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  1. Istarnion, good call  :lol:
  2. Hey Fellas,   Abracadabra!! Don’t just be a No-Maj/muggle! Come to wave your magic wand to expel the escaped “fantastic” ghosts!! We made a Wii-like game inspired by Google Halloween doodle Magic Cat. Just click http://magiccat.airsig.com on a PC/laptop/smartphone as the display and use another smartphone as a magic wand to cast a spell. NO installation needed!   This cool game is powered by AirSig 3D gesture recognition technology. Any advice and comment is welcome for improving our game. Thanks a lot.  :lol:  - AirSig http://www.airsig.com
  3. Joseph@AirSig

    How to create a balanced card game?

    So many great and insightful advice, this is really nice place for who wants to learn how to create game. Love it  :)   R~  
  4. Joseph@AirSig

    Anyone interested in "Gaming Gesture Recognition"?

    We have just made a demo game showing a possible application of this techonology, and this game can be implemented with the AR experience. See video here  If anyone of you is interested in making this demo concept into a real game, or in more details of our gaming gesture recognition engine, please contact game@airsig.com. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or provide more information. Or follow us on www.facebook.com/airsig
  5. We are AirSig, the only commercial solution provider of air gesture recognition (See details on http://www.airsig.com/). Recently we have developed a “Gaming Gesture Recognition” solution offering fresh and fancy experience to gamers.   Unlike a Wii Remote only detecting the gesture direction and strength, “Gaming Gesture Recognition” is able to precisely recognize the “content” of a gamer’s gesture, from writing a letter, a number, drawing a shape to making a series of movement such as casting a spell with a magic wand, exercising movement patterns, boxing actions, etc.. The motions to be recognized can be default or user-defined.   The following demo shows recognizing letters, numbers and shapes, and also a demo gaming scenario of “drawing a heart shape” with score.     For now the iOS and Android SDK of “Gaming Gesture Recognition” are available. We are considering to migrate it to Unity, Unreal or Cocos2d if feedback is encouraging.   If you are interested in “Gaming Gesture Recognition”, or you have any questions or suggestions to it, welcome to email us at game@airsig.com. In addition to respond to your feedback, we will also provide you a demo Android game for testing and experiencing.    
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