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  1. Patlatik

    12 LOCKS: Plasticine room

    This is an "Escape Room" type of game in which you must find all keys and unlock target door. Game features: Fun story 12 locks One closed door Plasticine graphics You can download game there: Play Market
  2. Patlatik

    Pixel Boy: Summer Adventures

    Retro style platformer game about Pixel Boy adventures. Can you help our hero to complete his adventure? Simple run and jump, smash crabs and collect bonuses! The BOSS waiting you. You can download game there: Play Market
  3. Patlatik

    Creatures Adventure

    As usually little creatures go out with mom. Suddenly strong wind has blown all children. The mother was really scared, but children say: "Don't worry, mom, we will find a way home!". Using swipe move creatures from one wall to another, help them find the way to home. The way to home is really dangerous, another forest creatures awaiting you. There are spiders, birds... Game levels is really hard, and it can be real challenge for you to complete all 15 levels. You can download game there: Play Market
  4. Patlatik

    Fox and Raccoon

    Game for players who like retro games and pixel art. The Fox is going to celebrate Raccoon birthday. Fox want to give a present to his friend. The road ahead for the Fox is extremely arduous and complex, and the obstacles to be overcome are many and difficult! Very hard game! Game levels made you work for it. But with really simple controls, just tap to jump, and complete the game. Raccoon still waiting a gift! You can download game there: Play Market
  5. Patlatik

    Treasures of Orcs

    Retro style pixel game about adventures of a treasures hunter in the hidden ruins. It's not so easy to collect all treasures as they are guarded by Orcs and skeletons. You can download game there: Play Market
  6. Patlatik

    Run, Candy, Run

    Ready to play with Candies in the Plasticine world? Lollipops, caramels, chocolates, toffees, a bubble gum, a sugar, gummy bears and other friends waiting to play with you. They think that you are the best player. Collect so more coins as you can to unlock all of them. The Candies like fly in the sugar rocket. Don't forget to upgrade it and other powerups to the maximum level. Game story: For a 100 years candies lived happily ever after behind a sweet wall. But one day a hungry child has come and crushed the wall. Game features: Simple and fun game play One touch game Collect all 50 candies! Unbelievable Plasticine graphics Different locations Fantastic music Crazy humor Run with candies throw different locations. What location you like more: summer adventure, sprint and winter, dark forest or dungeon? Maybe you like to run inside hungry boy body? You can download game there: Play Market
  7. Patlatik

    Treasures of Orcs

    Album for Treasures of Orcs
  8. Patlatik

    Fox and Raccoon

    Album for Fox and Raccoon
  9. Patlatik

    Pixel Boy: Summer Adventures

    Album for Pixel Boy: Summer Adventures
  10. Patlatik

    Run, Candy, Run

    Album for Run, Candy, Run
  11. Patlatik

    12 LOCKS: Plasticine room

    Album for 12 LOCKS: Plasticine room
  12. Patlatik

    Creatures Adventure

    Album for Creatures Adventure
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