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  1. I would like to be part of the team but am not fond of Discord. I understand it would be hard to communicate with the team if not using Discord but I'm willing to communicate here or by e-mail. It gives me the same "stay away" gut feeling Facebook did and I didn't join in that craze, so as far as I'm concerned I'm batting 1000 there and not trying to ruin my streak. I have worked in call centers and have been complemented on my voice as well and would like to try voice acting, this seems like a good place to get my foot in the door and get started on a portfolio. Aside from that if you'd be willing to work with someone not using Discord I can offer my assistance with 2d art, textures and game design. I understand 3d modeling and textures although I haven't worked in 3d since the mid 00's in high school, but they did save my blocky house that I made there as an example of what you could do with the software to show classes for a few years after so I understand the concepts. I have the newest version of Unity and am able to navigate it, I just haven't used it too much because I am a complete novice at code and GMS is friendlier to code illiterate people and you can edit the scripts in the software. The work I have saved on this computer and can show is admittedly very cartoony although that is the look I've been trying to work on and polish but I am more than willing to try my hand at more realistic looking things, I think textures would be a good place to start. I can also help with GUI, fonts, logos, etc.
  2. A game I think deserves an honorable mention here is Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Basically it's like Game of Thrones without the gratuitous sex scenes but it came out about a decade prior to the first book and I have a sneaking suspicion George R.R. Martin played this game at some point in the 90's. The story is based loosely on the Yugoslav wars and the music of Queen and the game play is solid. The same team changed the story to be more War of the Roses/Crusades themed and polished the game play a bit to make the game's spiritual squeal, Final Fantasy Tactics which is also a great game, but in my opinion Tactics Ogre is better, and the SNES/PSX version is better than the PSP re-release, the dialogue feels more natural and less like they are going for the faux-medieval feel. There really are questions about right and wrong and the paths of "lawful" and "chaotic" aren't really just place holders for "good" and "evil" but an examination on what extent states should go to when fighting one another and even where the moral line is when states fight non-state entities. It's really deep for a game that came out in 1995 but it manages to not be preachy, it just is what it is. Everyone has the potential to be a monster in this game It's one of the first games to give an actual branching story although it is somewhat limited and leads to the same end boss there are different actions you can take that will give different endings. I am going to avoid spoilers just in case anyone wants to play the game themselves but I will leave a link to one of the multiple ending scenes. It's a clip of the PSP version but it still holds up. Just in case the link doesn't work the scene starts at 15:00. I think this is how GoT is going to end at which point my theory will be confirmed.
  3. Lisa the Painful. It's essentially just the RPG Maker engine used for the game with no additional scripts added, but the writing and world building set it apart as one of the most memorable games I've ever played. The soundtrack and graphics are pretty good too. There are 2 more games in the series, this is the second of the 3 but it is the best as far as story in my opinion. It's all made by one guy which is pretty cool.
  4. krb

    Beginning developing

    Having worked in a low level office job with countless guys obsessed with fantasy sports I can confidently say you would still have a basement, it would just be filled with pictures and uniforms of grown men that catch a ball instead of whatever you have going on now. Maybe work on time management. I have the same problem sometimes, set times for meals and cook a few before hand so you have stuff ready to go and it's easy to make, that helped me eat more regularly. I've been using my game making time to try and make projects for game jams. Having set goals and an end point makes the work seem finite and doable.
  5. First of all I would give the arcade a name, maybe put it in a different font and have it appear larger above the word arcade, and have it list things like "arcade * ski ball * pizza" in a row underneath. Have advertisements for in-universe products like soda in the window. For the sides of the building make a strip mall that goes out both ways with fake stores on both sides, or maybe have the arcade inside an actual mall. I have never seen an arcade all on its' own unless it was a Chuck-E-Cheese. Everything is really symmetrical as well. Real life is messy. Skew the door a little away from the center and place both windows next to each other with enough building space in between to have a visible brick/halfbrick pattern going between them. I also agree with the other poster about frames for the windows, they usually cover the brick inlay and have a little lip that goes over the edge of the window. Little things like an awning, trash can or bike rack outside would make it feel more lived in as well.
  6. With all due respect if you didn't read the thread in question how do you know it was a bunch of screaming chimps throwing dung from the side of the aisle you don't agree with? I understand the title of the thread wasn't the most flattering to one particular politician but in all fairness it wasn't outright bashing all forms of conservatism and there was even about a page worth of posts where some participants sincerely eulogized a recently deceased Republican senator from Arizona. While I can see it from your point of view regarding the headline of the thread as well as it being on the front page several times over I do have to disagree about the content. That being said, I think the filter idea is a good one, I would rather see a bunch of game related stuff on the home page, if anything because lots of people here work in the games industry or are trying to, and the 3 things you don't discuss at work are politics, money and religion. If we want to make the conscious decision to exit work mode and go into genuine human interaction mode I don't see why the site shouldn't offer that as an option either. It would be nice for the lounge to be a place where people can openly discuss things and not become like a break room at work where the most contentious issue allowed is "how about them Seahawks?".
  7. I'm looking for a team to help with a project for an upcoming game jam centered around dirty jokes called Lewd Jam 3 https://itch.io/jam/lewd-game-jam-3 The focus is mature themed humor, so if crass jokes aren't your cup of tea or you aren't sure you want your name on this that is totally understandable. As for the format I'm going for, I want VN style dating sim based on the classic dirty jokes of the 20th century starring and a pocket sized piano virtuoso looking for love in all the wrong places. Anyone wanting to do anything is welcome to join, the game jam is targeted towards beginners looking to build their skill and that's what I am. The scope of the game is pretty small and it's kind of one note so I don't plan on stretching it out too long. I'm using GMS2 at the moment but will switch to whatever engine team members are most comfortable with if people join up. Coders, writers, artists and anyone with a joke they got in trouble for telling in 4th grade is welcome.
  8. Argumentative response removed. -jbadams.
  9. I think this illustrates why just not discussing politics here may be the option to go with unfortunatley. I doubt anyone with anything meaningful to say put the site in their browser with the intent of discussing politics. I was a fool to respond to the topic and can go literally anywhere else on the internet to discuss it. I also feel like I have to come clean, I down vote most of your posts in these 2 threads, it's me. At first it was because the content was barely coherent delusions of grandeur mixed with poorly parroted talking points but I continued to do it because it visibly upset you and because I'm petty and a child at heart who isn't above that kind of thing. Also, you made a duplicate thread referencing a thread that had been locked hours prior on a relatively slow forum not centered around the topic or agenda you attempted to discuss. What part of any of your common sense tells you that is okay and that they are in the wrong? If you're such a coding stud that is better than anyone who went to the wrong college or attended a degree program you don't like as well as claiming to have the same views as the entire world aside from whoever disagrees with you at that particular moment why don't you just make your own site where you can enforce your own rules instead? Call it devgame.ru
  10. Since this is a game dev site maybe we should express our opinions this through games, the same way other artists do. It appears that a majority of people in this conversation are from the same country but may have differing beliefs and backgrounds. Aside from a few gems and a bunch of asset flips most games are a collaborative effort and I agree with the sentiment we should all try and get along. Shot in the dark here, but do any of you guys want to work on a game together? It doesn't have to be about politics but I would like to make it comedic and based is contemporary America. The art style I am going for is a mix between South Park and Osomatsu-San. This is just concept art, the final sprites will probably be a bit more polished. Some of my other sprites were posted in the other thread as well. Let me know if any of you are interested, not to single anyone out but Unknown33 in particular, I am reaching out to you, maybe differing opinions can make something great that doesn't take itself too seriously and can find a broad appeal, or maybe it will end up a mess that appeals to no one and never gets made, either way I don't have anything but free time that could be used better to lose. Here are some more examples of my sprite work. I'm not proficient in coding but like using game maker just because there is a good library of most commands and I am not planning to work in 3d. Anyone wanting to work on the project is welcome, some of the content may be potentially offensive but I promise none will be offensive for the sake of being offensive.
  11. krb

    Resource types in sci-fi 4X

    Nano-carbon or just "Nanomatter" for the resource to create upgraded units. The upgraded units could be able to heal a considerable amount of damage every turn because of the self-repairing technology made possible by the nonomatter, but it costs lots of matter and energy to create and takes quite a bit of research to unlock the option to build upgraded units, and maybe requires the player to build an additional building in order to create the nanomatter and/or upgraded units depending on how fast you want the game play.
  12. krb

    Online Game competition

    Sports gambling if you're good at it. Online poker too. In the mid-00's I remember Bodog poker was the big site, they had a free to play with no money and a legit gambling section I think. It was pretty well populated and there were always full tables. Those are the 2 skill based games online you can win money at I know of. I wouldn't even trust Black Jack online because it's against the house and I don't trust the behind the scenes stuff to not be skewed in their favor. I wouldn't trust any game that offered me money just to play because there has to be a catch. With gambling on poker and sports bookie sites is an obvious pay to play, you may win formula. What you are describing sounds like the shady part of the Play Store. How do you as the designer and I'm assuming the publisher expect to just break even let alone turn a profit? Are you data mining the devices? Is the EULA going to be long, small font legalese where people unwittingly agree to become web cam performers? Are there going to be so many ad's the game itself will just be padding for commercials "players" are paid a portion of the proceeds to watch? There has to be a catch.
  13. krb

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Judging by the earlier unwarranted interjection of dad issues my guess is about 3.5 grams of children's strength Jordan Peterson. The comedian in me coldn't pass this one up, sorry, nothing personal, bro.
  14. krb

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    No one said he wasn't the president. Also, dad isn't a proper noun.
  15. krb

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I voted for Gloria LaRiva in 2016, your good luck wishes are pee in the wind, people will be just as easily fooled and divided next election cycle and people like you will talk about how bad president Bezos is making things when at the end of the day all he really did was rearrange the deck chairs at the White House.
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