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    Budgeting for college

    Hey internet creatures , I'm trying to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a video game developer (we all had that thought as kids c;) . . .   And I'll be off to college this year , not sure when , complications with me being 17 ,    But what i do know is I havnt spent the slightest bit of time figuring out anything about computers . which was stupid on my part .     (and I really don't want you guys to go straight to "just build a computer" , I don't want to end up buying incompatible parts , I don't want to set everything up , I don't want to accidentally break something and have to pay more money, I'm perfectly ok with spending the extra bit for a prebuilt system.)   I want to get two computers. A damn good desktop that can run three monitors with perfect resolution . any I7 processor , and an ssd and hdd harddrive. and one of those ssd laptops that uses cloud storage , for my school work , ,    i was thinking of getting the $1,699 option here , (im in love with the chassis (not the looks) the fact that it can hold many harddrives , three graphics cards , and such )   and i have no idea what laptop, i heard the ssd drive ones can run really smooth and just store all the files in clouds )   my problem is, am i spending too much ? im just paying all this off monthly , (and yes im 100% sure i can pay this off without a sweat) its just , i cant really spend money on much else if i do .   so my questions , should i get this desktop and a cheap ssd laptop? do you guys have better options for me ? am i doing wayy too much ? not enough ?      And I know, I'm not gonna make any advanced games and all that I knowwwww . But I'm also going to be playing a lot of high end pc games (especially the ones i couldn't run before) and i really want something that can last me for some years and many upgrades . but still perform for everything i need out of the box .    (side question , im using an outdated pc monitor from like . windows vista . should i also get a new monitor for my new pc ?)     EDIT: or the $1,299 option here
  2. Thanks all, i think i can make a good purchase now :)
  3. I have a second thought on what i might do but tell me if i should avoid this ,    should i buy a very exepsnive pc , and just not have to worry about anything for a really long time? i feel an urge to do create games and want to do it as much as possible ,    edit: i know im not creating any advanced games yet , haha  . still learning basics on this old pc i recently got, , , windows vista ,. 
  4. The time has come, I'm finally getting into college and going for my dream career. I have money saved. I have nothing getting in the way of education. I only have one problem. WHAT computer do i get ?!?!?!??!!   I've been trying to figure out should i get this or that,(Im leaning towards just buying the alienware alpha pc, with extra money spent upgrading internals with the discounts they offer, (and the very attractive monitor they offered for 90$ off) should i build it myself? if i mess up the build how much will it cost me?!  do i need this much memory? this much speed?!  what parts is compatible with what?! what operating system do i want to use?!?! (I'm most familiar with windows 8,)   I feel like by now i should know a little more then i do now but its hard getting into these communities of people who are already so experienced and don't gots time for scrubs like me :'(    EDIT: Instead of the alienware alpha, i may get the alienware aurora instead if my wallet can take it , 
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