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  1. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    The GTX 750 GPU works fine. I had to remove the useless card stabilizer from my computer. I also had to remove the oddly placed vertical hard drive mount.  The HD is now sitting at the bottom of the case in a rubber enclosure.   I haven't cracked open an engine yet, but I do have a Blender render.
  2. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    I built my workstation on Newegg for $264 including shipping. If I upgrade past the GPU I'm going to order, thanks to you, I'll just build a better computer. It seems like I'll have enough to do what I want. You've been an incredible help.   Thank you, braindigitalis. I remembered Unreal requiring a minimum of a $300 GPU. Games I've just looked up that have some elements of what is in my head use Unreal.   I haven't found a game that feels like the one I have in mind. That's a big encouragement. I'm also happy to have found such helpful people here. I'm literally speeding through Blender tutorials at 2X. I look forward to presenting my progress.
  3. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    Dell 09KPNV A01
  4. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    When you speak of RPG, I assume you're referring to games like Fallout 3.   Thank you for telling me about Blueprint's Visual Scripting. I like the Unreal business model. I'll compare them when i get a new GPU. That MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti Khatharr recommended has a BIOS compatibility switch. My PCI Express slot is only Gen 2. I read that it's compatible "So long as its a physical X16 lane, with at least x8 bandwidth". I have no idea what that means. I have a 525 watt power supply in my DELL Precision T3500 and plenty of space.
  5. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    Thanks, Khatharr. I was confused about the Unity requirements page that says "Graphics card with DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities", so I came here to ask. There's a $50 2GB card at Staples, but I'm guessing it's missing features I need. If there's not a debate about the card suggested, I'll order it. If there is, I'll get some popcorn.
  6. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    Looking into this more, it seems I just need Unity and PlayMaker. Subscription based software makes me cringe. Would I be able to do everything I need in the free version? What's the cheapest card I can get for the game I'm describing? Would I need a higher spec card just to run Unity?   By the way, Mike Oldfield's Music VR games, Tr3s Lunas and Maestro, are now free. I'm not sure if it's OK to post a link to the forum where they're hosted, but Mike is the one who set them free and knows they are there.   Thank you.
  7. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    I got a bundle of game makers from Humble Bundle, because my daughter, like so many kids, said she wanted to do game design. It included RPG Maker XP. That's 2D.   It also came with GameGuru , but it is incredibly slow on my system, and requires at least a $300 graphics card. I know fantastic games were made on systems like mine  years ago. I tried to use FPSC without using the FPS aspect, but importing my own geometries was a nightmare. Just running an old program on a system with a Virtual Store is crazy.   Right now, the only solution I see is to drop a load of cash on a graphics card, create in Axis Game Factory (from bundle), Import into Unity, and then script with PlayMaker. I just don't want to drop a load of cash on something that will be a long term side project. I'd like to have an older engine that will run on my computer.
  8. Mick Travis

    My Dream World

    I'm 48. I last programmed in BASIC about 20 years ago. It was a mastermind code breaker. I did it in a few minutes at a library to avoid studying. I looked into C++ and got a little way before my mind wandered off to other pursuits. I don't know if it's called “lacking discipline” when my mind refuses to go on with a project and demands to do something else. I thought I might be ADD, but I've been studying up on personality types. It seems to be a common bug in ENFPs. For science's sake, I'll call it ADD.   I've made a ton of art, sculpture, and music in my life. I was employed to make 3D animations in the early eighties working with Crystal TOPAS. My boss wasn't happy to see me go, but I clashed with the people in the field.   I'm hoping someone here is familiar with Mike Oldfield's Music VR games. It would be great if someone knows Colin Dooley, the programmer who designed Modelworks, the modeler, and Newlook, the engine for it. That's just because I'd like to chat with him if he's still on this planet. I'd really like to find that software or something similar.   I'd like to make the 3D world that's been building in my head from my nocturnal dreams. It's a free roam puzzle adventure. I'd like to get a similar look as the Music VR games. I'd like to use a WYSIWYG engine. I got AGK in a Humble Bundle, but that's a steep learning curve for making an immersive 3D environment.   I consider the N64 to be the pinnacle of console gaming, so I didn't build my latest computer for modern gaming. However, it should be enough for a low poly shadowless world. The specs are: 2.93 Intel quad, 6GB memory, 256 MB graphics card, Win 7 Pro 64-bit. Can someone recommend anything that comes close to what I'm looking for, that my scatterbrain might be able to work with?   I've been building in Bryce and SketchUp, but I'll use Blender if I can get this thing started.   I understand that most 3D gamers wouldn't be interested in a surreal romp. They seem to like shooters. This is just a personal pursuit.   Thank you.
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