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  1. I'm making a game engine (drag and drop style). Now i want that when the user of my engine completes his level/game design, he should be able to export it as a seperate executable file with separate assets. Means he no longer has to run the whole engine to play the game he created. The main question is how can my engine export separate executable file with separate assets. I'm programming on windows with codeblocks in c++ and allegro 5.2.0 library. Any suggestion accepted. Thank you all.
  2. Thank you all. I'm really very sorry about the silly questions I asked. But what can I do, I'm really bad at mathe and geometry. So forgive me for that. Thanks all again.
  3. And also I want to know that this atan2 function, does it give angle in radian or degree..?? It's my last question pls help it.
  4. Sorry guys for being rude. I just got mad because I searched the net for about 5-6 hours to find a solution, but found nothing. And still I can't get your answers, I'm really bad at trigonometry, mathe and geometry. So could you pls give me a simpler solution (for my sake). I'd use a simpler mathe. Thank you. Again sorry for my comment which I did before
  5. Seriously @norman barrows. I know that, but thing is how to calculate that angle. I need the formula for that. I know the 2 positions. I have a function available to rotate my ship. But it requires an angle, an angle between my ship and my mouse cursor. I just want the formulae to find that ANGLE. Pls keep that in mind. And again LOL for your answer @norman barrows. But thanks for that.
  6. I'm making a game in which I need the hero ship to face the mouse cursor wherever it is located. Like in the game called Zuma. In which the frog faces the mouse cursor and shoots balls in that particular direction only. I want to make exactly that but in space shooter genre. Currently my ship faces the top of screen or bottom of screen. I'm using Dev c++ with allegro5 library on windows 7. Thank you.
  7. Div's

    Bound Boxing

    Hello guys. Today I want your help on bound boxing in allegro 5 in Dev c++. I've just started programming in allegro 5 with Dev c++ on windows 7. Now to make interaction between 2 objects ( eg. Collision) i need to learn bound boxing or if possible then pixel perfect method. I'll be very grateful if you help me. Thanks. Div's.
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