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  1. @DavinCreed Wow that's actually awesome composition. You catch the gist of the game very accurate! That's is exactly what I tried to check, if an internet stranger saw it. Thanks a lot! I'll mix it up with another view I've been told once: "Exploring the societal repercussions of immortality, including a place people intentionally go to escape it..."
  2. Thanks for moving it to the right place. I wasn't sure between these two sections. The problem is I got several ideas. People with clear view might help me pick one. Should I go with "2D side scroller RPG with unique Match3 combat system" or "Mature RPG about suicide reasons and purpose of life", or straightforward "Baldurs Gate meets Darkest Dungeon and Match3". I want to tell the story, although mechanics is really cool as well...
  3. There were a lot of good reviews, so I'm trying to figure out the best way of pitching the game to someone who didn't play demo.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! The animation is our week side, for sure. I was thinking about 10-12 frames per seconds. We even thought about moving to 3D characters, but this requires some work with materials which is not her strong skill as well... At least we know what to improve! Doesn't game page look different for you? There are one gif and link to the video with sounds.
  5. Ilya, thanks for the offer, but we both speak this language pretty good
  6. I've been working with my wife on a cool game lately. It combines classic RPGs with Match3. Long story short we made a playable demo and looking for your feedback before sending the game to publishers. You can download demo from our project page:
  7. Twofaced

    Last Joy

    While developing the game we have been inspired by the depth of classic RPG worlds, such as Baldur's Gate, and the style of Darkest Dungeon. This game tells about the reasons why people, even in difficult situations, hold on to life or, on the contrary, give up too early. It raises questions about the purpose of existence of each individual. Last Joy is a 2D story-driven RPG with a unique combat system. The setting of the game represents the Early Middle Ages period, magic is in charge of all spheres of life and people in this world are immortal. They do not grow old and die of their own free will. The game takes place in the city of Last Joy, located at the entrance to the afterworld. People go there to dissipate the last money they have and end their lives. The city atmosphere is pretty much like Sigil from the Planescape setting. Gangs, brothels, taverns, almost absolute anarchy. Features: - 2D scroller for PC/mobile platforms - Hand-painted (watercolor) assets - Branching Dialogue and Quest systems - Various skills and parameters - Complex match3 combat - Dynamic Events - Interactive environment and items - Nonlinear story and different endings - Puzzles and riddles - Multiple companions with their own story arcs - Deep lore
  8. Twofaced

    (WIP) Open World Kit

    6) Building system. A core system of Open World Kit, allowing the user to place objects, both from database, and their own. Mesh pivot must be placed at the bottom to build correctly. I have not done the switching of the snapping and checking for the overlap yet, but this is a trivia compared to the rest of the algorithm. When placing an object, the mesh material dynamically changes.
  9. Twofaced

    (WIP) Open World Kit

    5) Procedural Voxel Terrain. Since everyone loves voxels so much, it's not so difficult to remake heightmap into the Minecraft-like world)
  10. Twofaced

    (WIP) Open World Kit

    4) Runtime Terrain Generator   There are already several similar implementations on our forum, and some of them with free access, but they are all so complex that it’s not so easy to understand the details of algorithm, and even more difficult change them for my purposes. Therefore, I decided that it would be easier to write my own vertex generator, calculate triangles and create a Runtime Mesh based on them. It turned out quite well. Lags and FPS dropping are more likely due to the recording program.  In the future, I want to implement the cherished feature of many developers: the procedural placement of pre-created areas in the middle of the random terrain.
  11. Twofaced

    (WIP) Open World Kit

    3)      Procedural mesh database. [attachment=35340:2017-03-16_23-37-37.png] Actually, the database consists of the main menu, for which you can specify pictures and names, and objects for placement. The longest I was busy with the creation of a procedural database for the Constructor, which differs from most open world solutions, in that the user should be able to import their meshes into the engine in the simplest possible way: by copying the fbx model into a special folder. The work is still far from complete, since fbxsdk, and the source code of the engine is still a swamp, but something works... In the near future I want to add more meshes and decompose them into categories depending on the mesh tags.?
  12. Twofaced

    (WIP) Open World Kit

    Introducing you some work which I do for my current project. For the most part, the OWK relates to a procedurally generated world, editing the environment in real time, working with files, and 3D interface. I’m going to make flexible and very simple system which based on sandbox model. All to create a tool for building a virtual universe. So the name is VR Constructor. Development is still at the stage of testing the hypotheses, functionality and architecture of the platform. I'm sure that almost all of you can handle gray cubes style. Anyways, most of the planned models on my machine could not even load)) Most of the code is written on BP, because the speed of code editing and visibility are priority in my case. Can’t promise you tutorials (especially video), because I hate this format of information, but I will answer all the questions with pleasure and try to explain how I achieved any feature. As soon as the features are ready I’ll post them in this topic. 1) Procedural 3D UI.  With this, I started working on the Open World Kit. In general, it is supposed to be used with a VR headset and haptic gloves. But since I do not yet have the opportunity to test the work in this configuration, I did something universal. Buttons can be made as follows:  (Leap Motion) (my UE4 realiazition) A good designer would turn the rest of the menu into something cute, like a holographic interface from a sci-fi movie, but for the sake of functionality it’s enough. 2) Procedural thumbnails for spawning meshes. To place objects, you first had to load them into the interface. But I was terribly lazy to create my own picture for each model, and the essence is not in the models. So I just generated thumbnails automatically based on the list of objects that are in the props folder.
  13. Twofaced

    Story of a project

      You are not trying to and that's why you have no reason to do anything, even though complaining. And why do you think he asking about financial support? You didn't watch the video, really)   Alright where can we read your work? Maybe you're bullshiting bro?)   You can't even explain what exactly look lame for you.     I was hoping that's what it was.   It is lol. At the end of video he told us about it.   Guys why have I posted this video for you? Be patient - watch, then whine.
  14. Twofaced

    Story of a project

      Is this a reason to put them in the shit? 
  15. Twofaced

    Story of a project

    I bet you guys didn't watch video to the end. You wouldn't say that about this very personal story.
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