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  1.  Hi, as an independent game dev group located in Turkey, we're in the lookout for any potential, relatively skilled programmers for our project, which is a third person rpg-action blend sci-fi / fantasy adventure game. It includes small puzzles, action based fights with several unique mechanics, a thrilling story and a tab based targeting system, which is very open to improvement and suggestions.   The game is to be developed in Unreal Engine 4, we have scenes being worked on, and our work-group is small, so we need a good and active person to work with. We'll be using skype calls to collaborate, or at least text, so you are expected to be relatively fluent in the English language, hence this post.   The game will include several maps with various environments and worlds, lots of different bosses. So the coding will need to step up and deal with the process of different game fights. We expect to have a close-level output to that of a regular super-hero game you may have played in the past. While the goal is to get this up on steam greenlight, there are other options at our disposal. As the programmers are not our only need, we're open to collaboration with graphical artists and voice actors. While you are expected to provide for your own during the development process, I am also open to mutual conversations about the game or ideas from your side. One last thing is to keep in mind that this could turn into a paid position, if the work is good, otherwise the plan is to stick to profit-share at the end of the project.   Please either send an email to tcemalpaydin@gmail.com or a private message to TheIrregularTasteBud with samples of your previous work and a CV, also a portfolio if that is the case, this will allow us to better understand why you want to work with us.   
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