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  1. photo slideshow

    There's an app called something like "Windows Movie Maker" that comes with XP. It should be somewhere in the Accessories folder. That does exactly what you want.
  2. Hiding in the Atheist Closet

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir The sky is green, because I made it green. I am God. I'm not attempting to prove anything, I'm just stating fact. Not only that, but the fact that it looks blue is just a trick that you pulled on us all as a test of faith.
  3. How to walk in suburbia?

    I thought walking ws illegal in the US.
  4. Noob Test

    Quote:Original post by skjinedmjeet Another thing is the amiguity of the table/desk. Better descriptions would help: For example a red table, versus an oak desk would make things a hell of a lot clearer. Although I agree, to some extent about the drawers, I don't see any ambiguity about the table and the desk. "You can see a desk (on which is a computer) and a table, (on which there is a journal)" pretty explicitly states that there are two things here, not a desk/table. The need to examine the furniture to notice the drawers is not so much an idiosyncrasy of the game, but of the genre. The response to READ JOURNAL, being to tell you to open it first, when that is obviously what you meant in the first place is not frustrating, but endearingly nostalgic.
  5. Why couldn't we be stuck in the Matrix?

    Simple - Anorexics would be fat.
  6. What if: Alexander's Infantry vs. Modern Infantry

    Quote:Original post by skittleo What if Alexander's army knew of gunpowder but had none, how would you handle this battle then? I think also think this is an interesting question. Knowing of gunpowder and not being scared of loud bangs are two different things. Early gun-toting european armies replaced their archers with gunmen, even though the reload rate, accuracy, and kill-rate of those guns were terrible compared to bows. This is partly because of the psychological power of the Big Loud Bang, and the Sudden Fall Over associated with firearms, compared to the silence and visibility of the arrow.
  7. Google Pages

    It depends how big your game is. I have uploaded a 10MB file, but it b0rked at an 18MB one. I don't know whereabouts the cutoff in between might be.
  8. Google Interview Puzzle : 2 Egg Problem

    The answer is zero.
  9. Burqa Ban

    Quote:Original post by LilBudyWizer Far more common is for muslim women to just cover their heads and I assume the ban applies to that as well. Why would you assume that a ban on the burqa would apply to the khimar? The burqa is a complete covering that does not even expose the eyes, bearing absolutely no similarity to a headscarf. It's like saying you aren't allowed to wear a hat, because of a ban on hoodies.
  10. Quote:Original post by ChemicalImbalance Oh oh! I have one. I've noticed that quite a few native English speakers have never heard of the subjunctive case. It's "If I were," not "If I was." I am not only a native English speaker, but a man with a strong interest in language, and I have never heard of the subjunctive case. In your example above, where is the case marking on the pronoun? There is a thing called the subjunctive mood, which, in English, looks a lot like your example above.
  11. Meals

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Any others? I've heard various people claim that Supper is distinct from Dinner, but I've also seen Supper used as a synonymn for Dinner. Man, Elevenses is the most important meal of the day, how can you miss it out! Typically, I have small breakfast, small elevenses, medium lunch, small dinner. I don't tend to have tea.
  12. Is France descending into fascism?

    Quote:Original post by trzy Quote:Quote: The second reason, slightly less pragmatic than the first, is that it can let the government rewrite history and arbitrarily make things up, thereby controlling the population in a particularly nasty way. "We'll attack Iraq, because they have WMD !"... Remember that ? Yeah, Yann, it's history. Did you forget that part? US scholars are now calling Bush the worst president in American history. The worst! It's not illegal to claim the Iraq war was a sham. This isn't Europe, yet. Apparently, 85% of people in USA think that Saddam was responsible for the attacks on the 11th of September, and that that is why the troops are in Iraq. So it is not so much "We'll attack Iraq, because they have WMD", which is potentially inaccurate, but plausible, rather "We'll attack Iraq, because they flew planes into our buildings", which is an outright lie.
  13. Google to acquire YouTube?

    Quote:Original post by Elijah Falling All this means is YouTube is going to be censored up the butthole now. Goodbye free speech. As far as I've seen, Google video loses less to the censors knife than youtube.
  14. Warhammer 40K tabletop

    To cut down on expense, play with just the bases and make some card uprights. That way you can have whatever army you want, without throwing all your earnings away at the shop. Obviously, this advice only really holds if you are just playing with friends, and not going to tournaments, or to GW and meeting new people through the game.
  15. Terrorist vs legitimate resistance

    Quote:Original post by Michalson Well yes, I should have clarified that as "brown people". Even after the US started using that as an excuse to arrest and detain without legal representation US citizens after 9/11 the IRA was still hosting fundraisers openly in the US without any trouble. Indeed, it is this kind of obscene hypocrisy that damages the credibility of Bush's So called 'Global' War on Terror. Admittedly, both ETA and the Provos have been inactive for a while, but it does suggest that the Global in GWoT and the World in World Series are synonymous.