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  1. ewolf20

    Your mmo ideas

    Ok so now I've thinking. What would you like in mmo? Well for me personally I would love to see mmo based Tribal mythology.
  2. ewolf20

    need spell ideas

    this game is a open world action platform. think jak and daxter meets dragon age. 
  3. ewolf20

    need spell ideas

    i was thinking of using light for mirror based puzzles or moving objects with telekinesis. for black, i don't even know. 
  4. ewolf20

    need spell ideas

    in a theoretical game idea of mine: The basis of the game is the spell system. At the beginning of the game, you'll take spells from the two divisions of magic, white and black. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and ways they interact with the world around them. For example, black magic is more offensive and physical oriented making it ideal for those who want dish out a lot of damage and firepower. White magic, on the other hand, is more defensive and mental using defense and telekinetic spells to give you a high defense boost with a few offensive attacks. Later on, you'll unlock the gray magic skill tree after you find a gray mage mentor on the resistance route. Gray magic is more of a Jack of all trades sort of it. It mixes both defensive and offensive skills with an added bonus of certain spells that aren't found between the two skill tree branches. Each spell can be upgraded in a skill tree of their own with their own branches to choose from. Say you want your fireball spell to shoot 3 fireballs in an arch formation, there's an upgrade for that or you want your magic shield to manifest as a wall, there's an upgrade for that. The spells can be used for puzzle solving as well. Take for instance a light and dark puzzle that asks you to guide a beam of light through each platform in order to activate a switch. Combat is the usual fare save for the use of staff fighting. The fighting in the game relies on combos you’ve purchased from the skill tree which then can be utilized as a special staff combo. However, the same can’t be said for using a spell. You can just simply press one of the 1-5 number keys to use the one you’ve assigned the key to. Each combo is different depending on the stance Ezaniel is in. white staff combos are all about counter attacking and defense as well as grace and swiftness. Black staff combos are more offensive and rely heavily on quick, damaging strikes with little to no defense. ?take note, this idea might not get done since family life and school has been screwing with me as of late. so i might not plan on making this a reality.
  5. ewolf20

    hello world

    hi, i'm new here
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