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  1. 1. I word it that way because some programmers and readers are not aware of that fact. I do teach others so I just do it out of habit, I figure a programmer already knows and would see it as info for someone who didn't. As for the implements directly, I have new GUI graphics that are in a new format, I am dipping into scripting to loop in my other mechanics as extern C, I am teaching myself so learning these new technologies, as they are new to me. I also generate allot of the game objects from scratch as I need them and don't have in my assets already, this takes time also.    For the GUI graphics and such I have all and more. Putting the overlay straight into DX as a 100% external or using LUA or other scripted forms was one thing I didn't have much knowledge of till recently jumping into it. I wanted to also change the inventory render from text to image based. I have the inventory GUI ready. I need the way the inventory itself scrolls and the items stack to go from left to right, I had an idea for this to put the slots as numbers and reference them this way so it doesn't need any type direction information.   I want the game client to stay around 60-80 fps to keep it lightweight and responsive in the extremely fast paced PVP. You can get looted in my game so having the system stall or crash and you die losing your lets say, Godly Plate of the Whale, you will lose interest in the game fairly quickly. I want to hook the players into the danger and excitement of it but making sure to minimize the possibility of it being the programs fault and not the players.   2. Combat system: I wanted to add some concepts I had for additional flare and originality. I put allot of effort into there originality so I won't get to much more into those at this time. I also wanted to add create sea combat, cannons, ammo, this needs another state unless it gets incorporated to what is there already. I have the basic particle effects already I was hoping to have some more specific functions made for instance: Lightning bolts that actually look like lightning are one of the issues I'm running into here. I want it to have the effect like when you touch a Plasma Orb and Sith Lord Lightning.   3. I wanted to upgrade to DX10 or 11 although I'm skeptical about 11 still. I had also looked into throwing it in UNITY too.   4. No I need to get more insight into the correct choices. Then I need to implement them. The 100% external overlay I have would be ideal but since it's direct if I decide to use scripting it isn't needed. The upside is I won't have to worry about any debug issues in the overlay. But also with scripts I can use Plugins and Players could even MOD there clients, since that is a very popular thing in todays gaming communities, Everyone loves there favorite hud.   5. It is not code sauce, It is a 6 layer camera, I want the player to decide how they want to see there game. To do this I will give them all options. Top down, Top Down at 45, 3D floater, OTS (over the shoulder), first person shooter, and Scope. There are guns and bombs in this game. I even got a couple black holes laying around too.   6. Yes there is, and yes also.   7. The demon system is a Ranking system based on your actual battle results with the Demon itself. The results of varies counters (stayed about 90% health as a example rank A, I have a list) determines the grade and the grade gives access to the higher demon specific mutation ability.   8. There is a editor which compiles and encrypts the clients data. It currently only accepts .wav.   9. Add a gameplay map to the overlay which ever style it ends up and put in NPC Icons, path finding arrows the works.   You tube Tkodo gameplay, this video was made a very long time ago. Also there is a Spanish tutorial made also. He has made allot so his is much more pleasing but it's in Spanish. This game has been playable since 2010. I am redesigning bits and parts adding every day so it is currently offline.   :D
  2. :D thanks for the compliment and glad to have to aboard! I believe the real trick to game development is to never stop. You just keep going and going and going. :) Like a certain bunny I remember. That and being lucky enough to meet other artists such as yourself.   I am going to go ahead and update the post with the team and such with more details. Figure it may help get some attention.
  3. Hello good sir, I was wondering how skilled you are at Sound fx and ambient type sounds like nature, guns, bombs, mounts, weapon sounds such as strike metal strike wood strike dirt, or deaths for players, and npc's. I have 2 sound artists on the project atm but I prefer to have each artist focus on a prospective section so the game gets the highest quality of creativity from each artist. If your interested add me on skype. eric.kikkert Here is my website www.tkodo.com 
  4. I do not have enough money to pay for programming work. But I am indeed looking for programmers and would love to have you on the team. Msg me on skype. eric.kikkert (the one with a photo) I await your add :).
  5. Better yet ping me on skype and we can start making ideas :). I don't need a massive compression I do enjoy the quality of the sound but its file size is a nogo. Moving to a compressed sound system is fine just the sound quality needs to stay at a medium level so to speak.   You should both ping me on skype and we can have a game design powwow :). I need to finish my Crestron resume too but I can chat about all the fun stuff at the same time. eric.kikkert is my skype.
  6. You interested in making launcher, updater, client backgrounds. I am attempting a experiment with Vertex mutation if your up for 3D texture designing or other varies graphic work needed for the new client.
  7. You have a wonderful talent my friend. I really enjoy the orchestral intertwined with multiple harmonies like this it's one of my favorites for game design. I am writing my email to you now. Amazing talent, don't stop whatever you do!
  8. Well I need to get away from .wav files holy smokes there big. That would be something you could handle?
  9. Well sounds like your in a good spot to hop on my project. I have entry level to advanced I also don't mind showing you how to do other things, textures, models, animation. In exchange you can show me what you know. We can call it a trade - off.   Here is my projects website www.tkodo.com (there is sound on it so turn it down a bit before clicking here)   I currently use dx9, MySQL and c++. Written using the M Twister. I have some members already but the ever so troubling programmer is the tough one to get. Hopefully you like what you see and msg me back :) Hope to hear from you soon. Anyone else reading is welcome to jump in too. I enjoy learning, developing and teaching. :) (being forced to explain it to someone hard codes it into the brain.) ill be waiting. :)
  10. Hello my name is Eric.   I have been working on this project since about 2011. I put a considerable amount of time into learning each  part of development. This is a hobby project I enjoy making and playing. Here is some background about my myself:   I am a hobby game developer, I have taught myself each aspect of game creation from the bottom up. I am a Microsoft Sponsored Biz Spark Member now for several years. I have no restrictions on technology for my project. Literally full access to everything they have ever made. For that I am blessed and thankful!   I was fortunate enough to form a 10 man team back in 2013. From there I had a small player base growing and flowing content. I had regular by weekly meetings. Allot of great things happened then. We made some amazing artwork and transformed the world into what it is today. I have spent over $16,000 on assets and don't regret it at all, in fact I am still spending. Some team members are still active, others are in school or to busy working atm. I am hoping to find a programmer this time around. Here are some links to our content:   Here is our flash based website: (sound on the page turn it down a little before clicking here) www.tkodo.com   Here is our sound cloud: www.soundcloud.com/TheKingofDemons   Project is using C++, and direct x(9) it has a encrypted client and I use install shield for packaging, Sql Server database.   What I want to do with the program: Create Skills, more spells, add a complimenting combat action, upgrade the DX version, finish the external overlay, create a all In 1 camera system, add a crafting system, add the demon grading system, change from .wav to mp3, add a gameplay map.   There is plenty more to do including Textures for models paths. Special Fx creations for spells monsters and game objects. World creation and more.   Eric Kikkert: Lead Game Developer, World Designer, C/C++ Programmer, 3D Modeler/Animator, Graphics, Texture Artist. Mechanics, Writer.. well after 5 years I can do it all pretty much.   Jordan Dietrich: World Designer and Professional Game Tester.   Jay S.: Concepts and Mechanics Advisor. (I bounce ideas of him for alternate perspectives)   Sarah K.: Sex appeal Advisor. (The female perspective on all things FUFU and FEMALE)   Joel R.: Learning Coding and graphics. (Does texture work and reskins)   Chris T.: In-game Admin and special event holder. (He is a GM capable of hosting Giveaways)   Titan: Forum Administrator (He is Mia, but hell pop back by when new posts pop up on the forum)   Amorpheus: Sounds and Music Composer. (One of our newest members)   If you have any questions or want to get in the mix let me know.
  11. So why not upgrade your skill level :) its up to you but I don't mind age or skill level as long as you can learn and accomplish a task. Its a proven fact younger folks pick up new ideas much faster then us older folks. Either way eric.kikkert is my skype add me if your interested in getting your hands dirty.
  12. Hello there, I have a project that can use some more help big and small. I can share my knowledge or get you into building a online portfolio. I have managed a 10 man team on my project at one point. If your issue is not finishing a massive project you should try doing what I like to call: blasting... you nuke 1 section clearing all your objectives even if its something simple like making a external overlay 1 day, and in a week when your bored grab the next part... Making a hp bar ect.. ect... on my game I construct diff parts in bursts and mix it up to keep myself tuned in. I will send you a private message for further contact.
  13. Hello I have a project you might like and I'm currently looking to move into the Unity. I have done allot of work already but I'm getting burned out.   code: c++ graphics: dx9 database: sql concept: MidEvil vrs Sci fi (in diablo 2 style gameplay but open world)   I have spent a good 16 grand on content for the game already as it is. I am hoping to move into Unity for cross platform. Things like player combat, spells, treasure ect. are already written. I currently use 2010 ultimate. I am a Microsoft Bizspark Member, so basically I can get anything they have if the compiler is a big deal.   I already have original sounds and graphics built. Some sounds are by others contributing to my project overtime. The game is already playable and I have done some extensive testing on some functions. I wrote the storyline myself. Allot of content I created myself. I have been working on this for the past 4 years. I am devoted to my hobby!   Here is the website: www.tkodo.com   What I would hope to see from the Unity project: Merge the Tkodo game logic into the Unity environment (combat, spells, database), Possibly use a unity compile as a base and have a exterior compile the Unity Client reads the logic from, this way I don't have to update the client often I can just release a minimal update.   My name is Eric. If you think this is something your interested in let me know. I can sure you a helping hand!
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