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  1. Amorpheus

    Looking for a team.

    I'm interested in composing, shoot me an e-mail.   you can check out some of my tunes here:
  2. I am in the mix for music and this project looks awesome
  3. Wow, thanks man! Very kind of you. I appreciate the love and look forward to hearing from you. I want to put some of these tunes floating around in my brain to use!
  4. Composer here, I can do whatever you want with high quality sounds. If you are still looking for some audio shoot me an e-mail.
  5. Hi guys, new to the forum but glad to be here. I've been creating audio for over ten years ranging all over from electronic, to hip-hop, to metal, to orchestral stuff, to ambient. All the time I've been making music people have said I needed to try scoring video games so here I am. I am looking to custom create for a specific project of any genre to work on building the perfect atmosphere for all sorts of different situations and environments. I have guitars, bass guitar, an electric drum kit, and a midi controller, along with a vast array of sounds I've accumulated over the years and a ton of motivation. If you are interested in making something awesome please shoot me a message or an e-mail.   I'll leave a few sample songs I have up on soundcloud for you to check out.   Medieval style tavern jam   Adventurous exploring tune   Menu Music
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