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  1. deepblue21

    Creating an RPG-style story for Rocket League

    Hey Tom! I appreciate your input ! I think you're definitely right, there's nothing stopping me from just writing the fan fic, and shall certainly do that, trust me! I guess I'm just wanting to gauge opinions out of curiosity , whether or not those who are familiar with the game would realistically play a story-driven RPG "mode" of the game with original characters and all. But I agree, regardless, I will write my fan-fiction! Merry Christmas !!
  2. Hey there ! How many of you play Rocket League !?!? I recently started playing myself and the story writer inside of me could not help but think about how neat it would be if there was kind of like an RPG- story mode for the game involving the stadiums and whatnot. It'd be so neat ! I think I will draft an outline, but I am curious as to what you think about this idea?
  3. deepblue21

    Poker-based Card Battle RPG

    That's a good idea ! I was thinking of doing that ... honestly, I think the game mechanic itself would work and be fun but I was just wondering how much stuff like attack animation and NPC opponent personality would play role in making it a more enjoyable experience ! I was even toying with the idea of different "deck themes" kind of reminiscent of yugioh just to add an edge of personalization and flair to the game - i'd like other ideas and opinions... I may post a simulation or drawing-board concept of what I'm talking about offer ideas and opinions people! does this sound enjoyable to you !?
  4. I've had the idea for a while now to design a battle, rpg type game that uses the dynamics of Poker (texas hold em) as the mechanic. Essentially, instead of having "money" and betting that, you would have HP or LP (life points) you would bet. And each time you win a hand, the strength of your hand would determine the strength of your attack on an opponent in addition to how much HP you'd then have available to bet ( after winning a hand). The more I think about this, perhaps have two separate bars - HP and MP (magic points ?) , you bet magic points as currency with each betting round and if you win a hand, you not only get all the magic points won during that round, (like the "pot" in standard poker), the strength of your hand ( 3 of a kind, flush, etc.) determines the strength of your attack on an opponent's HP. So winning would be a matter of dwindling your opponent's HP or MP first. I also even thought about incorporating "elemental suits" into the attacks. Could determine effectiveness or type of attack. Winning then would consist of dwindling an opponent's HP. And being the last one standing... thoughts ?
  5. deepblue21

    Tennis RPG

      Wow oh wow!!! I am in love with this idea as well !!! :D     I was definitely trying to conceive of how I would even make tennis a turn-based style game but this would definitely do it justice- the grid cells... man , that idea has SO much mileage ! I might have to PM you for details further about how to flesh that out ! While I think a real-time tennis game would be more familiar I think your idea would be an intriguing and fresh new spin on the idea.           :lol:   I meant by "beating them" I meant "defeating them in a tennis match". Not physical violence. :lol:   hahahaha I kinda figured as much ;)
  6. deepblue21

    Tennis RPG

        Those are all great ideas actually... except fighting doped players lmao   I guess that's where the confusion in this thread has come from...   I guess when I say "RPG" it's not an RPG in the most traditional sense like Final Fantasy, etc. where you have a party and turn-based combat with all these stats per se... the video I posted in the original post was really a good example of what I intended, the Mario Tennis Advanced solo mode is widely considered an RPG or at least RPG-like. Though my idea doesn't have a party system or turn-based play, there are the elements of stats (control, spin, power, speed, and a few other stats I'd like to incorporate that'd be relevant but haven't worked out yet) in addition to a story driven gameplay with a good degree of dialogue where the main player can choose from pre-selected responses at various points.   Even in this game, as mentioned previously in the topic, I have planned to incorporate some notion of a battle of good vs evil in the form of the doping faction.     LOL hockey rpg could be fun.. I have no planned start date, now just in the super initial stages and designing and mapping things out...  it's always been an idea in my head and I am wanting to see how people feel...   I will post more ideas and future developments soon
  7. deepblue21

    Tennis RPG

    Dude, I love this idea and your enthusiasm! I definitely would want this game to have more of an edgy undertone to it, so the doping and pressure to dope would be an interesting dimension to add in! In the doping mystery there ought to be a portion where you have to take on some execs of the pharmaceutical company making the mystery wonder drug (let's say Team Rocket)- where Team Rocket has their own tournament and you find that the finalist is one of their main human projects, if not the exec, himself!   As far as real time or turn-based... I had assumed I'd make it real time just because it'd be more fun that way... but the idea of a turn based tennis game does sound intriguing, just not sure how it would work or how it could be more fun than real time.     I mean no offense by this but that is likely because you don't know tennis very well... as I mentioned in my original post, there's actually quite a few aspects ( that even the Mario tennis rpg story mode uses) that could function as 'stats' in tennis (speed, spin, power, stamina, control, etc.)
  8. deepblue21

    Tennis RPG

      LOL would it really be that weird? It'd almost be like Pokémon.   You from city to city beating tournaments which would be like the 'gyms' of the games, all leading to the Champion tennis player of the world.
  9. deepblue21

    Tennis RPG

    Hey all -   I had made an account here once before and I am unsure what happened to it. At any rate, I have made a new one !   For the longest time, I was intereste din designing and devleoping a tennis RPG game.   Any Mario Tennis Fans in the house!? Well, some of you may have played the RPG-style story that was in the handheld version, so think THAT but a little bit edgier in design.   Even the Mario Tennis GBA had the Fire Emblem-style stats , of course those that would pertain to tennis (spin, speed, stamina, power, etc....)     Prince of Tennis also comes to mind... I am thinking there could even be a cool story that would call to question doping in sports, and there'd be an evil drug company that buys out some players who are towards the bottom to give them high-performance drugs and dominate tennis as a 'super-human'   thoughts?  
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