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  1. Greetings everyone, my name is Jack. I am a 3D artist and business owner of SymmetryGames LLC (pending trademark) a game development company that I have started. Currently, I am reaching out for potential business partners to help run this company from executive management positions. Background Information about the company: I have been working under the name SymmetryGames for almost a year and have just recently registered as a legal LLC. Unfortunately, I have hit some turbulence with my lead programmer leaving our current and first official game project Z-Warz. Z-Warz is a top down 3D zombie survival web game based around .io games such as Agar.io or Slither.io So far, after a few early struggles, we managed to produce a basic prototype of the game in Unity. We planned to launch a Kickstarter campaign for roughly 8 thousand dollars. A plan for the video and Kickstarter have been created as well as concepts for scenes within the Kickstarter Video. Studio Team: Currently, our team consists now of one developer/artist, one 3D artist (me), one sound designer who is very busy and one concept artist. We communicate through discord and skype. My plan/vision: Personally, I have goals for the company that are now becoming more difficult to achieve since our lead programmer has decided to leave because they are interested in projects not related to game development. I would like to personally find a business partner who possibly works with Unity as a programmer (although not required) so as to help balance the studio out. Because we are pretty close to launching a Kickstarter campaign, I would like to complete this first video game before moving to another. Who I am looking for: I am looking for a dedicated individual or potentially two individuals who are above all passionate about game development. I have realized that the lead programmer was not exactly passionate about game development and that is exactly the person I do not want or need. I am looking for someone who is passionate enough to take action and do what is necessary to succeed without being told to do so. Closing: Obviously, there is no in-depth list of information about our current position and related details. I will provide as much information via email to anyone who is interested in working with me on this project. If you are interested in helping me, please email me at magdstudios@gmail.com < old cover name email or message me here or via email: business@symmetrygames.net Thank you for your time, - Jack
  2. Hello, I am the founder of a new game studio, and currently, we are looking for some 3D Artists, and a few Unreal Engine experts to work with us on this project. This will be known as the prerequisite team, as we will hire other developers from the money we gain from Kickstarter, and or the Epic Games DevGrant. As stated in the title, people will be paid royalties, and a wage, however, that will begin after the Kickstarter/DevGrant obtains the necessary funds. Please contact me here to apply: magdstudios@gmail.com Here is the basic rundown of the RPG's story:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MBUBxKxj_UPKy5j5EcmTjtUKoyeCMTxHvpdLuwiC2Jc/edit?usp=sharing Please post any and all questions below thanks This is a list of positions we hope to fill: 1) Senior Unreal Engine Developer (Unreal Knowledge needed) 2) Secondary Unreal Engine Developer (Unreal Knowledge needed) 3) 3D Character Artist (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 4) 3D Environment Artist (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 5) 3D Animator (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 6) 3D Animator #2 (Unreal Knowledge not needed) The following is a basic schedule for the next 2-3 months: 1. Set up team, and establish basic development principals 2. Begin work on Kickstarter Animated Cinematic Teaser trailer (This is the reason most of the people up there^ are artists. We will be working on the teaser, while the programmers complete the next step) 3.[happens during teaser creation] The programmers will begin working on basic prerequisites within Unreal Engine. This includes: *Basic Character controls with character that can easily be swapped out. *Set up basic tests for rendering the large world, as well as the Frost. *Basic systems for things such as: (footprints in snow, attacking etc.)   A little about our company: First off, no, we have not published a full game, however, I specifically, have many tests that could potentially turn into games. The real reason that our team is not very large is because there was an internal problem, and our team was convinced to leave by an individual who wanted them to work on his game. It was not a problem that needs any more light shed upon it. Do we have a website? Well, that is part of the problem I stated previously. We did, however, that person believed they had rights to the name/domain, and the rights were transferred from me, as they are still my friend, and they were also technically the founder of the studio. I hope this helps interested someone. If you have any other questions, please post them below. Thank you for all of your time.
  3. Hello, we are currently looking for collaborators to work with our studio on our latest game. We will be using Unreal Engine to develop it, however, you do not need to know the engine to help. The basic idea is that the game is a 3D RPG set in the medieval era. Players can explore the huge world and battle against monsters. The big principle that sets the game apart from others is what we call the frost. Essentially, the frost is a huge snow storm that surrounds the entire map. Its so cold that standing near it, or in it will cause serious injury/frostbite, in a matter of seconds (20-30). Over time, the frost will creep in from all directions, blocking off some important areas of the map. The frost will creep in over the time period of around 50-100 in-game days. (One day is 24 mins), sending the whole map into an ice age. Part of the player's goal is to not die, thus stopping the frost with some type of magic. Because the game is the way that it is, it's more geared towards single player/LAN multiplayer, (though we may set up some type of MMO later). If you are interested in working with us in any way, please contact us here: magdstudios@gmail.com   We are currently working on a short trailer for a Kickstarter to pay for development fees. ALL PEOPLE WILL: of course receive royalties, as well as some payment when our Kickstarter finishes.   Thank you for your time, - SymmetryGames representative  
  4. Hello, we are a small new independent game studio, and we are currently finishing up the story for our next game idea. We have changed it from our old one used in some of our other threads. We have laid out some basic procedures for Kickstarting our game. We are also currently planning out the Kickstarter cinematic teaser trailer for the game. The main question is, is there anyone who is looking to simply collaborate on the game for fun. We will of course be hiring official employees, however, we are looking for people who are interested in working on this type of game. The basic idea is that the game has to do with a new ice age. If you are interested in working with us, all relevant professions welcome, please post down below in the comments. We do not wish to reveal the highly secretive, very interesting story to everyone, so please ask for the story and we will give you the full in-depth version. You can of course read the story first and decide if your interested after. I can tell you that this game is really like no other. I am sure that has been said 100s of times, but I personally do feel that it is. Also note that we plan to use Unreal Engine, unless anyone has a better suggestion Thank you for your time P.S. If you have any trouble, concerns or questions please email us here: magdstudios@gmail.com
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