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    linux help again

    I am running mandrake linux 10.0, (the 64-bit version) and have kde 3.2. I was just installing a bunch of stuff to get the the 3d desktop working. I'm even willing to just if there is a goback setting to do that and try again
  2. Chalma

    linux help again

    well I've been up and running linux for a while now. I've installed programs like wine, and the new doom demo. About the only thing I can work with was installing x-chat from scratch but I mostly rely on RPM's for doing my install. I was trying to install this 3d dekstop when all of a sudden my rpm won't install automtically, before it used to and now it asks what program I want to associate with this. If any of you have help for this I would really appreciate this. I will also look for a site to maybe install stuff without rpm, but as for learning it helps me alot. Thank you everyone
  3. I got the partitions up and running. I even was able to edit grub to my specifications. however when I installed mandrake 10.1 it seems like it will load but then fools me by going into a text prompt. the only GUI I have is this star with mandrake in the lower right hand corner LOL. I do a dir and there is just a tmp directory (is this normal? I did a little research and i discovered "startX" but when I type that I recieve execve failed for /etc/xii/x (error 2) x init: no such file or dierectory(error 2):unable to connect to x server no such process (error 3) having a bit of problems with the graphics (it won't install says xorg can't, I have an NVIDIA geforce fx 5500 256 or 128MB ram and is 8x agp). I did some more searching and found a driver for linux NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-6111-pkgz.run I took the liberty of downloading this file onto my E drive (the fat32 partition of my hard drive. in the linux window I tried sh /mnt/win_c/"that long file name" but no success, I went back to windows and renamed that file nvidia.run. but still to no avail. I can't even get it to run, do I have the right command? thinking that maybe I needed to goto that directory I did a cd /mnt/win_c/ but linux just tells me YES it is a directory (score one for noobie me). My only option I have at this point is to redownload mandrake cd's (the 3rd one was giving me problems) but from there I am out of ideas. I cannot believe I even got this far, so thank you for everyones help. If you know what I'm doing wrong or have some other commands please post 'em up. Keep in mind I am a total noob (I know DOS like the back of my hand, but anything linux I don't) I find alot of "tutorials" that tell me to logg onto a shell or mount this or change that, so if you post do it newbie style. Thanks again so much
  4. I absolutly loved fruny's suggestion. I did a little search on GRUB and I needed to know a few more things 1) I came up with (ignoring my other drives for now) singling down to 2 hard drives I need my WINDOWS XP HD and my new harddrive. I will make a half partition for the new hard-drive, one being linux and the other fat32 (file-sharing). using grub I have the following code default=0 //want this to be loading windows as default timeout=30 //allow 30 seconds before it picks the default title Windows XP //windows XP setting rootnoverify (hd1,0) //its a slave hd on the second IDE chain map (hd1)(hd0) //make the hd1 act as hd0 map (hd0)(hd1) //so windows doesn't freak out make hd0 as hd1 make active chainloader (hd1)+1 title Linux //my linux partition root noverify(hd0,0) // hide(hd1,0) //I don't want to mess with windows hd at ALL kernal //havn't decided on that yet boot basically the linux hd will be the 1st (MASTER) on the ide and will have the bootload up and have the menu and I pick which OS I want. 2)do I need a linux swap partion? if I do do I need to partition my hd 3 times?(once for linux, one for fat32, other for linux swap?) 3)lets say I pick some mom-and-pop distro as my linux and I decide that sucks, I want something else to be the linux, what exactly is changing? do I have to mess with the MBR again? how do I change the grub settings without actually reinstalling a distro? 4)can I continue leaving the linux portion of the startup code blank until I decide on a linux OS to install? 5)if I totally screw this up can I get my original settings back. thanks for everyone's (incredibly fast) and great responeses, if this stuff turns out to be semi-easy I will probably try many distros and definately learn alot ('specially about MBR's and loading) PS if you know a good linux, totally for dummies link send it my way. I did a google and they want me to compile things or change settings and frankly the code is stuff I don't recognize for my compiler to do or they want me to change a bunch of settings and run off into linux commands that I don't know how to do much less execute. Thanks A TON, again
  5. I want to make the move to linux so that I can get more work done and frankly not be distracted by crap. I recently bought a nice amd 64 and would like to unilize the most out of my new machine, and I also aquired a new hard drive 80GB and a copy of gentoo. my problem/question is how do I set this up? I do not want to or dare touch the current partitioning of my hd (master). it is my main stuff for windows XP, and after the problem I had with moving it to a new comp I don't want to have problems arise. Is there a way to like lets say have an A disk and have a prompt ask me which OS to load? I currently have 2, 120GB hd's the new 80GB (currently untouched) and the "main" windows XP hd, will I have problems reading anything off those drives or are they better left untouched when accessing the opposite operating system? I.E. all of the drives minus the 80GB are windows NTSF drives, the other one will be whatever linux does to it. any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated. I was even thinking of taking the easy way out and just putting the 80GB in a seperate box and have it's own dedicated system but then I wouldn't get a chance to utilize the cool 64bit's or the tons of memory and graphics that I have my comp for. Thanks a ton. (and if you even reccomend a better distro let me know)
  6. Chalma

    template function in C++

    oh wow, thanks alot, I especially found the example code most helpful
  7. I'm having a bit of problem understanding a chapter in my book. c++ how to program 4/e, is a great book, however there was a chapter on function templates that was breifly described and sadly I didn't catch it. I understand functions ver well as I've been through other c++ books, but this template was not explained very thourogly(sp?). // Fig. 3.27: fig03_27.cpp // Using a function template. #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::cin; using std::endl; // definition of function template maximum template < class T > // or template< typename T > T maximum( T value1, T value2, T value3 ) { T max = value1; if ( value2 > max ) max = value2; if ( value3 > max ) max = value3; return max; } // end function template maximum int main() { // demonstrate maximum with int values int int1, int2, int3; cout << "Input three integer values: "; cin >> int1 >> int2 >> int3; // invoke int version of maximum cout << "The maximum integer value is: " << maximum( int1, int2, int3 ); // demonstrate maximum with double values double double1, double2, double3; cout << "\n\nInput three double values: "; cin >> double1 >> double2 >> double3; // invoke double version of maximum cout << "The maximum double value is: " << maximum( double1, double2, double3 ); // demonstrate maximum with char values char char1, char2, char3; cout << "\n\nInput three characters: "; cin >> char1 >> char2 >> char3; // invoke char version of maximum cout << "The maximum character value is: " << maximum( char1, char2, char3 ) << endl; ///////////////////////////////////// int thewaiter; cin>>thewaiter; return 0; // indicates successful termination } // end main was the code given to me in the chapter. What I'm confused about is why is there a 'T' in front of the maximum template? does it have to be a 'T', can I use 'L' or 'Z' or 'templatetooutputmaximumcharacter' (lol not that long but just an example'? A seperate question I had was about 7 or 8 years ago when I took my firt C++ (before I took a long break). I didn't have to do any of this using namespacestd; or usint std::cout; and such. Why is my book, and my complier requiring that this be done? I'm not complaning or anything I was just curious as to why this change occured. Thanks for your help in advance
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