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  1.  example of exporting a model with it's animations.   https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2017/ENU/3DSMax/files/GUID-70DBCE92-4D55-4CD6-A2E9-23E48E571068-htm.html How to export mesh with animations and exporting animations.   If neither of the above work for you please upload a image of your rig, export settings and the file as it looks in Max. It could be a problem with IK or Mesh animations. FBX will only read bones and morph targets, it will ignore mesh animations like cloth and soft bodies. IKs will need to be build in the engine or "Baked" for export.   So I was able to get it to import out with just the animation track, with no mesh or bones. How do I import that into Unity? Usually with unity when you import a .FBX you have the model and the tracks below it. However, since it's two .FBX files now I'm trying to figure out how to apply the animation FBX to the model.
  2. You import it into Max, you should then see both the rig and the mesh. Delete the mesh in Max and export only the rig -only the animation data- to a .fbx. If you can't delete the mesh in max, then check the exporter settings for a animation only option.   I tried that and it still won't export it without a mesh :/. There isn't an export animations only option sadly. I'm trying to find other alternatives to exporting .PSK models and .PSA methods into a 3ds max format or FXB format but I can't find anything :(
  3.   ActorX refuses to let me export solely the animation alone. It will tell me "MESH IS NOT LOADED" :(
  4. I've began working on a simple game in Unity. However, I'm using assets from other games as placeholders until I get mine done. However, I'm having some trouble. I used the plugin "actor X" for 3DS Max, to import PSK and PSA animation files and export them to FXB. However, the only problem is I can only get ActorX to load one animation per model, whilst the animation files are split up into 5 different PSA files (I imagine loading 5 different copies of the same model into one game just for animations is a bad idea). Is there any way I can import multiple animation files to one model? (Note: I can export them to MSA and MAX format as well if that helps any).    
  5. tronado711

    Holistering and unholistering gun?

    If I were setting up such a system in unity I would create an attachment point script and a attachment point group script AttachmentPoint.cs using UnityEngine; class AttachmentPoint : MonoBehavior { public string name; void Start() { AttachmentPointGroup group = gameObject.GetComponentInParent<AttachmentPointGroup>(); group.Add(this, name); } } AttachmentPointGroup.cs using UnityEngine; using System.Collections.Generic; public AttachmentPointGroup : MonoBehavior { private Dictionary<string, AttachmentPoint> attachmentPoints = new Dictionary<string, AttachmentPoint>(); public void Add(AttachmentPoint point, string name) { attachmentPoints[name] = point; } public void Get(string name) { return attachmentPoints[name]; } } You add the AttachmentPointGroup on the root element of your character's game object. Then you add AttachmentPoint scripts to any bone you wish to attach things to. The string name lets you specify unique names for each attachment point. You can then get the AttachmentPointGroup component whenever you want to attach things to the hands/head/torso ect.     I'll save this snippet into Visual Studio, for later use! Thank you!
  6. tronado711

    Holistering and unholistering gun?

      I'm looking up how to do it in Unity and there's a script for attach objects via a bone. However, I know you can use bone attachments for objects in 3DS MAX and Blender. The only thing would be properly implementing them into the game since UNITY from the way it seems expects you to do it their way. But that is a problem for another day. Thank you so much for your help!! :)
  7. tronado711

    Holistering and unholistering gun?

      Ahh bone attchments! Okay that makes sense! So are the bone attachments made in the modelling program itself. I know the bones are. Or are the bone attachments scripted up in the games scripting engine?
  8. tronado711

    Holistering and unholistering gun?

    I'm referring to say a third person shooter. Let's say an npc takes out a gun from a holster and keeps carrying it. What's the programming side to that? Like how does it stay attached to their hands? I'm saying is this achieved through programming or 3d modelling. Not the animation of pulling the gun out, but the concept of the gun, staying in the hand and moving smoothly with the animations of the npc. Is this achieved through 3d modelling or programming? Because in 3d animation, getting a totally separate object to animation in perfect sync with another (the two objects being the npc and the gun) would be extremely difficult. So how is it achieved that when unholister, the gun stays perfectly attached to the hand? Is there perhaps a script in the game engine that keeps the model attached at a certain point to the hand?
  9. Resident evil 1 had a good example of jumpscares. I remember in one part, I was one of the dorm rooms in the mansion, I read one of the collectible articles about one of the scientists and his slow progression into becoming a zombie. Then after reading it, his body burst from the closet as a zombie! Now that was a well done jump scare!
  10. One thing I've been trying to figure out lately is how to do a proper gun holster system in my game. In most of my games, from what I've seen when you holister a gun you pull it out and hold it and obviously the holster is left empty. However, as many can tell, in some games when you pick up an object, it sort of teleports a few inches, snapping perfectly into the npc model's hands. My question is how is a holister system done in the game? Does it perform sort of an eye trick where it instantly swaps models to one with a gun as an object attached to his hands or does the object become like attached to his hands real time in the game?   -Matt
  11.       Both excellent points! And yes, good level design and lighting is an absolute must!
  12. I'm interested! Give me a buzz when you can!  My skype ID is tornado7610
  13. My Skype ID is Tornado7610. It's the profile picture with the pickle. I'm fairly interested. Give me a ring and we can discuss it.
  14. tronado711

    C# Unity programmer looking for hobby group

    I sent you an email. Please check and respond as soon as possible, as your offer sounds quite interesting.
  15. Recently, I've been playing and working on a lot of survival horror games, mainly Resident Evil. It's not easy to pull off a survival horror game. It's much easier to scare a player by giving them an enemy they can't fight, but giving them an enemy they can fight along with a weapon requires a bit of extra work to keep that horror feel. This got me thinking, what would you guys say are some key aspects to an excellent survival horror game?
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