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  1. Matthew Fussell

    A pretty specific question..?

    Thanks for all the help so far, fellas, it's very appreciated!
  2. Matthew Fussell

    A pretty specific question..?

    He-he. Can you be more specific :) ^_^   There is no singular answer. But if you want to use a AAA of-the-shelf and initially-free* game-engine, then you're going to end up choosing between either "Unreal" or "Unity".   Considering those games are more GUI based, would those too not really be the best idea? I've heard Unity's GUI is not great, although I have been aimed towards the asset store before!
  3. Matthew Fussell

    A pretty specific question..?

    So, I have a very... VERY basic understanding of C# and have coded the absolute basic, 1 level platormer before like 3 years ago at college. Yes, I know, Bethesda should have hired me years ago...  But seriously, me and my friends (Slightly more qualified than I am with coding and game design) have an idea for a game that is similar to TEW 2016, WMMA 4 or on a bigger scale, Football Manager. (Essentially sports management type games) These games are pretty big, especially FM, it is huge and developed by a massive team within SEGA. But, basically, in short, what particular game engine should I go about making a game similar? On a HUGELY smaller scale to the games mentioned, of course. But I just don't know where too look, or how to begin. Being pretty damn noobish, but I'm happy to give it a go, you won't need to tell me I need more experience in this and that, just give me suggestions on where too look and I'll be eternally grateful!  Thanks everyone! 
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