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  1. Hi everyone! Game Developments We apologize for not releasing the update we talked about last week, unfortunately it was a lot harder to implement the new inventory in the game and we’re also a bit sick (laughs). These weather changes are killing our noses. We promise to update this week and it should already have the new inventory and the new furniture. (smiles) The players will be in a future update. (winks) So remember how placing the new player model went? Now check out how it looked like when we tried to make her walk! PlayStation Awards Portugal I think we’ve talked about this a long time ago.. We decided to apply for the PlayStation Awards Portugal. Basically this is a competition where small game developers apply with games and have the chance of it being published for PlayStation 4. They also help with marketing and give financing to the winning team. So… what do we have to lose..? For this application we had to write a Concept Design Document, and film a trailer. Since we thought sharing the document would be boring we are going to share the video with you instead! Click here to check it out! Event Yesterday we also had the opportunity to be apart of the Lift Off - Entrepreneurs Launch Workshop. This consists in talking to business experts, marketing, lawyers, etc.Whatever you need to open a business they were there! We it was nutritious See you all next week, The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: SoundCloud: Website:
  2. Oh wow! It’s been a week already?! Time flies when you’re busy with work (laughs) Here’s this week’s screenshot! This is the first clothed player we made. It’s a female character but you will be able to create male characters too. We will create a character customization system next month maybe! So stay tuned ! See you soon! (this time, probably next week) (laughs) The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  3. Heya! Today we are going to tell you what we have been up to! Presenting at SringIT Con Friday we took a 4 hour and half train trip to Lisbon! It was a really long journey… (laughs) On Saturday we went to one of the biggest universities here in Portugal (Instituto Superior Técnico). We went there for an event called SpringIT Con, it’s like a mini Comic Con, but mainly anime stuff. We had the honor of meeting one of the Portuguese veteran game developers! He was really nice and gave us some advice. We were sad we didn’t have more time to talk to him, but we had to present Project SpaceVille. After that we had to do another 4 hours back home. SMLXL Bug fixes and new bugs We also have been improving our inventory system! After a lot of hard work, we no longer have bugs such as the tooltip being everywhere and all sorts of errors. But there is one bug we haven’t figured out yet, the one when you take more than one item out of the inventory, the items change to the last one you’ve taken out. But for now we should launch a new update later today (won’t promise anything!). Yesterday we tried to assemble our player? This sounds weird. (laughs) What I mean is, We tried to put her clothes on and hair. Everything went well. And in blender (the software we use to model and animate) the animations we had worked perfectly! I was so happy it worked at the first try! (celebrates) But when we tried to put the model in Unity.. it was a whole different world.. This how the player looks like now but with a really weird walk. The animation doesn’t play and the player moves likes this: SMLXL We will try to fix this and launch another update with the new main character! We have also been working on the interior of the house and maybe next week you can have your house looking something like this: SMLXL Let us know what you think of this furniture set in the comment section. We will be back for more news next week! See ya, The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: SoundCloud:
  4. Hi everyone! Today we are sharing a screenshot where you can see the Museum. This is the place where you will take all your collectibles for examination and learn more about them. The textures aren't final yet, they will need some more detail. What do you think of it so far? Cya next week, guys! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: SoundCloud: Website:
  5. Presenting @ Game Dev Meet Last week, on Friday, we were at Game Dev Meet @Porto. We presented “Project SpaceVille” and it was awesome! Do you know those times when you’re doing a presentation and you ask “Does anyone have questions?” and then there’s an awkward silence because no one cared about what you are talking about? Well, surprisingly that didn’t happen! (laughs) Our audience had a lot of questions for us and showed a lot of interest in talking to us. We were actually amazed and very pleased by the reaction! (laughs) Furthermore, there was another nice surprise yet to come! There was this artist in the meet, and he drew a caricature of both us while we were presenting “SpaceVille”! Here’s a pic of it: SMLXL That was awesome. Thank you very much, José Raimundo! The Alpha Launch This past Friday was also the launch of the “SpaceVille”’s alpha programme! A lot of people of people have joined it already, having early access to play and test the game! But there’s always room for more of you to join in. They’re being a bit shy about posting in our forum for now, but we’ve been receiving some private messages on Facebook with feedback from the game! It’s been great talking to different people and hearing their opinions. And of course, getting bug reports. (laughs) Going to Lisbon A few days ago, out of the blue, we got a call from the Spring IT Con in Lisbon, asking us to be a part of the talks this weekend! And we said YES, of course! (laughs) So, next friday we will be traveling to Lisbon to show off “Project SpaceVille” and its development process! We’re very excited since we don’t know many people from that region of Portugal. It’ll be a great opportunity to expand our network and show our game to new people. It's What's Inside That Counts Now that we have a new member on the team, we’ll try to post new content and update the alpha more regularly! We decided that we’d start with the interior of the player’s house. We’ll start by developing some wallpapers and carpets, and eventually reach to some furniture. We’re also thinking of creating a new villager NPC, but we haven’t decided in which animal to go for next! Maybe you’ll have the power to decide in our social networks… (wink) And if you have any ideas feel free to share with us! Cya next week, guys! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: SoundCloud: Website:
  6. Hi everyone :)uni Here's today screenshot, the Hardware Shop: SMLXL Want some tools to do your day-to-day activities. This is the place to go! And this is the building you should be looking for when the comercial zone is built. Right now, the insider build has a Shovel, an Insect Net and an Axe available to play with. However, there'll be more tools will be available in this shop! And these tools will be consumable, so be sure to stock some (laughs). Fun Fact: Someone we know messes a lot with us for naming this Screenshot Monday, he insists it should have been Mockup Monday! (laughs) Cya next week, guys! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  7. Hello everyone! How have you guys been? We’ve been quite busy this past week (laughs). Villagers Today, we’re going to talk about your villagers, and fellow neighbours! As we’ve finalized the design of at least the Cat species, we’ve started developing 4 kittens from the two cat prototypes we’ve shared with you previously. We also gave the 4 of them unique personalities. These personalities were developed based on the western astrological signs. That means that each villager will have an actual birth date, and that will determine their sign. In return, their sign will determine their respective personality. This not only helps us develop unique personalities for the characters, with easily differentiable traits from one another, but also makes it easier for us to develop unique and interesting dialogues that won’t feel quite as repetitive as otherwise. Here are the 4 cat characters we've developed. We hope you like them: SMLXL And yes, you will have your own astrological sign too! So, no need to feel jealous (laughs). Insider Programme Don’t miss out our friend’s Twitch channel, Miercolez (you can check it out here, tomorrow live at 9:30pm (UTC+00). As we’ve said in the last post, he’ll be the first playing the first build of the “Project SpaceVille” Insider Programme. If you like what you see, and haven’t signed up for the Insider Programme yet, there is still time to subscribe! The Insider Programme will officially start for the public this next Friday, September 1st. Those of you who already signed up for the Programme will receive an email with instructions to download the first build of the game. We’ll be celebrating the launch at this month’s Game Dev Meet @Porto with our fellow colleagues. It’s going to be great! Marketing If you’ve already seen our past work, you may have noticed that we’ve developed an Android app for a Portuguese radio station, Radio Nove3Cinco. You can check it here : As such, when thinking of how to expand the Insider community, we thought “Why not do a publicity spot in the radio? Just to see where it gets us.”. So, we’re still brainstorming on how the ad itself will play out. But what we do know we want for sure is that we want it to be fun, and be able to catch listeners’ attention. Cya next week, guys! Be sure to subscribe to the Insider Programme! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: Website:
  8. Hi everyone! Today's concept is our lovely main character and a concept of an alien. These were one of the first concepts we've had! You've probably seen the main character before but I bet you haven't seen this alien! (winks) What are your thoughts on them? You'll be able to fully customize the main character! Changing its clothes, accessories, hair and a lot more! Cya Wednesday for your weekly devlog! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  9. Hi everyone! Today we have a couple of big news to share with you Welcome to the team! As you may already know, for the past few weeks, we’ve been searching and searching for an artist to join our team. As we’ve finished the functional prototype for “Project SpaceVille”, now “Midday-Mayhem” (our artist) has been needing some help with developing the semi-final art assets. Although we don’t really need much right away, we need to test and eventually finalize the look and feel of the game. And we’d like to do it as soon as possible. After many weeks of searching and contacting people, we’ve finally found someone perfect to join the FAXIME team. Her name is Meera, and she specializes in developing 3D models. She’s also working with us remotely, but that’s not really a big issue since we’re already used to that. Everything is going great. We love her work and she is a really nice person. (smiles) We will post some of her work for you to see in the following days! (wink) Launching the Insider Programme Secondly, the moment you’ve been waiting for (we hope) is arriving! We are proud to announce that the “Project SpaceVille” Insider Programme will be officially launched this September 1st, with the release of the first insider build of the game! On that same day, we’ll be at the Game Dev Meet @Porto for the second time, this time showing off “Project SpaceVille”. We’ll give a small talk about the game and our journey as an independent game studio startup. We’ll also publicize the Insider Programme, of course. (laughs) Also, in some other great news! On August 31st, tune in on our friend’s Twitch channel, Miercolez ( live at 9:30pm (UTC+00). He’ll be the first person playing the “Project SpaceVille” Insider Programme build. If you want to join there is space for everyone! (laughs) We’re really excited for this opportunity, and we can’t thank him enough. We hope it goes well, and that he doesn’t struggle to much playing the game (and finding those pesky bugs). (laughs) Some real developments Finally, on to some real game development! We recently went back to the inventory system, and realized that we needed to rethink the way it was implemented. Originally, we’d only planned for one inventory to exist, the player’s inventory that is. So we designed that system to be coupled with the user interface (UI). So, if we wanted to have another inventory for something else other than the player, the UI would need to be duplicated in order for it to work. You can see now why this might be a problem... We realised that, in order for the game to be more realistic, it would be cool if your villagers had inventories as well, with items inside them, and with all the restrictions that would apply to a real player. So, we had to rebuild the inventory system from the ground up in order to separate the UI from the inventory data itself. This will also make saving and loading inventory data a lot easier than before. This is a pattern that we’ll be sure to follow from now on. Data is one thing, and what you see in the screen is another. If you’re developing games (or any other software for the matter), make sure you remember this. Don’t be like FAXIME! (laughs) Cya next time, everyone! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  10. Hi everyone! Today’s screenshot is, as you can see, a cherry tree! You will be able to plant lots of trees in your village! This is one of them! Do you like cherries? Cya next week, everyone! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  11. Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing great! Today, we’re going to talk to you about what we’ve been doing on “Project SpaceVille” in the last couple of weeks. This last one in particular, we focused on fixing the most critical bugs in the prototype. As you may already know, that was the last week before submitting the final demo for Lisboa Games Week. So, that was quite stressing! (laughs) By the way, here’s a screenshot of that said demo. Enjoy! Bugs. Bugs everywhere! Something we didn’t tell you before (ups!) was that you were actually able to dig holes inside houses... But, we fixed that and you are no longer able to plant trees in your living room. There goes the environment, I guess. (laughs) Speaking of that, another bug that also occurred inside the house happened when you tried to place an item from the inventory in the room. Suddenly, it would start to be multiplied insanely (laughs), but that’s fixed as well. While fixing these “small” issues, we were breaking other things related to the player's actions. For example, the player couldn’t catch butterflies anymore, trees wouldn’t fall no matter how hard you struck it with the axe! And after fixing these action related bugs, the achievements stopped working as well! What a mess, I know... (laughs) Bugs aside, we’ve finally changed the player’s 3D model and animations to the “final” ones. But even there we found some issues. The new model’s rotation and player input sync was all wrong. So the player would be walking right with his body facing left (laughs). We’ve also changed the NPC models to the cat models. But unfortunately, we haven’t had the time to implement their animations yet. Art Styles Finally, we’ve been testing a couple of different art styles in the game. We want “Project SpaceVille” to have its own look and feel. So, we’re giving a lot of time and thought into this. We haven’t set anything in stone yet, other that we want it to feel cartoonish, somewhat stylized and, above all, unique. So, if you could help us, we’d love your opinion! Gil has been playing around with shaders and he has came up with these. What do you think? Cya next week, everyone! The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  12. Heya we're back for more news! Today we are going to talk about the art of "Project SpaceVille"! We are no longer using placeholders for everything! A few months ago, we met an artist on DeviantArt who was interested in our project and decided to help us with the art department. She has developed a loooot of concepts for us! Main character concepts, villagers, clothes, buildings etc. She has also already made a 3D version of the main character tho it's just a base mesh with a simple texture. And look at this cute couple she made! Don't you just love them? SMLXL Meanwhile, we got an intern at FAXIME who was a rigger and animator. Thanks to him our main character can now walk, run, jump, and do a lot of other actions! He did an incredible job, really! We are proud of him Here's a little peek on what he did. Here's the link to the GIF Stay tuned for more! Bye everyone! :). The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  13. Hi everyone! Just as we promised last week, here is your surprise! We're proud to announce that we'll start doing our Screenshot Day from now on, every Monday. Yes! This mean you'll finally start seeing something new from "Project SpaceVille" every monday! Screenshots will range from concept art (like today), but also 3D models, promotional art and screenshots directly from the game it self. So, without further ado, here's today’s screenshot! SMXLL This is one of the NPC concepts our artist has drawn. This is our fox villager! What do you think of it? Isn't it cute? See you soon, The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: Website:
  14. Hello, everyone! As you may know, last week we went to Game Dev Meet @Porto. It was our first presence at a Game Dev Meet as FAXIME, and it was just awesome! We had the chance know a lot of new developers and their projects from around our area (North of Portugal). We even got to test some! We also had the chance to talk to a director of an acclaimed video game developer from Portugal, and he gave us some great advice on how to start a startup and launch our first game. Thank you for that! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to show off “Project SpaceVille” (sad!!). We were fixing some last minute bugs before we left, but everything else was fine. And then… we decided to change some assets 2 hours before the meet started and it was chaos! Bugs everywhere! Problems with the animations! Crashes here and there! ... So, I guess we’ll have to go again next month! (laughs) In other matters, we have a nice announcement to make. We’re basically done with the functional (programming) prototype phase! So, these past few weeks, we’ve been starting to ramp up the art department. This is basically to start switching placeholders and make the game beautiful! Our team member, “Midday-Mayhem”, is of course on the lead. We haven’t quite settled in a concrete art-style yet, but we’re confident in “Midday”’s abilities! Stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, for the past 3 days we’ve be sending a couple of emails to some really talented folks on DeviantArt. Since we’re ramping up art production, we’re currently in the process trying to find an artist to join our team! I won’t lie to you, we’ve been trying to have someone join the team for quite some time now… but I think we are finally getting somewhere! (fingers crossed) But boy, let me tell you, DeviantArt can be a weird place sometimes! (laughs) Game Developments Want to see what your character’s base mesh will look like? Here is a screenshot! (haven’t done those in a long time now) (laughs) We’ve also been messing around with the player input. We want to make sure that it feels as natural as possible. So, for example, when you click on a tree close by, with an axe equipped, the player starts chopping it down. We’re also working on the “Drop Item” feature, in case something that you don’t want is taking up too much space on your inventory or you just don’t want an item. Now you’ll be able to drop it, either by dragging it out of the inventory or by just clicking a button. Unfortunately, to do something as simple as that, we needed to change a lot of the code we had. There were a lot of mistakes we made in the past when it comes to how we coded the “Project SpaceVille” prototype. The previous code was basically juggled to work on the university presentations we had. (laughs) But now, we’re in the process of refactoring most of the game’s systems to allow them to grow sustainably in the future. In The Near Future... About Indie Dome we talked about on the previous post: the deadline to apply was extended to the 15th of August. Thank god! (laughs) We’ll have time to improve the small experience that we have fix all bugs (we hope) until then! And that’s it for today. In the coming weeks, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing some awesome art-related stuff from “Project SpaceVille”. Please stay tuned for more news! See you soon, The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest:
  15. Hey y’all! Here’s yet another update on “Project SpaceVille”! As you may already noticed, in these past few months, we’ve been absent from programming. This has mainly been because we were all busy finishing our university degrees and we’ve also been very busy with business and team management and consolidation side of things. (boring, I know) So, we haven’t touched the code for so long, and we didn’t quite remember how messy it was. (laughs) We know we’ll have a dozen of sleepless nights trying to figure this out, for sure. Right now, we are focused on fixing all bugs related to the input of the game! We feel that this is one of the most important parts of a successful prototype. Next, we’ll be replacing most of the current art assets with proprietary ones we’ve already developed. We’re really in a rush here; we applied for Indie Dome at Lisboa Games Week 2017, so we need these two things ready by next friday. (gasps) Let me talk to you a little bit about Indie Dome: it supports producers of independent videogames, placing artistic, innovative and culturally relevant projects in one space. As organization, it promotes and publicizes emerging projects and the most praiseworthy through showcases with the help of our partners and for the general public in order to foster greater awareness and visibility of the Portuguese and the international independent movement. You can check out more info here: The submissions close on July 30th! (gasps) So, you understand why there is so little time! Besides that we are also fixing the game so we can release it to our official Insider Programme alpha testers. Please remember that if you want to be part of this community you can still join us! Just send us a message on Facebook or an email us at with the passcode SPACEVILLE-IP. Finally, we’ll be going to Game Dev Meet @Porto this next friday (July 28th). We’ll be there to exchange knowhow and experiences with other game developers. And guess what... “Project SpaceVille” is also coming with us! (wink, wink) So, if you guys want you can come try it out and give us your precious feedback. If are from around show up and say hi to us! Click here to check out the Game Dev Meet @Porto event on Facebook. Until then, The FAXIME Team Follow us and keep updated at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: