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  1. Luchezar Zanev

    Masters Degree in Video game design

    Thank you. Your advices are important to me. I think that would be something that I would really enjoy doing. I have been into games, book and creative writing since I can remember myself. I've created games (not video games though) for my friends. I wrote whole stories. I can imagine whole worlds in my heads with different characters with their personality and physics. When I was in middle school I used to draw and my paintings were given to ambassadors. Another thing to mention is that I used to create artificial languages with my own alphabet and syntax. Though I disliked maths at one point it was because of my teacher. Now I do not think there can be something that can stop me in learning whatever I put my gun at. 
  2. Luchezar Zanev

    Masters Degree in Video game design

    When I said that the idea guy sounds good I was just joking. Sorry for not making it clear. My thought was actually the guy who conceives the idea, clears it and starts working on it. The guy who builds the concept. Do not get me wrong. I am fully aware that there is no such entry level position. However, I am also pretty sure that there something like it. I do agree that if people have to listen to me I must have some degree of experience and some projects behind my back. My question was more like from where to start in order to transition to something like that because I do not have art nor programming background. 
  3. Luchezar Zanev

    Masters Degree in Video game design

    Thank you, everyone! I am just in that period of my life where I must definitely decide what will the future be. So I am taking as much  advises as I can. Appreciate it! :)
  4. Luchezar Zanev

    Masters Degree in Video game design

    Ok, can somebody answer to the last question of mine? :)
  5. Luchezar Zanev

    Masters Degree in Video game design

    Thank you guys for the comprehensive answers. Really appreciate that. The Idea guy sounds good but I was thinking a position more like of director-type. I have particular skills in storytelling and writing and outlining the main storyline. I've noticed that some famous game designers are coming from fields like art, film-making and other not directly related with programming and animation.
  6. Hi everyone,   My name is Lachezar Zanev. Just graduated bachelor of marketing but I am more interested in doing masters in video game design than specialising in the field that I have been now. I am very interested in that type of master and eventually a career. My question is it rational to change fields so late in my education and do you think it is worth it? I would love to get all kind of opinions - even more critical.   Thank you in advance. 
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