, thanks. The second one however still makes less sence to me, I mean if microsoft bought Xamarin and both of them can program stuff for windows I think, VS still tells me to install Xamarin for mobile devolpment, which platforms do either target? For the third point, That was not what I ment, what I ment was if Unity was so perfect, why would a whole ton of people use the other Engines? And if such Ford was better, cheaper, faster and simply best in everyway its stupid to choose any type of other cars, but because it doesn't is why people would choose the other cars, my same question here, what are the advantages of the other engines? Thank you so much again for replying neverless :) Alright thank you alot people, my question for my solo purpose has now been confirmed, turns out my researches weren't in vain! You two lovely people brought me peace at last! A little note here now, as I mentioned earlier, I just want it to be an easier way for people to know where to start, the world needs more rich programmers! However, if this topic is in anyway annoying, repeatative, stupid or in anyway bothers someone for a good reason, please tell me and I will take it down at once and iam sorry for sny inconvenience. If not then here is the new set of questions! These set of questions pretty much for the web devolper folks although I doubt they would be less experinced than new programers being a more specific genre. And just to confirm my points, Swift for ios, java for android? Three questions here, Why would someone use Java/Swift or what so ever instead of c#/c++ or generaly just c++ if they are going to devolpe for the single platform? IDE for Java or what so ever Please note, that I do relize that there are differences in these languages with pros and cons, iam not asking which is the 'best' programing language/IDE is to use, iam asking why is this better than that under the following circumstances or even more precise what are the differences between this and that is what would make me wander which is the best under such circumstances. Those would be, anew devolper, an old dev, platform, and either game app or non-game app, for now I got pretty much everything when it comes to devolping apps *exept why is that better than that?* still lack the other questions to be answered, thank you all for your precious time!
  15. Khaled125

    So, I want to become a game devolper...

    Awsome, thank you aton! How ever as much as your answer is so perfect and straight forward, it does lack a little of details why and what about the other things, never less your answer is really helpful, if anyone else has answers to the other questions and explanations for example what even is xamrin doing in visual studio? Last time I installed visual studio it says I need Xamrin to program for mobile platforms, Xamrin says just that + windows, then whats the point of visual studio? Xbox and windows phone? And such. Other Similer questions are what is the point of all the other game programing apps if they are no match for unity3D, what about the henerchy project by Havok? Last and simple question, what programming language should I learn next? I heared c++ is a pretty great choice. And finally the where to learn. The additional details aren't forwarded to the great @Promit in pirticuler hence the quote but are just a smaller version of what he already solved, also if any one has another openion to him or such, all answers are massivly apriciated as not only it helps my self, iam planning to use all you great folks info to implient them in an easier way for people to know what should they do when they start programing. You can say pretty much anything or feature you want to say about things and them vs other programing stuff.. Etc.. Consider the topic name to be '' Programming info '' where anyone can contribute, thanks all and have a wanderful day.
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