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  1. Sora Keyheart

    Mobile Games Development

      Yes, you can say all dev and programmers agree to this one point:   "learn more than 1 language".   I, as a still in the road of learning agree to that,   "You can't call yourself a professional if you only know one language" ~ Bjarne Stroustrup (Founder of C++)
  2.       I like that, LOL.
  3. Sora Keyheart

    Mobile Games Development

    Android = Java   IOS =  Swift (leave Objective-C and C aside...Swift is out and these 2 are old)     Note: Swift is a combination of C and Objective-C and it's as easy as Python.     So, learn programming in general.
  4. Well...If they don't like coding, let them focus on something else, aka animation, design, music, storytelling, etc.   And about C++, in the end, the industry's main language is C++, nothing else. (it's already known), yes yes..I know minecraft is made with Java or something, but still the main is C++   Me personally, I like to learn the hard way, that's why I right away start with C++ and Java.   What I've seen and heard from a lot of Computer Science major in big universities is they start with Java, C++, or any other "hard" modern languages, even if the student has no background in programming. If he/she wants to learn, he/she will learn.   So people recommending languages while they are "Still learning" isn't a good way to take advices....right?   and no matter what road you take, either start with Python, Swift, Java, Javascript, whatever satisfy you...your final destination is C++ (If you want to be a pro game programmer.)   In the end...All modern programming language walk on the same road: Object-Oriented programming, which means (Same logic), the only difference is typing the code.   Speaking of "Pro", one can't call himself professional if he only knows one language, try and know at least 3   and most programmers recommend C++, Java, and Python. (So I would learn python either way).
  5. Sora Keyheart

    Why do most people recommend Python

    In the end.... I received a email from the game industry telling me what to do.   http://www.gamedev.net/topic/682718-the-very-best-resources-i-found-for-game-programming/
  6. I received an email from the game industry, they sent me a email first asking me to "ask them anything" about the industry...and of course I gave them my question...   here is my email:     Greetings I am really honored to recieve this email from you!! I love peogramming, I know the basics now of C++ and Java, and I created a Pong game with C++ from the help of a tutorial video on YouTube. weeks ago, I read an article about Gameplay peogrammer and graphics programmer, And I decided to go with gameplay programmer. But I have a problem, I can't go beyong basics in programming. I do not have ideas of what to code next, I still don't have the ability to create my own code (program) by myself. I have to follow tutorials, when I try to code by myself I dont do that good. So my question is, what is the programming best practice?? I hope you answer and thank you. and their reply:     FINALLY, I got the ultimate resources from the industry itself telling me what to do for the future, so I don't need to ask anyone what to learn...because it always end with the same answer "learn Python"...   and these books: http://www.gameindustrycareerguide.com/the-very-best-game-programming-books/   teach you C++ and Game Programming at the same time, even if you have no idea about C++. plus they have categories (beginner, intermediate and advanced books)   So go on there and start learning!     Extra resource: http://askagamedev.tumblr.com/   this tumbler resource is very helpful for you, you can ask a game developer anything related to game development!   His quote: I make games for a living and can answer your questions.     HAPPY GAME CODING!!
  7. Sora Keyheart

    Why do most people recommend Python

    That's the problem, each person recommend me different language, mostly because they "like" it.     I started with Java Person: No...go with Python why? Person: It's easy   I moved to C++ Person: No...go with C, even tho it's old Why?, C++ is a modern version of C, why waste the time? Person: then go with Python   I moved to Swift Person: No...Swift is for IOS only It's not...its a combination for C and Objective-C, and programming languages works on any computer, but there are no compiler for swift on other machines yet. Person: Then take Python   I came back and will stick to C++ for now Person: No...It's hard, go Python Man...Programming in general is not easy, it never was easy, it is a skill...not a note to memorise,     Person: who cares, I love Python, I hear people say Python, so go python....python python python     To be honest I start to hate the language of Python kind of...     That's what I think it is....not coming from the recommender's experience...
  8. Since the day I wanted to start programming.....Python....Python everywhere.   Yes, it could be easy and close to our spoken language but...isn't time to stop recommending python, and recommend something as easy but modern???   Yes, I am talking about Swift...     Why Python of all others? Just because it's "easy"???     In the end, all programming languages are the same, in logic...
  9. Sora Keyheart

    OpenGL tutorials

    I would like to have any recommended books, websites, etc that teaches the MODERN OpenGL. Unlike most websites now, where they teach the old OpenGL...     Please feed me with your recommendations. 
  10. Sora Keyheart

    C++ Going Beyond Basics

    It doesn't matter what language I learn because all of them have the same exact logic...the only difference are the way you type the code.   instead of: cout <<"hello, world" << endl   you type: print "hello, world"   It's not about languages I have difficulties with, it's the ideas. I can't think of a project to start coding. And about python...I know it's easy,  but I recommend to teach myself the new language "Swift" since it's as easy but modern.   The first programming language I learned was Java, then moved to C++ for game programming reasons, I did not start with Python or other languages.   And yes loops, functions, generics, pointers...they can't enter my head...(can't understand them)..
  11. Sora Keyheart

    C++ Going Beyond Basics

      A question I always wanted to ask developers: As a beginner, how did you go beyond basics? I started with the Hello World code, then learned more and created a program on my own where the program asks questions and you answer (input, output). I have difficulties going beyond that. What I mean is, I do not have any ideas of what I should code next...Sadly a lot of developers give too many advices that confuse the heck outta me, you can say they forgot how it was like to be a beginner... Not just C++, but the entire programming as a whole. I'm planning to buy this book: http://www.cprogramming.com/c++book/?inl=ft-nhp Plus I want to learn the hard way, like most developers did, I don't want a website like Code Academy where it gives me hints and answers...that won't help me learn as much, because part of Coding is about problem solving. what's your advise?  
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