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  1. Say me how can I search free catalogs (websites) of games?  I want develop game and add my games these catalogs of games, for increase traffic to my game.
  2. How many RAM on VPS server I need setup, that my facebook game will be supporting 1000 online users?
  3. I need money because I living in Russia (poor country).    I can create in 2-6 mounth analog of mobile game sadovnik.mobi (monetization is via sms). but I want to know whether such games are known in the United States/Canada? And I want know how much money can I make with this mobile game.
  4. Which games are now better to do?   In Russia on mobile phones next mobile game is best thing [possible spam link deleted by mod] . In USA and Europe these mobile games is popular?   I can create html5 canvas games for facebook, vk and other social networks which can support app of other developers and I can create games as like [possible spam link deleted by mod]
  5. How much money do you make with your games? Say me urls of your games and how much money did you make with this game.
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