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  1. Thanks for your explanations Do you guys have a link with an explanation of the stages i have to go through Like the correct steps organization so i don't fall into errors or problems?
  2. Hi im new to game development but not new to 3d graphics,  animating..  Etc   Would this plan work?    Basically i want to create kind of 3rd person fighting game.    Would it work if i ignored the programming part at first and created every single 3d model,  texture,  logo etc (every visual thing)  where all i have to do left is like    Ok (making this by programming / unreal engine blue prints)  let this be my main character,  and let those be the ai enemy,  and let this be the weapon i have to pick up   Etc. 
  3. All Those could help for sure    I think i went through most before as i am used to make architectural projects. And Detail them with objects.    What i was looking for is a site for game assets and games specifically.    Thanks guys 
  4. ArchitectMo

    Where do i get feedback from?(New user)

    Well,  after seeing the comments in this page.    I think this is the right place for me.    I just thought this site is extremely inactive/slow , But i was wrong.    The help I'd need wont necessarily be questions, but just that kind of activity and support which gives me a push to do more.    Thankful to you all. 
  5. ArchitectMo

    Where do i get feedback from?(New user)

    Hahahaha, you remind me of myself when I started posting here. But, you know, you're kind of ungrateful here, because people are not obliged to help you at all.   Look on the bright side, you get really detailed answers and even a code review sometimes, and everything is completely for free. It takes time and knowledge for someone to post a helpful answer. You better appreciate it.   And about that 'continuous learning flow' :lol:, you can always tackle another problem or read something else while waiting for someone to answer, I don't think this will hurt your learning flow.  :lol:   Come oooon. You won't forget. :lol:   And don't give up so easily!  :wink:         Asking about more active helping place doesn't make me ungrateful, So it was unnecessary to say so.  :)    I appreciate who ever tries to help me.    Thank you everyone i really appreciate your helps. 
  6. ArchitectMo

    Where do i get feedback from?(New user)

    Idm Paying , if there's a paid site with known instructors that can provide me fast feedback tell me about it   Im  trying to learn unreal engine and wish i can get advanced with it , most youtube video's are basic 
  7. ArchitectMo

    Where do i get feedback from?(New user)

    Thank you for taking my post seriously    But I'm still wondering if there's a place on the Internet where i can get a fast help, to have a continuous learning flow.    Because if it takes a day for each question,  i might forget what I've learned and might also give up trying to learn.    So where or how  do i get the fastest help around the Internet? Is it discord here?    Thank you again 
  8. (I'm a new lost user so move this topic to the right place if its wrong) Hi i want an active helping place so i Googled top game dev forums and found this site I created a topic in for beginners section asking a question http://www.gamedev.net/topic/682949-i-need-3d-animated-characters-and-environments-to-practice-with/ Then found out that not only it got no answer for like a day But the other topics list remained the same (no comments /slow/inactive) So please lead me to a good interacting active place. Im lost
  9. Hi im a graphics designer , that wants to practice unreal engine to create an android 3d game. I don't want to waste my time designing and creating each thing while im learning So do you know sites with free lowpoly animated models i can download? And free game assests i can create an environment from? Thanks
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