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  1. One of the games I am about to release does some anonymous stat tracking of things like average length of a game session, average time between deaths, amount of times someone triggered a mine etc. It's not personal data to my mind and I'm just tracking it to watch for game imbalances, catching problem areas, things being too easy or too hard, etc. However, with these strict EU rules on data collection etc I left this stat tracking disabled by default with an option to enable it in settings with some text saying basically it would be kind if you turned it on. Some people are telling me that I should have it enabled by default and some even say don't even have it as an option, it is fine to track this data - especially as I've made sure there is no way to tell which players any data comes from. Another person made the point that if tracking this data without consent is illegal then everytime someone finishes a run and it submits their highscore to database then it is surely just as illegal... x_X Any words of wisdom here?
  2. That was literally perfect. Very detailed and everything I wanted to know, thanks! I may have some more specific questions in future - when you say "ping" do you mean pm? (Sorry I'm clearly not down with the cool kids anymore :p)
  3. Hi all, hope this is okay to post here. There seems to be a myriad of open source licenses these days and then multiple versions of each one so it begins to become confusing as to which you should use and when. My scenario is I have been working for some time on a rogueish engine that I've always intended to open source when the base engine is finished and release to whomever is interested in it. People would be welcome to use it to make their own (non-commercial) games out of it as per the norm. The engine is very modable before you even get to the source so its flexible for multiple types of project. To that end, in the back of my head I'm thinking one day I could REALLY polish it up and make something commercial with it as the base engine. But do I lose my right to do that if I've given away the source as "open" for other peoples non-commercial ventures? Would I be obliged to share my changes, if any, to the base engine? It seems obvious that if someone else submitted code to the open source public repository that i COULDNT use that without permission and thats fine. But what if someone contact me and said hey I really like the work, could I license this to do something commercial? I'm guessing I could license *my* version of the source as long as it had no one elses contributions included? This project is not in the wild yet for what its worth, I'm just trying to get a more solid understanding of what actually happens to your rights as author after you've declared "open source".    Thanks for your time! :) 
  4. Hi all, Im having a little bit of a mind block when it comes to 2d image effects in a shader and struggling to find resources that focus on this aspect of shader programming. In this case for example I'm imagining an effect where an image is displayed and starts falling apart pixel by pixel from the bottom (perhaps as if the bottom of the image was being turned to sand, each pixel increasing in velocity until it is off the screen) but due to my lack of experience I am unsure how to implement this in a shader. Has anyone any advice? I do know the basics such as semantics etc and can generally read shader code. Thanks!
  5. David Burford

    How are you encapsulating User-Inputs

    I like to do it much like Kylotan mentioned.   In c# I make use of interfaces to define a IInputDriver interface (generally containing an Update() and boolean fetchers for, say, JumpInputPressed) and add classes which implement it as needed for different input types, such as KeyboardWinDriver and GamePadDriver or TouchScreenDriver. These I add to a manager class which controls everything (eg, InputManager.RegisterDriver(new KeyboardWinDriver()); ) and the rest of the game at any level can ask the input manager if a action key or a jump key is pressed which it will know based on the responses it got in its last update from whichever drivers it has loaded.   This has the benefit that you can optionally have active multiple input methods at once so player can simply press keys or pick up a game pad interchangeably, you can add new input methods without modifying any code at all and perhaps most importantly the entire rest of your game has no clue and no cares how input is handled, it just asks your main manager if a specific game action is triggered or not.
  6. David Burford

    what % cut to offer for PR work?

    Please don't. People have taken the time to write well thought out responses, and although it's unlikely future readers finding the topic will have your exact situation the advise IS actually on point for the title and may be of benefit to others.     I am not completely against leaving it here if you think it will really be useful but the advice is mainly geared towards don't hire friends, hiring friends is bad, what you're offering won't help anyone - which I completely understand and even agree with but it is VERY situational advice and at no point is the crux of the topic (ie, what on average when putting a team together who have, rightly or wrongly, agreed to work for royalties is the normal amount to expect to pay for part time PR services) which could be very frustrating. In my case I wanted to know so I had a guide line in my head and other people may wish to know for any number of reasons and I'm not sure this is an entirely useful thread to anyone except maybe me.
  7. David Burford

    what % cut to offer for PR work?

    Guys, again thank you for taking the time to reply. Seeing statements like "employ" and "what she needs to concentrate on" suggests to me I'm still being misunderstood.   I am not trying to offer anyone a job or suggest that I have a project that is a good replacement FOR a job. What I was trying to convey in my "Rephrase" was that my friend is a person who gets frustrated with nothing to do, just has that personality type where they need *something* and I was going to suggest that if they wanted they could do some PR work for me, in the evenings when they are currently doing nothing - not during the day when they are doing the usual job hunting etc. This is something I know they would gladly do for -free- being happy to just have something to work on, but myself personally would prefer to say hey you did some work have x% of the trickle - not as a salary but as a fair thanks. I wouldnt of even bothered trying to work out if they had an affect on sales or not, it sort of misses my point. But at the same time I didnt want to be accidentally stupid or insulting.   By comparison, last year a similar situation with a friend having a rough patch and just desperately looking for distractions who texted and asked if I was doing anything they had to get out and I said well I'm painting my living room, feel free to come join. Which they did. And after I slipped them some cash not because they wanted any but because hey you just saved me 3hrs of solo work, thanks.   I just like trying to honor people's time investments.   Anyway, this is all now moot as she has found another project to work on in the evenings and is feeling a lot happier :) I will be deleting this thread later (to give time for people to see why) as it will be quite a frustrating search result for someone who is actually interested in what the topic title suggests :)
  8. David Burford

    what % cut to offer for PR work?

    I'm not entirely surprised at the responses I've received, especially as I threw the post together at lunch break and basically just typed my thoughts aloud - but I think it's possible to read a little too deep into something.   Essentially she is between jobs, will get another soon I'm sure but gets easily frustrated with nothing to do. She is grafting for work during the day but likes to have things "to do" in evenings etc so I was thinking of simply saying hey chill, if you're desperate for something to focus on then here market this, let me give you the details.   BUT, I personally do not like the idea of taking advantage of someone even with good intentions so assuming she was actually interested (which she may well not be!) I would like to be able to say fairs fair if you actually stick your teeth into this I will re-enumerate you fairly according to my means - ie if you drum up sales you can take a share of them. I just wasn't sure what that share looks like under the lense of "fair" because I've not worked with a PR person in this context before. Finding a wage for a PR employee is easy enough, but when it comes to a royalties model I didn't want to step out with good intentions and say "hey if you actually do work on this then you can take say 5% of revenue" and accidentally end up either a) insulting someone or b) accidentally giving away an unreasonable amount and setting a precedent in the process.   But I own up to the blame in this as it is an unusual situation and I didn't write the best post for my question. That aside, thank you everyone for your replies!
  9. Hi all, I'm sure there will be lots of opinions (including you shouldn't use a royalties model at all!) but in a nut shell a friend of mine is between work and feeling kind of down. I feel pretty bad for her as she's had a rough time lately - I was thinking as she has a lot of marketing and PR experience I might be able to "help out" a little as I am close to releasing a game that I hope will make some pocket money.   It's not a big game, it was created as one of several projects I hope to create some trickle revenue to make it possible to work on some bigger things. But everything benefits from PR and marketing, right? So I was thinking that -if- she wanted and was willing to spend a couple of hrs in her evenings on social media etc getting the game out there then I could offer her a return on any revenue generated. But I have no idea what a non-insulting offer is (or a non-stupid offer for that matter) or if the whole thing is just a bad idea for everyone anyway :)   Any advice?   Many thanks!
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