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    Game engine advice?

    Why are you worried about Unity Pro's price. From what I hear you'll be fine with the free version. Since Unity 5, a lot of the old pro features became part of the free engine. Now pro is more for support, source code, statistics and publishing rights... things only an actual studio would "need". If you ever get to the point where you do want to release your game, you could always look into the feasibility of pro then. The level editor is a little lacking, so an add on my help with that, as suggested above. You could use a 3D tool like Blender (free) or Maya/3D Studio Max (all Autodesk software is free to students, unemployed, veterans and more I believe) for level design. I have much less experience with the 3D editors then I do with Unity, and it would mean learning 2 pieces of software, but I know a lot of people like to build levels in them. Definitely something to ask a more art focused person about if you are interested... Unless you want some typical A grade programmer art, then I can help ;).   There's my 2 cents anyway. Unity is a fantastic way to get from concept to prototype as soon as possible. There plenty of great resources, assets etc... The only down side is that it can be a little confusing when so much of the documentation was intended for Unity 4 (I'm guessing old tutorials saying "you need pro to do this" are the reason you believe you may need pro). Having said that, the changes are minimal, and all of Unity's official tutorials meant for version 4 come with a pdf telling you how to complete it in Unity 5.
  2. Kylotan, thanks for all the info! That list has been favourite lol (I'm pretty sure I'll be using zlib and FreeImage at least), that will save some time. As for Emscripten being used in proffessional enviroments, you may be surprised, I know I was. Unity used it while making their web player, and Unreal4 have been doing the same from what I hear. I was so impressed when I first saw unity games a few years ago playing in a browser, I kind of have to try it myself XD. Saying this, the desktop engine will be my main goal, but the more functionality I can get into the web player the happier I'll be. Glad to hear I was overly worried about the size of SDL, I guess it just felt so perfect when i was using it so much functionality AND it was easy going with Emscriptem... Then when all I wanted from SDL could be done by GLFW I just started to think. I'm still using GLFW for the time being but it's behind some interface classes so i can swap out if needed easily. I'm already finding things I would of still used it for (multi platform Alert/Dialouge Popups)...   Thanks again for your advice.
  3. I decided to take your advice Alberth, and just get to it lol, see how things work out. I've dropped SDL for the time being seen as I think I will be using OpenAL for audio anyway, so I've just included glfw to get going and will replace it with SDL if I need to later. I’ll keep glfw behind a window and input class too as you suggested. As for the manager naming convention, I do see your point. I meant to say before that because it's a convention used throughout the code it holds a bit more meaning to me, and implies that the objects have similar behaviour and intention (meant as part of the init and shutdown chain). I have seen it used a lot for this design pattern so I stuck with it, but it's worth thinking about. As to why, why not XD. I wanted a good base for debug output from the start so I didn't have to go in later and fix everything up. ATM, I can set up alerts for when things go wrong, disable them if they are inside a loop so I don't get spammed and output debug messages to file and/or debugger output. It also supports channels, so I can later set options individually to only see debug output from the renderer or lua, etc. It was a bit of faff to set up, and it's still a way of a proper logging system, but I'm sure you can see how much of a help this will be with debugging as the engine grows.
  4. Thanks for the advice. to Isvar Arthur. I've had a look at some of your suggestions. SFML sounded interesting, and I'd not considered it until now. Seems it doesn’t play well with Emscripten though...   To Alberth, I'm well aware of getting bog down in the details and achieving nothing because of it lol. The reason I'm trying to put a bit more effort into my choices is because of all the target platforms I hope to support. So example, SMFL sounded great until I saw a few people having troubles with Emscripten. I'm just trying to avoid wasting time on things that are just not compatible with each other etc. I'm more then up for some testing and try outs, but I'd be silly not to use other people’s experience to help me. The goal is to have something I could potentially use as part of university projects so there is a soft time limit and need for QA. As for the manager, this is the choice that seems most controversial with people. The managers are singletons that will be managed by my base Engine class (which will be the main entry point/API for people using the engine). I wasn't found of using singletons myself, and have only recently tried this design pattern after both "Game Coding Complete" and Game Engine Architecture" (both wrote by very credible people) recommended the pattern to avoid C++ compilers tendency to "optimise" your initialisation order. It also helps when trying to get access across the engines components without complicated chains of passing references or calls to members of members of members of members.... "Game engine architecture" recommended looking at the source for Ogre3D and I have implemented a very similar system to them for the time being, all be it on a much smaller scale. Hope that clears up why I decided to go that way.   Thanks again for taking the time to hear me out and help.
  5. Hi! I'm a university student studying game development. I've just recently started to build what I intend to be my first "serious" game engine in C++.   So I've been researching, reading architecture books and doing tutorials. I've got a lot planned but there are still some decisions I'm in two minds about, I was hoping I could run some of them past you guys and get some opinions and advice before I sink hours into a lost cause XD.   The first matter of concern for me is SDL. I was really tempted to use SDL at start, but now I'm having some reservations. Eventually, I'd like to support multiple renderers with my engine. University uses DirectX for my upcoming graphics course, but I'd love the cross compatibility of OpenGL too. SDL's support for both made me include it in the plan, it could handle my input and sound too. It was also compatible with Emscripten, which I'd also like to try at some point.   The problems are that, for what I'll be using of it, it's a rather large library with a lot of functionality that's useless to me. I know it's over head is supposed to be quite low, but I still wonder if a simpler library would be better. The other problem is sound. I was looking into SDL sound before and saw that 3D sound isn't natively supported. There are solutions, but the sound engine is apparently mediocre and people where suggesting to use OpenAL. Sounds great, but I have NO experience with this library. Has anyone ever used or known it to be used successfully with Emscripten? And if I do go for it, SDL seems even more huge and OTT for my needs. Should I just settle with GLFW/GLUT for now and implement a separate window class for DX when i come to it?   The other choice is to include both SDL and OpenAL. Again, I'm worried this is wasteful, but it would be a convenient way to make cross platform render targets... And I'd still make use of the Input functionality... Decisions decisions.... It's kind of hard making a choice on a library I have to experience using, that’s why I was hoping anyone with some opinions on this would share their wisdoms with me. Even if you've got unrelated advice you think would be useful, I'd like to hear it :). For now, I guess I'll carry on with my log manager, but it would be nice to start putting some triangles on screen.   Thanks for any help. Sorry about the wall of text, brevity has never been my strong point.
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