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  1. Eulagrief

    A newbie's journey to game development.

    And here comes Eulagrief with hir obligatory link to Allen B. Downey's "How to Think like a Computer Scientist". It's free, Creative Commons, available in different languages & completely brilliant. http://greenteapress.com/thinkcpp/index.html Check out the rest of what is on offer at: http://greenteapress.com
  2. Eulagrief

    Abusing -1 rep

    Aaaaaaaaand, I've just discovered the original thread, about assigning locals to globals. If you'd have replied like that to one of my questions, you'd have been knee deep in excess +++plusplusplus+++plusses.
  3. Eulagrief

    Abusing -1 rep

    As an aside, I think your rep is increasing rapidly. At the very least, me and another person are upvoting you on this thread. Sometimes Life's a beach (sic), you just need to soak up the sun.
  4. Upvoted (along with others, I suspect) for the sheer common decency of telling us HOW you fixed it. If you want to write an article / blog post with how you debugged it, including test steps, please do.         And link it here, for more upvotes. (Well, one at least!) :)
  5. And because tomd1013 is necroposting, he reminded me of Bartek's on-going series of posts about C++17, which readers will find interesting: http://www.bfilipek.com/2017/02/how-to-stay-sane-with-modern-c.html   In paragraph 1 he complains that v few people read his previous post : http://www.bfilipek.com/2017/01/cpp17features.html in which he discusses the new features of C++17. Go on, read it, give him the page views, he's worried about it. Bartek is one of those names that you will come to love and respect.
  6. If you were wanting to leverage your java skills, you could keep an eye out for this FREE online course run by the University of Reading when it starts again: Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game, Learn basic Java programming by developing a simple mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone, or tablet.  https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/begin-programming      
  7. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but considering you've only just learnt about arrays, have you learnt about vectors? Have you learnt about linked lists? What design patterns have you learnt? They are all good theory, the implementation comes later. You'll be able to rewrite once you learn about new language features. Or back to the car analogy. It doesn't matter if you learn about brakes on a 1982 car. Just because todays cars have ABS anti-lock brakes, you'll still learn enough to see what's happening.   The alternative is to wait for a brand-new C++17 Teach yourself book, but by the sound of you, you'd rather be doing something, making mistakes and learning by them.   Perhaps you're thinking that free things, things with no cost, also have no value, but that's silly in the Internet Age: but from a cost point of view, lets assume Bjarne Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition is $70 new. That only covers up to C++11. The 3rd edition is $5 second hand. Is the 4th edition worth the extra $65 to you now, or will the 3rd edition suffice until you reach a standard where you must know the new features, or the 5th edition comes out covering C++17. Incidentally can you provide a reference / context for your quote "The two sides of a condition operator have to be the same type. You can only compare ints to ints and doubles to doubles. Unfortunately, at this point you can’t compare Strings at all! There is a way to compare Strings, but we won’t get to it for a couple of chapters.", because it just doesn't feel right? (C++ PL 3rd edition is from 2000, and BS is happily comparing strings)
  8. Both those books contain a lot of theory, and "solved problems" (for want of a better phrase): The factory pattern works, MVC works, a deque works, maps work - You will need to know what they are, in the same way a mechanic needs to know about cylinders, 4 stroke engines, cooling, braking and the choke. They were all in the early cars, they are just differently implemented today. Same with Factories, MVC,Deque's etc. Have a look at C++17 new additions. If you dont understand them, JOIN THE CLUB!
  9. BBeck recommends Munificent Bob Nystrom's "Game Programming Patterns". I've read it, I would recommend it, I paid money for it. It's also available to read online for zero (0) dollars / yen / roubles / shiny beads at http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/   If you need something a step before that then it's time for the feature that we here on Gamedev.net call "I bet Eula recommends that same book" where I say: Allen Downeys Free Book: Learn to Think like a Computer Scientist (C++ Edition) available here: http://greenteapress.com/thinkcpp/index.html
  10. Eulagrief

    Want to get into game development, what should i do?

    Microsoft Visual Studio, Community Edition. Free https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/   Then choose your language and find some online tutorials to learn to code:   http://greenteapress.com/wp/ has some free books, esp "Learn to think like a Computer Scientist" is available in Java, Python and C++ editions
  11. Eulagrief

    Just for Fun

    What Nanoha said, but I make it that he needs to win the next 288, and I have completely forgotten the reason that it's 3 less, but its completely brilliant, and now I'm confusing myself.   Gah!!!!!
  12.   We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared.
  13.   Are you sure your getting the point and click?     Trigger Warning:Bad puns in sight   I believe he should retire to an empty chamber, stop becoming a smooth bore, barrelling in to the breach like a charging rhinoceros. It might help if he'd shell out on a few magazines, lest he gets a clip round the ear, what ho, old bean? :wink:
  14. Correct your "your"s to "you're"s, or rewrite it in the voice of a tally-ho, pip-pip, stiff upper lip, great white hunter in a pith helmet and use "one is".  It seems when it comes to bagging a specimen of the genus Employmentus Productivus, one is expected to: Have some sort of unique transforming firearm with transmogrifying ammuniton that would make Maskelyne proud.   That way you're absolutely not a lone wolf gun nut, looking for a reason to execute the entire HR department
  15. Although for now his focus is on building games rather than programming them, he may want to cross over in the future, and programming is still a worthwhile skill with good employment prospects, and my experience is more with programming, so my answer is focussed on that. I would enquire with his school if they will be taught any programming languages in IT classes. Python or Java would be candidates IIRC. As I replied to another post, Allen Downey's Learn to Think Like a Computer Scientist eBooks (available FREE as PDFs at http://greenteapress.com ) may be useful to one or the other of you. There are Java, Python and C++ versions available. C++ is the big bad language and may terrify your son, or alternatively intrigue him with raw power: Java would give him the ability to program games on Android phones / tablets, C would let him program iPhone / iPad.(Someone please correct me if I'm wrong) This free online course may help with the Android game programming - it runs periodically throughout the year: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/begin-programming   I learnt to program at a similar age to your son, so if he has the interest he will be able to pick it up, run with it and thrive. I think this is the point most of the above replies are making.
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