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  1. Hello folks!  I started doing a bunch of electronic soundtracks but i got zero experience on that genre. Feedback is really important for me here and if somebody can give advices on electronic music i will really appreciate that.  :)   There is two music pieces that you can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/elnur-matov-shamiyev/sets/full-vector   Thanks for viewing this  ^_^    
  2. Matovv

    Composer looking for feedback!

    Oh gawd i really like your music, especially Enigma and Objection one, its really amazing how you pulled of that fast piano sections like in jrpg battle scenes!  And vocals are great, even if vocals are not my thing i found them pretty cool :)   Now, i am not good feedbacker but i will try to make them anyways :D   1) Guitars in your pieces are played more like piano than real guitar, i mean, you need more expresiveness to them like bends and pinch hormonics. (said a guy who never played real guitar :D ) 2) Its me or some instruments are strongly compressed? Because some parts of my brain really miss certain frequencies. Mostly in Objection music. Nah, i think its just me... or not?  :P  its really imo, very imo.   I think its only objective feedback i can give, i hope it helps a bit at least  :)
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback, Alectora, this compositions are pretty old and I already worked on some points that you made but still found something new to fix  ^_^
  4. Hey BBeck! Thank you very much for your feedback, i really appreciate it. And.....it's all jazz and it meant to be played that way  :D :D   I think chord is right one but the last note of chord should not have played, i will look upon on this. And yes, i dont started composing few month ago, it was year ago but i just began to get serious with it because what it was before was pretty casual and i often dropped composing to learn other things but now i am pretty sure that composing is my best way to go  :)   About flute, i gotta create second flute track that will play fasta notes, because preset dont allows for switch with keys but its okay.
  5. Don't dare to touch my flute player, you monster  :P. As seriously, i think its because of instrument preset thats slow, i should choose one thats more legatoish. About piano its right, just a bit of reverb made it much more echoing, you gotta be carefull with dat  :wink: . I wanted to end music as soft as its possible so didnt added many things but i will take that advice into consideration. May be some celestial dust in the end? i dunno  :unsure:. But its ma' problem now.
  6. Thank you for futher explanation, i tried to work on cloudy meadow a bit and created remastered version that i put on first post, if time allows please check it.  :rolleyes:   Getting ready for a merciless beat down  :D 
  7. Thank you very much for your feedback, sir Kasu, finally not a "nice track bro" :D.  You are totally right about hormonies, i often do that beautifully horrible hormonies, sometimes on purpose  :P, but apparently i should stop.    About string panning, yes there is weird string panning in LA strings' ensemble section, but i thought that may be its normal and its how it should be. But gladly i am wrong on this one.   When you say that melody not going anywhere what you exactly meant? It must lead to epic part or something like that? And yes, i totally should to learn to do climax parts because right now i am still trying to understand how pro's do it.   About piano dryness, yeah i had this thought and thankfully somebody feedbacked on it, but i were thinking that Through Forest had wide piano but i mistaken i guess.   Thank you again for your invaluable feedback  ^_^
  8. Hello folks!  :)  I always wanted to create music for games, even if there is nobody creating games in my country. So few month ago i started to really dig into music composing but my problem is that i cant get feedback from anywhere. And then i found this site where people get feedback and decided that may be people will be kind enough to help me out too.   https://soundcloud.com/elnur-matov-shamiyev/cloudy-meadow--- and kinda remastered version: https://soundcloud.com/elnur-matov-shamiyev/cloudy-meadowremastered https://soundcloud.com/elnur-matov-shamiyev/war-is-only-solution https://soundcloud.com/elnur-matov-shamiyev/through-forest   There is other music too, through they are experimental and made for learning,  you could check them if time allows.
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