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  1. yps_sps

    Different lights and crops

    The thing is, like Terraria. I first played it when it was first released for few hours and now couple of months back I played it second time and it had changed a lot, alot of new content etc.   That's the thing with game development, you start from a simple game and keep adding stuff into it to make it more rich content-wise. When you have your own basic game and start to compare it to another game that has had years of development behind it, it might give a feeling such as you said 'how can I compete with this?'   But eventually a basic game can become an advanced game, for example Terraria if doing a same style/genre game.   My tip would be, not to feel 'how can I compete with this?' but instead get ideas and more motivation from such games
  2. yps_sps

    Isometric RPG devlog #2

    After a maybe 6-8 days working on the character animation and gear system I finally finished it. I animated the character's limbs via code by rotating them/etc and not with drawing each frame separately to save time, although it is not a traditional retro-style animation method. This way I can have any sort of armor/weapon/gear on the character by only drawing few textures of a piece. The method also supports 8 different directions, north, northeast, east, etc. Once I got that working I was supposed to start working on multiplayer but decided to work on the inventory system instead, which is now the current work in progress: This style I cloned from Ultima 7/8 games inventory systems. But after I added it I've been thinking if I should really do a grid based inventory instead of gridless. The advantage of gridless inventory is that player could in theory carry unlimited amount of items. The disadvantage of such inventory though is that stacking items becomes an issue, with grid based inventory system stacking items would be the easiest. But I cannot really decide which one to use... though I'm leaning towards grid based What do you people think, gridless inventory or grid inventory? Have a nice weekend tomorrow!
  3. yps_sps

    Isometric RPG devlog #1

    "Final" as in, I'll work on this project as long as I can since RPGs get quite huge so I expect +4 year development for a full version. After that I keep adding extra stuff to it until I get completely bored or such. Not quitting programming though
  4. yps_sps

    What tools do professional pixel artists use?

    I'm no professional pixel artist but what I do is to draw the animation's starting frame and then the final frame. Then I either start from the first or last frame and continue to do rest of the animation. Years back I made a small app with C++ that constantly renders and animates a set of frames in real time while I work on it in MS Paint so I could see the results immediately (well, see results after I saved it in the Paint)
  5. yps_sps

    2D door animation, looks proper?

    Ah thanks a good point! I have already system for changing animation speed during middle of an animation so it'll be easy to implement
  6. yps_sps

    Isometric RPG devlog #1

      I'm programming this in C++ and graphics are drawn with the good old MS Paint. Thanks for the tip but personally I like to draw all the graphics myself, might learn something new on the way hehe
  7. yps_sps

    Isometric RPG devlog #1

    So I've been working on this isometric RPG for some weeks now, which is actually a remake of my old 2-player splitscreen RPG from years ago. This project is now my so to say "final" project that I will focus on my free time. Originally inspired by the Ultima games, Veil of Darkness, Fallout and other similiar oldschool games. Been working on the player character, animating it and added basic item system structure.. currently only having 2 items so far though, gold and a wooden club. The good thing is, I can copy item textures from my old RPG so no need to redraw them, and I got up to +150 item graphics on my old RPG hehe. Not much graphics drawn yet for isometric perspective but a bunch on the image below. I'm not really very good at drawing graphics but I try my best Here's a screenshot of it atm After I finish the character animation with visible gear so it shows what's currently equipped on the characters, I'll move to working on basic 2-player multiplayer code (over the internet, not splitscreen this time). Which basically is done already, I just need to import it from my earlier project. Have a nice day now!
  8. yps_sps

    2D rotation

    Thanks for the detailed reply fais. I did get it done what I wanted earlier
  9. yps_sps

    2D rotation

    No wonder it was confusing for me too since that "w" probably is a typo. But the fact is, I've always been bad at maths..   Thanks alot for the explanations, I understand it now!   EDIT: I've used GLM once before. I'll check it out again in the future if I run to similiar "issues"
  10. yps_sps

    2D Basic Sprite Animation. Need Starting Point

    Don't have a specific guide for that for you but what I've noticed doing 2D animations is only drawing every 2 frames of the "full" animation which makes the animation fluid enough, at least for me   example a door what I drew, skipping every second frame from a "full animation"
  11. yps_sps

    2D rotation

    I would do this with OpenGL's rotation functions but I can't on the thing I'm doing this so I need to do it "manually"   I'm trying to rotate an object following this https://www.siggraph.org/education/materials/HyperGraph/modeling/mod_tran/2drota.htm But I'm not really sure what "r" or "w" stands for in that, and what's the difference between "initial angle" and "angle of rotation"?   Normally I'd just call my sister and ask about maths who knows all math stuff but I can't atm
  12. yps_sps

    Battlefield One

    Haven't bought it myself even though I've played almost all the BF games since the first Battlefield. BF4 was the last one I played maybe about 600-700 hours but because my friends are not buying BF1 I don't feel like getting it either. Always more fun with friends hehe
  13. yps_sps

    2D door animation, looks proper?

    Thanks guys, here's the current improved animation as gif, on some frames I changed the door size/position by a pixel from earlier post. Though the door handles/knobs look a bit off when the door "goes down", not really sure how to animate 2x2 pixel image based on perspective  
  14. I drew/animated this isometric door. To my eye it looks fine if ignoring the missing 'graphics', but what do you think about the size when the "perspective" is changing during the animation or how would you say it..   It's supposed to be 2:1 ratio isometric perspective     What you people think?
  15. I guess "Your Announcements" is the right forum section but I think you need to wait for a moderator to move this topic there, I guess that's how it works here (maybe?)   Your idea is to create "biggest open-world 3D game"? Or is there more to that idea, if there is I'd like to hear. But the thing is there needs to be more info about your idea so people would get more interested, that's how I've seen it over the years. Less info means less interest and so on. There was some website forum on the net where you could post topics like this but can't remember what it was
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